“Richard King” “LIVE” “Jesus Is Real” July 11,2016 “Mia Cuppa Caffe” Fresno Ca.

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Uploaded on 7/27/2016 1st Live video by Richard King.Singing without the electric guitar. Richard King’s new CD is called; “Win The Battle”. Richard King is now living in the Fresno Ca. area. Interested Churches, Managers and agents please email Richard King at; [email protected] Also Please Check Out: “This Little Of Mine”, “How Great Thou Art”, and “Let Me Not Offend Thee” ‘Live!! by Richard King on youtube also just uploaded 7/28/2016. God bless you.

Don Smith’s Gospelaires Quartet of Fresno – One Day at a Time

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Side One
1. Turn Your Radio On (Albert Brumbley)
2. The Lighthouse (R. Hirson)
3. We Have This Moment, Today (B. Gaither, G. Gaither)
4. More to go to Heaven For (Campbell)
5. He Loves Me (Webster)

Side Two

1. One Day at a Time (Wilken/Kristofferson)
2. His Grace is Sufficient (P.D.)
3. Just a Closer Walk (P.D. / Anonymous)
4. I’ve Been with Jesus
5. Jesus is Right (Cantrell)

Not just a performance…but a MINISTRY. That is what you will feel when you hear the GOSPELAIRES.
There are Christian businessmen whose lives have been personally changed by the Lord Jesus Christ. Through their testimonies in song, you may experience what Christ’s love really means.
Throughout the Southwest, in concerts and in churches, they have blessed their audiences. These men enjoy singing about the Lord!
As you listen to them make music about JESUS…His birth, His life, His sacrifice, His resurrection, His coming again…your soul will be lifted.
Rev. Wil M. Spaite District Superintendent of Central California Churches of the Nazarene

Special thanks to Charles Daniels for arranging guitar, John Salatino, Clavinet, Dave Harris special effects on Crumar, Paul Dobbs on steel guitar and Stan Anderson engineer and owner of Trac Recordings and George Nash bass guitar.
It was a pleasure to have Terri Cooper, Ray Cooper’s fourteen year old daughter play the drums on this album. Terri travels with the quartet whenever possible.

Street Evangelism with Fresno Street Ministry

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This video was filmed on 5/7/17 in Fresno California. I went out and shared the gospel with my brothers at Fresno Street Ministry. They meet on the 1st Saturday of the month at the Fresno Court House for prayer, and witnessing.

If you love to share the gospel, come on out! All are welcome.

If you want to learn how to share your faith, come on out! There’s no pressure to share, and the Fresno Street Ministry leadership team provides free on-the-ground training for anyone who wants to learn.

for more information, visit

Hundreds of people packed a Fresno catholic church today where U.S. Army Corporal Nathan Hubbard was

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HEADLINE: Family remembers second son killed in Iraq
CAPTION: Hundreds of people packed a Fresno catholic church today where U.S. Army Corporal Nathan Hubbard was honored. He died last week in a helicopter crash in Iraq and is the second son from the Hubbard family to be killed while serving in Iraq. (Aug. 31)
The Associated Press.

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Ray Polk and Homeless Ministries of Fresno, CA | TakePart TV

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Ray Polk formed Homeless Ministries beneath an overpass in Fresno, CA. Watch the video to learn about what he wants his church to offer to the homeless community of Fresno.

Learn more about homelessness:

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Ray Polk used his Homeless Ministries to help the homeless in Fresno, CA.

Ray Polk and the Homeless Ministries of Fresno, CA | TakePart TV