Determining Truth (Nov 18) Trump, Avenatti, CNN, Nat Geo… & ELVIS!

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Clip 18-1 (Global News) Trump announces the late Elvis Presley at Presidential Medal of Freedom Award presentation…1.05
They played a brief part of “How Great Thou Art” by Elvis (The King), and Trump criticized his staff for having no promotional ability. I’m glad he picked Orrin Hatch and Antonin Scalia for the awards, as well as Babe Ruth!

Also: Over 1200 missing and 76 dead in the Nor Cal fire. Trump visited the areas along with Gavin Newsom & Jerry Brown. We may play clips from AP.

DETERMINING TRUTH: When I’m looking at someone for truth, I’m not looking for them to cite facts. If they cite too many facts then I don’t trust them, in fact. They’re trying to prove something, and trying to intimidate and convince. They call them con artists. Convince artists. (Correction: CONFIDENCE Artists!) Example: Qasim Rashid, whose video we put out this week, rattled off facts but isn’t close to truth. He’s a very emotional person too. Also John Fugelsang.

Someone commented about my saying intellectualism is emotionalism. Intellectuals are emotional so they retreat into their intellect. It’s a lack of confidence — they’re insecure. Just look at them.

James got calls from Steven from Delaware, who called this a beta male show because we don’t talk about “a certain group,” and he speculated about who signs James’s checks.

Big Cal of TN went more into that topic, but James said it feels so manipulative when callers sneak in all this info about the Israel lobby.

Skip of Augusta, GA, is still confused about facts versus truth. He appreciates the people in the live chat supporting him. He walked in the pool doing physical therapy.

More intellectuals:
Michael Wood, Jr., on “racist outcomes.” (Tommy Sotomayor and Jesus can explain this.)

Michael Avenatti on women’s rights and equality. (Eye roll.)

CNN on the stuff they push and the people they put in front of the camera. (un-American.)

National Geographic – they’re ok with documenting beavers making a dam, but not with human beings’ gender and globalist socialism. (Anti-morality propaganda.)

Giuseppe went in on Skip for telling a joke that James didn’t get.

Lucan of Pomona, CA, talks about how people get caught up with talking about powerful people, but ignoring their own issues. James talked about losers and winners.

Elliott of Santa Monica, CA, is confused about “love” versus “like,” and James can’t necessarily answer what love is, but it’s not emotions!

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