Fort vs Rothschild MS Boys Basketball Columbus, GA Part 2 of 2

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Watch as some of the best athletes in the world compete

“I Believe” Natalie Grant – Crossroads Fellowship Church Augusta GA Christmas skit

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“I Believe” by Natalie Grant; Youth Group Skit with Sign Language; December 2009. We do NOT own the copyright for the song.

So Glad To Be Here Historic Springfield Baptist Church of Augusta, GA written by Patrick Bradley

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Music Ministry Day at Historic Springfield Baptist Church in Augusta, GA with Pastor Hardy S. Bennings, III.

Springfield Missionary Baptist Church of Atlanta, Ga (How Sweet the Sound, Competition Choir.2009

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One of the four, 2009 “How Sweet the Sound” Small Choir division runner ups. This is video of first rehersal with soloists Charlotte Beedle-Collins(myself, 1st soloist) and Chandra McGhee (2nd soloist) in preparation of their performance at the Phillips Arena Oct 2009.
Most people that were in attendance felt that the night of the competition Springfield Missionary Baptist Church should have won the small choir division. There were only two choirs that night with standing ovations in Phillips Arena. This choir got the first standing ovation and the winner of the large choir division night was the second! The large choir winner also took the 2009 finale in Detroit.
The judges comments would tell the story as well…

In 2008, all runner-ups were posted on website to see in 2009, before upcoming competition. It didn’t happen this year 2010, so you would have to see the full competition DVD to know for yourself.
Our prayers were that the Spirit of the Living God would pierce the hearts of those in attendance. We know that is what happened and rejoice that He is the true rewarder for what we do.
Contact any of the runner ups for your copy of that precious night of worship. It was awesome! Springfield Missionary Baptist Church in Atlanta, Ga. does them available.
I grew up in Springfield Missionary Baptist Church(Scotts’ Crossing) and know the history of worship that has been a long standing legacy & a rich inheritance for my life. Being motherless at twelve & raised by my father, the late Willie R. Beedle, Sr. originally from Carrollton, Ga. I found my peace in worship and support in the mothers of the church. My father was a prayer warrior and a man found literally on his knees so many countless nights, interceding for his family, church family and community. He led by example, leading in prayer & hymns and opening the doors of the church for decades. The anointing that was passed on, rests on us his children still abides today. And the latter is going to be greater than the past.
I honestly didn’t want to enter into this competition but I know that God has a way of taking us into territories unknown to us for His glory. I am glad His approval was there by His prescence. And “It is Well, with My Soul…”

Church of Christ National Lec. Saturday Acappella Concert Part 3

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Church of Christ National Lectureship Saturday night Acappella Concert Part 3. This concert features Mountain View Chorus, Dallas, TX, ASAP Durham, NC, Committed Acappella Chorus, Rogersville, AL and Terri Mays Oklahoma City, Oklahoma