Around the Corner with John McGivern | Program | Milwaukee’s Garden District (#610)

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[Latest Airdate: December 21, 2017]
[Original Airdate: March 23, 2017]

The Garden District. The name sounds like this community should be in a pleasant little village where neighbors know each other and gather in community gardens. Well, add an international airport and 40,000 people and that’s just what the 13th aldermanic district on the south side of Milwaukee is. With a name like the Garden District, you probably guessed, as we did, that this is a very environmentally conscious and eco-friendly community. But we found tons of unexpected experiences in this under-celebrated area. Do you know what’s in that art deco-looking water tower that you see while driving on I-43 near the Plainfield curve? Have you ever seen a grave marker or monument being made? Have you been invited onto a military base and into the simulator of a military refueling plane? Do you know where you can get the best Italian beef sandwich you’ll ever have? You’re in for a treat. That’s just how we felt in the Garden District. It was a complete treat!

Gazebo | Chapel of the Flowers | Garden Weddings in Las Vegas

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San Antonio Food Bank Aquaponics Garden – Service for the Community

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Early 2015 Michael Freckleton M.D. a radiologist, and also the San Antonio, Texas West Stake, Stake President, was able to attend a presentation of an aquaponics system at a gardening exposition. With being to participate in medical humanitarian work around the world Michael Freckleton M.D. wondered if this could be the answer to a solution to help bring protein and calories in imbalanced diets that will cause medical problems with lifelong consequences.

Michael Freckleton was familiar with the excellent work that was being done by the San Antonio Food Bank in feeding needy people throughout south central Texas. With the support of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints, Michael Freckleton approached the San Antonio Food bank and offered if they provide the land, they would build a prototype aquaponics systems with the following objectives:

– “Provide a working aquaponics system that would grow plants and fish for use by the food bank.

– Allow the San Antonio, Texas West Stake with hands- on experience with system development, that they might be able to create designs that would be appropriate for use in needy areas, including the developing world.

– Create a beautiful garden for the food bank, where people be able to come and imagine a home-based system in their own back yard.”

Michael Freckleton has referred this is as an “imaginarium” where people could envision what they could do to provide for their own needs.

In the fall of 2016, they began the design of the system and they received approximately a hundred people helping in labor. They also had help in design, and materials from good people who supported their goals. Many provided knowledge and information to help the process. Although the process took longer than expected to be complete by late spring of 2017 the system was ready to “cycle.”

“Cycle is a the process in wherein the water runs from the fish tank into the grow beds and then back again, allowing a culture of naturally occurring bacteria to grow in the beds and maturing the water so that it would be suitable for the fish.”

In the early summer of 2017 over 500 tilapia were introduced and herbs planted in the grow beds. The process will take several months for the grow beds to support a broader variety of pants. In the fall of 2017, winter crops will be introduced. The fish will take nine to twelve months to be able harvest. Tilapia fish are easy to breed in captivity and the hope is to have a renewable source of fish into the future.

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There in God’s Garden – Arr. J. Bankson

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A Festival of Hymns, “How Can We Keep from Singing?”, presented by Abendmusik at First Plymouth, on Sunday, September 29, 2013.
Featured Choirs include the Doane College Collegiate Chorale, Plymouth Choir of First Plymouth Church, Lincoln Nebraska and the Lincoln Lutheran Choir.
Conductors: Kurt Runestad & John Mills (Doane College); Kurt Knecht (Lincoln Lutheran Choir) and Tom Trenney & Jeremy Bankson (Plymouth Choir & Plymouth Brass). Choirs and congregation lead by the Plymouth Brass, Plymouth Ringers, conductors and organists Tom Trenney and Jeremy Bankson.

The Graves of Leonard Ravenhill & Keith Green | Jesse Morrell Visits Garden Valley Cemetery

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Jesse Morrell describes his experience at age 17 in 2002 listening to Leonard Ravenhill for the first time and then visiting his grave at the Garden Valley Cemetery.

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EDIBLE GARDEN Tour | Phoenix, Arizona | 4 Beautiful Gardens!

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Kaye shares four beautiful Phoenix gardens on the Arcadia Edible Garden Tour of 2017, including Sweet Life Garden, Gordon & Kay’s Jardin de Lagniappe, Jon & Carrie’s Historic Home & Garden and Troy & Rebecca’s Farmyard. With help from Jacq Davis. Please Like, and Subscribe!

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New Garden Cemetery Tour (Daytime) conducted by Max Carter with Guilford College and Quaker history

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This tour was conducted by Max Carter for a class at Guilford College. It includes information on Quakerism, the history of New Garden Friends Meeting, the Underground Railroad (notably started by Vestal and Levi Coffin), the start of Guilford College from New Garden Boarding School, and some details about several historic markers in the New Garden Friends Cemetery.

Max Carter:
Adjunct Professor of Religious Studies
Peace & Conflict Studies, Interim Chair
Guilford College, Greensboro, North Carolina

Boas 1 at Beulah Cemetery. Winter Garden, Florida.

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During an ongoing historic cemetery recording project in Orange County, Florida, I took a few moments to record the beautiful Beulah Cemetery and a few of the volunteers working to preserve information from this site. Special thanks to Beulah Baptist church for allowing us to conduct research at this beautiful location.

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Growing Food in Raised Bed Gardens at Old South Church in Boston

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John from goes on a field trip to Boston, MA to visit Old South Church where they are growing food in the middle of Boston to feed the needy. Many churches have land and space available for community gardens and/or to grow food for the needy.