Tio’s Tacos – Bizarre Junk Garden / Bottle Church / Creepy Mannequins + Tacos !

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A visit of the most unusual taco places I’ve ever been to . Tio’s Tacos in Riverside California . Full of dozens of large creepy characters made of mesh and junk . Folk art garden and bottle church also on property . Best of all some dang good tacos !

Grace Community Garden Launch – Grace Church Cape Coral, FL

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The good people of Grace Community Church in Cape Coral, FL decided to plant a garden to create a place where people in the community could get together to develop relationships and experience the love of God through the body of Christ, through the simple act of gardening.

This short video shows the garden from the beginning phase of putting down soil, planting and watering of the seeds to seeing the results of their labor.
To learn more about the Grace Community Garden click on this link:

Grace Church

13 Southeast 21st Place
Cape Coral, FL 33990
(239) 574-7161

The Garden O’ Feedin’; Boise, Idaho

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Based at the Vineyard Church in Boise, Idaho, the Garden O’ Feedin’ is an organic garden at the church which helps feed the needy in Boise. The idea is simple, use a garden of organic foods to supplement the food that families are receiving at the Food Bank.

for more info, check out:


Mine Garden; Downtown library; learning history of area; Butte, Montana

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0:13 in Butte
0:32 inside library
2:49 mural
3:15 outside church
4:11 bikeable Butte
4:23 mine garden
5:31 reading turnstile signs
7:30 Salvation Army for sale
8:19 back alley
8:36 parking garage
11:44 zoom in mining
12:03 RV with weird stickers
12:56 pit statistics

Yolanda Be Cool vs DCUP — We No Speak Americano

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