Fast NATIONAL OTIS Traction Elevator – Country Inn and Suites – Gatlinburg TN

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(8/1/17) I stayed at this hotel for four nights and rode this elevator a lot!

The Hotel has an elevator shortage however the one they have is fast at least. My guess when they converted this hotel to a country inn from 2015 it was modded most likely from a lexan. Other wise the elevator behaves like lexan. I believe this was just a fixture mod, or a mod that didn’t mess up the elevator too bad. Speaking of the fixtures they feel really cheap, they probably modded it because of ADA reasons. Overall this hotel is nice and I’m happy with the way they modded this, they upgraded to ADA standards while keeping it’s otis charm! Also Thank you for reading the description, if you see this type “England is my city” in the comments. I sometimes wonder if people read my descriptions.

Tech Specs:
Brand: National, Otis Sticker in shaft on first floor
Type: Traction
Fixtures: Innovation Security
Floors Served: 5 (B,1-4)

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