Ellen DeGeneres Presidential Medal of Freedom – Obama Gets Choked Up

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Ellen DeGeneres Cries As President Obama Honors

Ellen Gets Emotional After Receiving Medal of Freedom

Ellen DeGeneres Cries As President Obama Honors Her At Medal Of Freedom Ceremony

President Obama Gets Choked Up Talking About Ellen’s Courageous Coming Out

President Obama Awards Bruce Springsteen Medal of Freedom

Watch: Tom Hanks, Michael Jordan, Ellen DeGeneres among stars honored with Presidential Medal of Freedom

Freedom Worship – One Thing (Hillsong Worship Cover)

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Freedom Worship covers Hillsong Worship’s “One Thing” during one of its Sunday Services.

Freedom Worship is a part of Freedom Bible Church in Port Charlotte, Florida. Freedom Bible Church is a nondenominational church that has been ministering in Charlotte County since 1991 with Frank Vargo as senior pastor. At Freedom Bible Church, we desire to be a God-centered not a man-centered church. Our prayer is that you’ll discover God’s grace and love through the weekly preaching, as we go verse by verse through the Bible.

We would love to invite you to join us on Sunday mornings as our guest and enjoy the service. We have designed our Worship Service with you in mind. We have made special effort to create a no pressure environment, so that you can experience the difference of Freedom Bible Church (FBC). We will not single you out or call attention to you…we’re just glad you are here!

At Freedom Bible Church, we want you to dress comfortably. When we look at Scripture, we see an emphasis on people, not on their clothing(James 2:1-9). We desire this same emphasis at FBC. If you prefer casual dress, then please come casual. If you prefer to wear a suit, then please do so. At FBC, it’s truly “come as you are!” There are no expectations in regards to dress.

Let Them Come… (Three) – Freedom Through Truth – Pastor Iran E Watson

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Rev. Iran E. Watson, Sr. – Senior Pastor
Kimberly Parkway Church of God
The City of Refuge

P.O. Box 328895
4150 Kimberly Parkway N.
Columbus, Ohio 43232

Worship Opportunities:

Sunday Morning

09:45 am Pre-Worship
10:00 am Praise & Worship

12:00 pm Noon Day Bible Study
07:00 pm Bible Study

Building Champions For The Kingdom

ODI: Triumph of Freedom: Slavery, Emancipation, and the Civil War in the DC – Gibbs – 9/18/12

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The Government of the District of Columbia invited Gallaudet University to participate in a year-long celebration of the District of Columbia Emancipation Compensatory Act of 1862. This Act of Congress, signed by President Abraham Lincoln 150 years ago during the Civil War (1861-1865), freed slaves in the District of Columbia forever, and was the beginning of the end of slavery in the United States.

On Tuesday, September 18th, Mr. Carroll R. Gibbs, a noted District of Columbia lecturer and historian, speaks to our community about the “Triumph of Freedom: Slavery, Emancipation, and the Civil War in the District of Columbia.”

Fixing Up the Freedom Biker Church | Church Rescue

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The Church Hoppers run into some obstacles to fixing up the church building.
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Fixing Up the Freedom Biker Church | Church Rescue

National Geographic

Rhiannon Giddens – Freedom Highway (feat. Bhi Bhiman) (Official Audio)

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Rhiannon Giddens performs The Staple Singers tune “Freedom Highway,” with Bhi Bhiman. It’s the title track to her 2017 album. Get it now:


“I am a daughter of the South; of the white working class, of the black working class; of the Democrat, and the Republican; of the gay, and the straight; and I can tell you one thing—we are far more alike than we are different. We cannot let hate divide us; we cannot let ignorance diminish us; we cannot let those whose greed fills their every waking hour take our country from us. They can’t take U.S. from US—unless we let them. I recorded this with Bhi Bhiman, all-American singer-songwriter from St. Louis, whose parents are from Sri Lanka. America’s strength are her people, whether they came 4,000, 400, or 40 years ago, and we can’t leave anyone behind. Let’s walk down Freedom Highway together. Written by Pops Staples in 1965.” —Rhiannon

Freedom Highway

March down freedom highway
Marching each and every day

Made up my mind that I won’t turn around
Made up my mind that I won’t turn around

There is just one thing
I can’t understand my friend
Why some folks think freedom
Is not designed for all men

There are so many people
Living their lives perplexed
Wondering in their mind
What’s gonna happen next

That’s why we’re gonna
March down freedom highway
Marching each and every day

Made up my mind that I won’t turn around
Made up my mind that I won’t turn around

Found dead people in the forest
Tallahatchie River and lakes
The whole world was wondering
What’s wrong with the United States

Yes, we want peace
If it can be found
Marching the freedom highway
We’re not gonna turn around

That’s why we’re gonna
March down freedom highway
Marching each and every day
Made up my mind

Freedom Forward – The Power of A Prison Prayer

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Doug and Donna have long been considered two of the most respected youth pastors in America. They have given their lives to seeing people radically transformed by the message of Christ. Their deep roots in ministry began in Portland, Oregon where they served for 17 years as Executive Pastors and Generation Ministry Directors under Pastor Frank Damazio at City Bible Church.

“Our vision is to build a vibrant, life giving Church for this generation in the Denver Metro area, where people of all races, backgrounds, and socio-eco status, can experience God’s grace, rally in community, and champion the cause of Christ together.”