Shooting victims’ families to Dylann Roof: We ‘forgive you’

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Dylann Roof, the suspect in the mass shootings that killed nine at a Charleston church, appeared in court for his bond hearing Friday. Family members of the victims addressed Roof emotionally, and said that they “forgive” him and “hate won’t win.”

Charleston Judge: ‘Forgive Dylann Roof’

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“The judge presiding over Friday’s appearance by the 21-year-old accused of a racially motivated mass shooting at a Charleston, South Carolina, church has previously been reprimanded for using a racial epithet in court.

Charleston County Magistrate James Gosnell was publicly reprimanded by a South Carolina disciplinary body in 2005 for uttering a derogatory word for an African-American to a defendant at a bond hearing. The same reprimand noted that Gosnell later bent the rules to get another judge out of jail who’d been caught driving under the influence with an open container in his car.

In 2003, according to records on the South Carolina Judicial Department website, Gosnell spoke to a black defendant appearing before him whom he knew personally.”

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Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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Charleston Judge: ‘Forgive Dylann Roof’

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Jun 26: Bill Lockwood, Commie Maxine, Fear Mother Vs Forgive Her

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Tues., Jun 26 Hour 1: Bill Lockwood: Maxine Waters is a Communist! Bible & Illegal Immigration

GUEST: Bill Lockwood says that Maxine Waters is a Communist, and talks about her past. He appreciates Chuck Schumer not supporting her calls for harm to Trump supporters. | 2) Bill wrote article: “The Bible and Illegal Immigration.” Is the weakness of men to blame for the mess? Bill points out the churches were taken over by liberals & socialists a hundred years ago. THEN: Caller Barry of Atlanta is an atheist who says according to Jesse he’s a sinner. Satan is within him. | 3-5) Support BOND Caller Barry gets stupid like usual so Jesse hangs up. He talks to more callers. Maxine Waters denies she supports violence, but blacks are very violent and make excuses for violence — she does support violence. Remember the L.A. Riots, Black Lives Matter, and violence against Trump supporters. More callers.

Jun 26 Hour 2: Hollywood slumping; Callers talk about Jews, fear, and forgiving mothers

Hollyweird Updates: Comedy movies are taking a dive at the box office. Does it have to do with anti-Trump hatred? Pakistani actor/comedian Kumail Nanjiani tweeted comparing Trump to Nazis. Seth Rogen wouldn’t take a photo with Paul Ryan. | 2-3) Get past anger. Caller Mario of Fresno, CA, likes what Jesse’s talking about with men. Jesse talks with him about forgiving his mother. Mario brings up his fear of talking about bad Jews, as he’s heard they control the porn industry — he doesn’t want to be called an anti-Semite. Jesse points out the weakness of the people being to blame for the size of the porn industry. They agree the media is corrupt, and promote corruption. Mario says Jews think they’re better than others — but Jesse points out all races and peoples in a fallen state think they’re better than others. Jesse urges him to deal with his mother and let him know. Then he won’t be afraid to deal with what he says. | 4-5) Caller Peter of Austria (Europe!) touches on real Jews versus Zionists who follow half of the Torah. Jesse talks with him about dealing with his mother. Be honest with her and forgive her for what she did to you.

Jun 26 Hour 3: Jealous Palestinians & blacks; Antifa vs ICE; Dump your 4x aborting girlfriend!

James, Joel, and Jesse talk about ghetto blacks being jealous of whites, but when they get into their communities, they turn them into ghettos — just like Palestinians vs. Israel. Then we talk about Occupy / Antifa protesters attacking ICE in Portland, OR — reminds us of Maxine Waters calling for harassment and harm to Trump cabinet. | 2) Caller Tommie of West Bloomfield, MI, argues with Jesse about righteousness and sin. | 3) Buy The Antidote from BOND call 800-411-BOND. Bible Go-to Guy texts Jesse about sin. Caller Ed of Kentucky likes Jesse’s show, and talks about forgiving his mother. | 4-5) Matthew of NJ says he is not a righteous person. He forgave his mother but he feels undeserving. His live-in girlfriend has had 4 abortions and ex-girlfriend had one. He wants to marry his girlfriend — Jesse says NO! And don’t move in with your mother. He wants to be a man, not a beta male. Caller Richard of NYC is a fan of Jesse.

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Biblical Question: Are you a righteous person?

Jesse’s WND article this week: Democrats don’t care about children – illegal or American



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The Sermon from Lord of Life Lutheran Church LCMS Corpus Christi Texas

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The Sermon fo January 28, 2018

A Message from Pastor Dave at Lord of Life Corpus Christi Texas June 6, 2018

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A message from Pastor Dave

Families Say They Forgive Charleston Church Shooting Suspect

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Dylann Roof had his first court hearing as he faces charges of killing nine people at a historic black church.

The Sermonl for January 7, 2018 from Lord of Life Corpus Christi Texas

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Todays Sermon

How Do I Forgive? – Lighthouse Baptist Church: San Diego, California

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Dr. Jim Binney, President of L.E.A.D. Ministies in Greenville, SC, preaches a Bible message on Sunday, September 20, 2009 during the morning service

Church of Christ Sermon “Accepting Forgiveness” 3 of 3, Chattanooga, TN

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Church of Christ Sermon “Accepting Forgiveness” 3 of 3, Chattanooga, TN
Mountain Creek Church of Christ, Red Bank, TN
Wells Hill Church of Christ Gospel Meeting
April 26, 2011

Church of Christ Sermon “Accepting Forgiveness” 3 of 3, Chattanooga, TN
Peter’s Denial
Paul’s Persecution

Church of Christ sermon “Accepting Forgiveness” 2 of 3, Chattanooga, TN

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Church of Christ sermon “Accepting Forgiveness” 2 of 3, Chattanooga, TN
Wells Hill Church of Christ in Fayetteville, TN
April 26, 2011

Church of Christ sermon “Accepting Forgiveness” 2 of 3, Chattanooga, TN
Peter’s Denial
Paul’s Persecution of the Church

Church Cape Coral FL 33914. Sermon ”Father, Forgive Them”

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