Christ Cathedral, Garden Grove, California, USA – Crystal Fountains

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Christ Cathedral in Garden Grove is a church to visit if you would to have a unique spiritual experience during your visit to Los Angeles. You just can’t miss the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, when visiting Southern California. Located in the beautiful Orange County, this amazing Christian church building is made of reflective glass and was designed by famous American architect Philip Johnson.

Considered a major place of worship by the Crystal Cathedral Ministries, which is a congregation of the Reformed Church in America initiated by Robert H. Schuller in the year 1955, this church is now a property of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange. It is also a home base to the “Hour of Power” shown on television worldwide.

Bible Christian Church, Garden City, Kansas Saturday September 8, 2018 Service

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Bible Christian Church, Garden City, Kansas
Saturday September 8, 2018 Service
Great Praise and Worship and Great Message!
Maggie Unruh, Guitar and Vocals
Pastor Chris Payne Guitar and Vocals
Jonathan Leichtenberg Cello
William Payne – Bass Guitar
Pastor Chad Ulrich with the Message

Cities: Skylines – Las Cruces (part 21) Botanical Garden + Observatory + finishing up Los Algodones

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Description is in the title.
Pina Colada- Silent Partner
New York, 1924- Ross Bugden
The Lounge-
Red Sea – Riot

“Prayer for Creativity” “Chant: You Shall Be Like A Garden” John Philip Newell, Rio Chama New Mexico

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NOTE: OUR NEW WEBSITE IS HEARTBEAT JOURNEY “Chanting is an ancient meditative practice in all of the great spiritual traditions of the world. To chant is to shift our focus from the surface of life towards its center.” John Philip Newell, “Prayer for Creativity,” “Chant: You Shall Be Like a Garden” © Sounds of the Eternal 2005, used with permission. ‪ Linda Larkin, Composer ‪ Elizabeth Cauthorn, Distributor ‪ “You shall be like a garden, like a deep spring where waters never fail” (Isaiah 58:11)
This video is in thanksgiving for the Stillpoint Spiritual Direction Formation and Training Program at Ghost Ranch, which is helping people tap into the deep well of God
The scenes are various places along the Rio Chama, near Ghost Ranch Education and Retreat Center, Abiquiu, New Mexico, where John Philip and Ali Newell lead Spirituality Retreats every July

Salva Terra: A Vision Towards Earth’s Healing is a non-profit organization inspired by the vision of John Philip Newell and Ali Newell, who speak from within the Christian household. We journey in communion with humanity’s great wisdom traditions. We seek to listen to the Spirit at the heart of the human soul and the universe. We seek transformation in our lives and world • by remembering life’s sacredness • by addressing life’s brokenness • by serving earth’s oneness.


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For our 2017 year end travel, we chose these two amazing places since these are both located in Toledo, Cebu City. We were supposed to go there last Dec. 28 but the rain was pouring heavily and we couldn’t continue the adventure. So yesterday, Dec. 29 was a miracle! How fortunate we are for a nice weather! The experience was more than “fun” because the scenery just blows your mind away and it’s something that’s not mainstream. Only few people have gone to Biga Pit and it really was breath-taking! The view is awe-zahm and yah. After that we went to the Labyrinth Garden and also was overwhelmed by it. This has been by far the greatest year-end adventure I experienced! I just hope you enjoy watching this travelog and appreciate more of CEBU CITY!

1. We decided to pass through Manipis-Toledo Road rather than Naga because it’s much easier and accessible for us since we both are from Talisay City.

2. Manipis is a road after you pass through Tabunok Merkado, straight ahead to Lagtang. After reaching Lagtang, you just drive straight to Jaclupan. Then in Jaclupan there are Campo’s. Campo 3 to Campo 7. From there you can see houses which are literally just beside the road.

3. If you’ve reached Campo 7 and passed through the Forest (Big Trees/Kakahoyan) you’re near to Brngy. Loay. There’s a sign which tells you to turn left to Brngy. Loay to Purok 11. That is now the road to see the Biga Pit!!

4. Turn Left where you saw the signage of Brngy. Loay. This road is an UP HILL road (Pataas/Pasaka). If you already saw houses, you’re now in Purok 11. As you can see in the video, just keep on driving straight until you will finally see the orange-like surface. That’s a sign of relief! You’re already in Biga Pit.

5. If you already saw the Biga Pit, there are parts of the road where you can go downhill and be a lot nearer to the scenery. If you’re satisfied with the view, stay put and wait until the sun will hit the lake and turn it into Sky Blue! You’re pictures will definitely be outstanding!

1. After you take pictures at Biga Pit, just follow the road you passed through. If you’re already outside Brngy. Loay, drive straight to Toledo through Manipis Road.

2. Before reaching the main point of Toledo, you’ll pass through Lutopan. If you already reached the heart of Toledo (center of Toledo) you’ll see Super Metro and lots of vendors outside. This is now a busy street because at the back of Super Metro is the Terminal for GT Express.

3. Super Metro is located in your right side if you’re on your way to the Labyrinth Garden. Just make a straight drive and ask vendors if you’re already near to Sta. Ana Church.

4. Sta. Ana Church is located before the Toledo Cemetery. You can see an enclosed private area where gates and walls are high enough.

5. If you already entered the gate, beside the church is the Labyrinth Garden.

NOTE: Sta. Ana church and the Labyrinth Garden opens at 1:00 in the afternoon. Php 100 is charged per head and if you brought your student I,D, you’ll get a discounted charge of Php 50. Make sure to join the Tour inside the church so as to appreciate holistic things kept inside Sta. Ana church. Also, enjoy taking pictures at the Labyrinth Garden and have fun finding your way out!

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Gethsemane Garden C.O.C.I.C Memphis Tn.

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Pastor Clinton Charles Bryant, and founder Bishop Leon Lowe will like to welcome you to
Gethsemane Garden C.O.G.I.C , located 1740 Vollintine Ave. Memphis, Tn. 38107. If you are in the city of Memphis, Tn. Please come by, and visit. This sermon is called ” Mid-Wives”. Enjoy the service, and message. For more information about Gethsemane Garden, go directly to the website, and learn more about this glowing, and growing church .Enjoy your stay. May the spirit of the lord be upon you.

Finished! Spirit of Joy Church’s New Fountain Water Garden!

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Check out Part #1 of this 2 part series to see us wrapping this project up!

This project came referred to us by a member of this church. There was a long time member that passed away and donated money that was earmarked for a memorial garden for church members that have passed on.

She was a musician and as artists ourselves, we really wanted to tribute her with music of our own using the sound of water.

Everything you see here is new….. This water garden consists of Aquascape Spillway Bowls, Basalt Columns, Bubbling Rocks, and our very first Oase Jumping Jet installation. We also custom made the patio cover, the benches, and laid the flagstone patio.

All of these items shown are available for purchase at deep discounts on our website at

Please call us if you have any questions on the installation or if you would like some tips at 888-713-7771. *** Hint *** Hit extension #4, and you jut might reach me directly!