Indy Eleven Soccer Foundation Partners With Givelify for Fundraising

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Indy Eleven Professional Soccer, the North American Soccer League team located in Indianapolis, Indiana, recently formed the Indy Eleven Soccer Foundation. A 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, its mission is to:

Provide Indiana youth with positive experiences by supporting educational, soccer and other athletic programs and facilities, all of which promote healthy lifestyles and character development in under-served communities.

The Foundation partnered with Givelify for their first fundraiser, held at the team’s annual Kickoff Ball prior to the start of the season.

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Atheist Bus Ads – Anchorage, AK – Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) – Local news

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Report on the bus ads in Alaska with godless messages sponsored by the Freedom From Religion Foundation. Messages include “Imagine No Religion”, “Sleep In On Sundays”, “Yes, Virginia There Is No God”, and “Enjoy Life Now; There Is No Afterlife”.

[December 12, 2012]

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Athens Heritage Foundation Walking Tours – Pulaski Heights with David Bryant

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The Athens-Clarke Heritage Foundation presents Athens Heritage Walks. Join David Bryant as he guides you through Pulaski Heights in Athens, Georgia. Posted 1-2-2012.

Athens Heritage Walks Video Disclaimer
These videos are unedited recordings of a series of guided walking tours, called Athens Heritage Walks, sponsored by the Athens-Clarke Heritage Foundation. The first of these tours were developed in 2009; additional tours have been added over the years. The tour process begins when a well-known local figure is invited to develop a guided tour of a historic neighborhood or area. The Foundation does not provide a script but rather asks the guide to develop his/her own script based on his/her knowledge and expertise. The Athens-Clarke Heritage Foundation does not guarantee the accuracy of these accounts nor necessarily support opinions expressed by the guides. ACHF provides research assistance when asked and handles all tour logistics. One of the goals of the tours is to capture the personal memories of the guides and so the tours tend to be a mixture of facts, conjecture and anecdotal accounts, the degree of which varies from guide to guide. We hope you enjoy them.

New Foundation Church Charlotte – Pastor Sam Wagner

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New Foundation Church of Charlotte, Pastor Sam Wagner ministering out of the anointing resting on him. This was just before getting into the message on Keeping the Right Spiritual Perspective – Part 3. Enjoy, Listen, Receive, and Apply to your life.

The Closing Session of the Obama Foundation Summit: Our Roots Matter: The Power of Place

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Where we come can shape who we are and what we value more than we may know. Whether it’s our geography or our ancestry, our culture or our beliefs, our roots determine how we grow. We’ll close our time together by exploring how specific spaces and places have been at the center of our speakers’ lives and work.

Atheist Billboards – Albuquerque, NM – Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) – Local news

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Report on the billboards in New Mexico with the messages “Imagine No Religion”, “Keep Religion OUT of Government”, “Reason’s Greetings”, “Praise Darwin: Evolve Beyond Belief”, and “Beware of Dogma” sponsored by the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

[November 20, 2009]

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