Gary Owen on Going to the Hood to Do Comedy for Black People

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Growing up in a trailer park in Cincinnati, Ohio, Gary Owen said that his earliest childhood interaction with an African American adult was with a man named Sonny, who drove the local Ice cream truck. Almost excluded from diversity with only a handful of Black friends growing up, he says his African American friends stationed with him in San Diego advised him to go to Black comedy clubs where he started doing “comedy for black people.”

Surprisingly, when hearing most celebrity success stories, it usually entails a long process of trials and tribulations, however, Owen said it only took him 6-months to “get on” after a two year hiatus. Not long after appearing—and a successful winning streak—on Comic View, he got a 1-hour comedy special, and was later asked to host the show, in which he received major backlash for.

Watch the full interview above.

Wars and Rumors of Wars Are We in the Last Days? Gary DeMar

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Today Gary DeMar joined me to discuss his new book “Wars and Rumors of Wars: What Jesus Really Said About the End of the Age, Earthquakes, A Great Tribulation, Signs in the Heaves, and His Second Coming.” Gary is a graduate of Western Michigan University (1973) and Reformed Theological Seminary (1979) and the author of more than 30 books on a variety of topics, from God and Government and Thinking Straight in a Crooked World to Memory Mechanics and America’s Christian History. His works on Bible prophecy are extensive: The Early Church and the End of the World, Last Days Madness, The Gog and Magog End-Time Alliance, Prophecy Wars, Left Behind: Separating Fact from Fiction. Great show with a variety of topics from government, politics, and the Constitution to end of days fear porn and the faith vs works controversy! Thank you so much to Gary for joining me today! Much love to all and God Bless!


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St. Nicholas American & Russian Church – 1935 Building – Gary, Indiana

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St. Nicholas Orthodox Church. American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox … The church, organized in Gary, Indiana, in 1935, completed the first building in 1942. Here it sits today Fading away to time.
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One God One Name – Abundant Life Outreach Center

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ALOC in Clarksville, Tennessee recently celebrated 20 years of victory in Jesus with pastor Gary Ellis and family. This Church is amazing. Ren Rutledge enjoyed several days of celebration and did some preaching and singing on Sunday druing this exciting event. We have video on those awesome services, and during the next several days it will be our delight to share many of the blessed moments with you. Keep watching for new additions, and watch them all. That entire week was packed with praise, and God really moved in those services. Congratulations to my friends in Clarksville, Tennessee for being who your are and were you are for Jesus.

Edmond Tornado – May 8th, 1986 – KWTV #1

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TV stations in Oklahoma City broke into regularly scheduled programming on the night of May 8th, 1986 as a severe storm with vertical rotation approached the metro area. Gary England shows some of the first video of damage sent back to the station and introduces their first live shot from the area with Randy Renner reporting from SE 15th and Santa Fe.

Rev Gary Clemons – Good Samaritan & The Preacher – Stronger Hope Church of Jackson, Mississippi

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I was walking to the nearest church to go and while I was walking I was getting all sweaty. I thought, sure wish someone would stop and give me a ride to church. As soon as I thought it…I heard a car honk their horn twice and pull over. A nice car and the driver was in a suit so must be going to church so I got in. He introduced himself as Gary Clemons and asked me where I was going. I told him the church up the road. He laughed and said he was going there too. He dropped me off at the front door and I went in. The two Greeters said, “Are you new here? I see you met our Associate Pastor already.”

God answered a wish and did it wonderfully!

Thank You Rev Gary Clemonts from the “Stronger Hope Church” of Jackson, Mississippi.

Peter-John from Detroit, Michgian

Rev Gary Clemons – Good Samaritan & The Preacher – Stronger Hope Church of Jackson, Mississippi