Atheist Experience 23.04 with Matt Dillahunty, John Iacoletti, & Hector Garcia

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23:20 Traci: Lubbock, TX: What If the Bible Is An Inaccurate Portrayal of God?
48:25 Nick: Madison, WI: First Cause Arguments, God of the Gaps Arguments
1:06:55 Frode: Norway: Slavery in the Bible
1:24:25 Ron: Canada: Burden of Proof, Evidence for God
1:32:15 Josh: Denver, CO: Nihilism, Value to Life, Tribalism, Hedonism
1:46:30 Bonnie: WI: Creation Story Rebuttal from Bible, “Look at the Trees”
1:52:18 Tim: San Diego, CA: Can the Fear of Hell Help Suicidal People?
2:04:10 Nathan: Orlando, FL: Drug Induced Experiences as Proof of God

The Atheist Experience 23.04 for January 27, 2019 with Matt Dillahunty, John Iacoletti, & Hector Garcia.

Hector is author of “Alpha God: The Psychology of Religious Violence & Oppression” and the forth coming book “Sex, Power, and Partisanship: How Evolutionary Science Makes Sense of Our Political Divide”.

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How To Beat Fear | Part 1| Pastor Marco Garcia | 5-7-17

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The Way World Outreach Is Located In San Bernardino, CA. the address is 4680 Hallmark Parkway, San Bernardino, CA. 92407. With Senior Pastors Marco and Liza Garcia. Join us for our services: Sunday:9am,11am,1pm, 6pm evening service. Wednesday 7pm Service. resources:,,

#JUSTICEFORJUNIOR PRE-TRIAL Jose Muniz, Kevin Alvarez & Elvin Garcia, Highlights From Court Today

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Welcome To Grand Supreme News Who We Are!
We stand out against the fake media, we are republican, right winger, conservatives. We talk about many topics like biblical prophesy, political topics, breaking news & giving honest truth that the media twist. We got to a point where watching the news was becoming unbearable to watch, misleading people down a wrong path, we hope to give a voice to those afraid to speak out… we are silenced by the media and the news and it shouldn’t be like that. #grandsupremenews #justice #Justiceforjunior



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▪Christ-centered-If Jesus said it… we believe it. If Jesus modeled it… we want to live it. If Jesus commanded it… we want to obey it. We believe everything Jesus practiced and preached is as relevant for us today as it was at the time of Christ’s earthly life and ministry.
▪Non-denominational-Having no authority or doctrines dictated by any outside board or affiliation.” We believe in order to stay as true as possible to the patterns of church life in the New Testament, we must avoid denominational labels and doctrines that identify us with one group exclusively. This does not mean, however, that anything goes!
▪Jesus Christ-Jesus is the only Son of God. We believe that His earthly life and ministry demonstrated and proved this: All people matter to God. We believe that if anyone wants to come to God, they must first invite Jesus Christ to be Savior and Lord of their life.
▪Worship-worship is fundamental to the abundant life of a growing Christian. We encourage all expressions of worship we read about in the Bible.
▪The Bible (KJV) Preferred-The only complete and infallible written Word of God. We also believe God still speaks to us today through His Holy Spirit.
▪What we believe about… You-EVERYONE seeking/not seeking Christ is welcome to hear the word of God.. NO ONE IS BEYOND SAVING! We love you as Christ loves the Church & hope God will work Miracles in your life to find a Relationship with you.

The Garcia Brothers band out of South Tucson, AZ

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its just a short clip of them Playing at the 34th annual Sun Riders MC toy parade on 2015-12-13 in Tucson AZ.

I get to hear a lot of bands at events and every once in a while i will hear them play from across the parking lot so well that i gotta acknowledge them for their talent. only one other person i have heard play this good, Steve Crenshaw out of Denver. what are the odds on getting the two of them together on one stage and just jam for a few hours. Ummm.. I know a guy in Oklahoma at the route 66 biker rally camp ground with a big stage and a need for good bands. not sure if he can afford it but it does not hurt to ask.

No Limits – New Years Eve Service – Pastor Marco Garcia – 12-31-16

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The Way World Outreach Is Located In San Bernardino, CA. the address is 4680 Hallmark Parkway, San Bernardino, CA. 92407. With Senior Pastors Marco and Liza Garcia. Join us for our services: Sunday:9am,11am,1pm, 6pm evening service. Wednesday 7pm Service. resources:,,

Full Circle | Sunday October 14, 2018 | Pastor Marco Garcia

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The Way World Outreach Is Located In San Bernardino, CA. the address is 4680 Hallmark Parkway, San Bernardino, CA. 92407. With Senior Pastors Marco and Liza Garcia. Join us for our services: Sunday:9am,11am,1pm. Wednesday 7pm Service. resources:

Paul Garcia – IBBC-Riverside Worship Service – May 27, 2018

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Associate Pastor Paul Garcia – Sunday, May 27, 2018 at International Bible Baptist Church, Riverside, CA (IBBC-Riverside). Video by Gina Bautista. Click on “Show More” for the lyrics:

(Words and Music by: Johnny Lange, Hy Heath and Sonny Burke) – 1951

Who made the mountain, who made the tree,
Who made the river flow to the sea,
And who hung the moon in the starry sky?
Somebody bigger than you and I.

Who makes the flowers bloom in the spring,
Who writes the song for the robin to sing,
And who sends the rain when the earth is dry?
Somebody bigger than you and I.

He lights the way when the road is long,
Keeps you company.
With love to guide you
He walks beside you,
Just like he walks with me.

When I am weary, filled with despair,
Who gives me courage to go on from there,
And who gives me faith that will never die?
Somebody bigger than you and I.

Healing is Here Conference -Jerry Garcia 8/16/17 PM

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Jerry Garcia, Jerry Garcia Ministries International

Jerry Garcia and his wife, Ernestina (Ernie) have been missionaries in Mexico for 27 years. Their heart for missions began since they were young children growing up in South Texas in Brownsville, a city which borders with Mexico. At the age of seventeen, Jerry began making missionary trips to Mexico not knowing he would one day be pastoring and living in Mexico alongside his wife and four children. Jerry attended Rhema Bible Training Center in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma and soon after began pastoring in Matamoros, Mexico where he and his family began their ministry. Three and a half years later Jerry was invited to pastor a church in Cd. Victoria, Mexico where they served almost twenty years. Today, Jerry and Ernie have been traveling throughout Mexico, the United States, South America and other nations taking revival to the churches and ministering to the Pastors. Jerry and Ernie have been on radio in Mexico for over 19 years and their television programs are being aired in several nations. They also serve as mentors for many pastors in several nations. Their heart is to be a be a blessing to those pastors, their families and their churches through one to one fellowship, counseling, teaching and equipping them to reach their fullest potential as husbands, parents and spiritual leaders. They are changing nations one pastor at a time! Jerry has a heart for pastors and currently pastors many pastors in Mexico and other countries. Almost two years ago They pioneered a church in Pachuca Hidalgo Mexico , iglesia fuego a las Naciones ( fire to the nations church). The church is growing and being a positive influence to the community and pastors.
Ernie has a degree in Education and worked with youth for over 22 years even holding conferences in public schools in Mexico. Today she has a women’s ministry which takes her to be a speaker at many churches and conferences in different nations encouraging women to be set free in Christ to be all that God created them to be and to recognize their true beauty and worth in Christ. It has been in Jerry’s heart to hold crusades in Mexico and other countries and in April 2015 they launched their crusade ministry in the city of Tampico Mexico. The vision is to take the message of the gospel and the power and fire of the Holy Spirit to different states in Mexico and eventually other countries.

Andrew Wommack, President and Founder of Andrew Wommack Ministries & Charis Bible College
Andrew brings the simplicity of the Word of God and the revelation of grace into every classroom. Sharing from his decades of study in Scripture, Andrew is able to teach the Word in a powerful and practical way. His classes include A Sure Foundation, Basics of Righteousness, Relationship with God, The Making of a Minister, and more. Students can expect to receive the truth of the Word from someone who has lived out everything he teaches.
Buy the DVD “God With Us”

Elizabeth Muren,. Directors of Creative Arts School
Robert and Elizabeth Muren met while teaching at a school in Norway. After marrying, they quit their jobs and moved to Jerusalem in 1999. For the next decade, they traveled in thirteen countries with a musical drama called The Covenant, using song, music, and dance to tell the story of God’s love for His people. Their dramas are performed in Spanish, English, and Hebrew. Their four children all have roles in God With Us.

The Murens have been performing their musicals with Andrew Wommack Ministries and Charis since 2014

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Andrew Wommack Ministries
& Charis Bible College
Prayer, General Information (719) 635-1111 M-F 4:30am-9:30pm (MST)

Andrew Wommack Ministries

Charis Bible College

David Edward Garcia (Christian Church) Testimony

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David Edward Garcia is the only 5-language-speaking-comedian on the planet! He was voted North America’s #1 Youth Motivational Comedian in 2013 by Top Youth Speakers of North America. He delivers pro standup quality (5-6 laughs per minute) AND he teaches how to be successful, prosperous, and happy! He is an author, speaker, top youth comedian, missionary, and a ball of positive energy that inspires life change!

David Edward Garcia, shares 7 minutes of a sermon that deals with overcoming failure. This took place on November 4, 2012, at the Church of the Crossroads in Laredo, Texas.