The Untold Story Of America’s Southern Chinese [Chinese Food: An All-American Cuisine, Pt. 2] | AJ+

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There’s a rather unknown community of Chinese-Americans who’ve lived in the Mississippi Delta for more than a hundred years. They played an important role in the segregated South in the middle of the 20th century. Join us as we get a taste of Southern Chinese food and learn about the unique history of the Delta Chinese.

Watch Part 1: How Chop Suey Saved San Francisco’s Chinatown
Watch Part 3: Inside The Chinese Food Mecca Of Los Angeles

“The Mississippi Chinese: Between Black and White” by James W. Loewen
“Southern Fried Rice: Life in a Chinese Laundry in the Deep South” by John Jung
“Chopsticks in the Land of Cotton: Lives of Mississippi Delta Chinese Grocers” by John Jung
“Water Tossing Boulders: How a Family of Chinese Immigrants Led the First Fight to Desegregate Schools in the Jim Crow South” by Adrienne Berard

Special Thanks:
Adrienne Berard
Audra Ang
John Jung

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R Dub!’s Taco Review – God It’s Good Mexican Food / Tucson, AZ

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Have you ever ate a great taco and exclaimed, “God, it’s good Mexican food!” Well this place named themselves after that phrase–that’s right, “God It’s Good Mexican Food” is the actual name of this truck on the Northside of Tucson, AZ. And before you criticize these folks for using the Lord’s name in vain, you should watch this video. Or give their tacos a try for yourself. They’re so good you will be thanking Jesus!

Cincinnati State and Gateway open food pantries in response to students struggling with hunger

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Cincinnati State and Gateway community colleges are responding to students who are coming to school hungry by opening food pantries on campus.

Sustainable Me – Episode 1 – Food For Thought

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This episode looks at a range of sustainable practices young Edmontonians are engaged in to bring local, healthy and delicious food to local tables. Host Paula Humby plants an apple tree.
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San Antonio Food Bank Aquaponics Garden – Service for the Community

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Early 2015 Michael Freckleton M.D. a radiologist, and also the San Antonio, Texas West Stake, Stake President, was able to attend a presentation of an aquaponics system at a gardening exposition. With being to participate in medical humanitarian work around the world Michael Freckleton M.D. wondered if this could be the answer to a solution to help bring protein and calories in imbalanced diets that will cause medical problems with lifelong consequences.

Michael Freckleton was familiar with the excellent work that was being done by the San Antonio Food Bank in feeding needy people throughout south central Texas. With the support of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints, Michael Freckleton approached the San Antonio Food bank and offered if they provide the land, they would build a prototype aquaponics systems with the following objectives:

– “Provide a working aquaponics system that would grow plants and fish for use by the food bank.

– Allow the San Antonio, Texas West Stake with hands- on experience with system development, that they might be able to create designs that would be appropriate for use in needy areas, including the developing world.

– Create a beautiful garden for the food bank, where people be able to come and imagine a home-based system in their own back yard.”

Michael Freckleton has referred this is as an “imaginarium” where people could envision what they could do to provide for their own needs.

In the fall of 2016, they began the design of the system and they received approximately a hundred people helping in labor. They also had help in design, and materials from good people who supported their goals. Many provided knowledge and information to help the process. Although the process took longer than expected to be complete by late spring of 2017 the system was ready to “cycle.”

“Cycle is a the process in wherein the water runs from the fish tank into the grow beds and then back again, allowing a culture of naturally occurring bacteria to grow in the beds and maturing the water so that it would be suitable for the fish.”

In the early summer of 2017 over 500 tilapia were introduced and herbs planted in the grow beds. The process will take several months for the grow beds to support a broader variety of pants. In the fall of 2017, winter crops will be introduced. The fish will take nine to twelve months to be able harvest. Tilapia fish are easy to breed in captivity and the hope is to have a renewable source of fish into the future.

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Home Cooking
A Parade is just a parade

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The San Antonio, Texas LDS Announcements

FOOD Truck ! ELSA & ANNA toddlers & Barbie – KETCHUP everywhere – Hotdogs Burgers Pizza Sandwich

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This toys dolls parody video shows ELSA, ANNA toddlers being hungry when they suddenly see the FOOD Truck arriving!
BARBIE is the truck driver and the food server. She cooks delicious food ! She also has yummy, tasty fruits and cupcakes!
What food will the toddlers order?
At one point, the toddlers get bored and want to have some fun and they start doing something silly on Barbie’s truck ! What did they do ?? Wow… see what happens! Enjoy!

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Gathering and Growing Food in Eagle, Alaska

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By: The Rev. Belle Mickelson

Pete Peter and I flew into Eagle on July 21st. Bertha Ulvi met us at the airport. We loaded 12 fiddles, 3 mandolins, 8 guitars—and our bags in the back of her small pick up truck and traveled 5-10 mph over a temporary road (mats laid over the wetlands). This road ran parallel to the river to reach the gravel road to the New Village on a high bluff overlooking the Yukon River, about 5 miles away.

We really saw the flood devastation as Bertha drove us back on the new road. The village site was bare ground—and all the buildings were pushed back in a shambles a half mile from the river—and downstream a half mile Just the church roof was sitting there on the ground. The granite baptismal font and the church bell are outside the Village Council Office.

Music and Art Camp went really well with 25 youth participating from 1-5 pm at Redmen Hall. We had a great final picnic, student concert (both outside at Redmen Hall) and fiddle dance with about 100 people participating.

The highlight of the week for me was the 5:30 pm Wednesday church service at the village site attended by 15 The sun shone on the grass and sand—as we stood and sang and prayed in the outline of the church. Heres where the door was, heres where the altar was, they said. We set up the altar on a blazo box covered with a sheet. Ruth Ridley prayed in Han. It was very moving with people crying as they though of all the good memories—and some sad ones, too. Daisy told me later, Ill never have a home like this one.

We did GBD —the walking on water story—and we thought we felt and saw Jesus out there walking toward us on the Yukon River. It was a good time to remind ourselves that the church is the people—not buildings—and that we are all here What a blessings that no one died in the flood.

I have to admit, I cried when we left Friday morning. We had made such great friends!

Food Stamp: Photo of shopping cart full of food purchased via EBT sparked controversy – TomoNews

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FAYETTEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA — A soldier’s Facebook post comparing the meagre contents of his own buggie with those of a person using food stamps has sparked controversy.

Patrick Gibson snapped the photo at a grocery store in in Fayetteville, North Carolina last year. Gibson, who skips breakfast and lunch so his family can eat, was lining up to pay for fruit and diapers.

In front of him was a person with not one — but two — shopping carts bulging with what Gibson said was “steak and some other very nice choices of food.”

When the person took out their wallet to pay for their purchase, Gibson saw them move a big fold of cash to get to their electronic benefits card. Worse, after paying for his groceries, Gibson saw the person load their items into the back of a brand new Hyundai Genesis.

After the incident, Gibson posted a comparison of his groceries with theirs. The post has since been shared more than 140 thousand times.

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Please watch: “Crying dog breaks the internet’s heart — but this sad dog story has a happy ending”


The Ultimate JERUSALEM FOOD TOUR + Attractions – Palestinian Food and Israeli Food in Old Jerusalem!

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Join us on the ultimate Jerusalem food tour!
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There are few cities in the world that can compare to Jerusalem in terms of ancient history and religious significance. It’s one of the most fascinating cities in the world, and it’s a city that I’ve wanted to visit my entire life. Finally, along with my friend David ( and Rafram, we explored Jerusalem to discover the food treasures the city has to offer – and let me tell you, you’ll find some incredibly delicious food in Jerusalem!

We started off the Jerusalem food tour by first walking around East Jerusalem and starting with the best plate of hummus I’ve ever had. We then toured around Old Jerusalem, and enjoyed some incredible Palestinian food kebabs cooked by an incredible man who cooked with serious love and passion. Another highlight in Jerusalem was the mutabak, a thin pastry stuffed with cheese and baked.

After eating our way through Old Jerusalem, we then headed into West Jerusalem and went to lunch at an Israeli Jewish restaurant serving a mix of amazing dishes. The food was home-cooked in style, and absolutely sensation. A few more snacks and sightseeing throughout the afternoon, and that brought us all the way to dinner where David had made reservations to eat at one of the hottest restaurants in Jerusalem, Machneyuda Restaurant. It was quite an experience, and an amazing meal and lively atmosphere to wrap up this ultimate Jerusalem food tour.

Here’s all the food and places included in this Palestinian food and Israeli food tour of Jerusalem:

Hummus Acramawi
Price – 20 ILS ($5.57) per plate

Almond juice – 3.90 ILS ($1.09)

Al-shuala Grill Restaurant
Shawarma – 26 ILS ($7.26)

Al Baghdadi Kabab
Palestinian kebabs
Total price – 100 ILS ($27.89)

Zalatimo Sweets
Price – 30 ILS ($8.37) each

Peaches – 10 for 1 kg
Plums – 10 for 1 kg
Fruit – 10 ILS ($2.76) per kg.

Mahane Yehuda Market
Azura Restaurant
Total price – 400 ILS ($111.55)

Western Wall (Wailing Wall)
Western Wall Tunnel
Price – 35 ILS ($9.76) per person

Dome of the Rock

Mount of Olives

Machneyuda Restaurant
Total price – 700 ILS ($195.21)

It was a lot of food in a single day, but it was one of the greatest food and learning days that I’ve ever had in my life. The generosity of the people we connected with, paired with the food, was truly a memorable experience in Jerusalem.

Thank you again to David ( and Rafram for showing me some of the best food in Jerusalem!

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Memphis Man Kills Stepbrother Over Plate Of Food At Super Bowl Party

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Street Food in Kenya – ULTIMATE KENYAN FOOD TOUR in Nairobi | East African Food Tour!

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Thank you for watching this ultimate Kenyan street food tour in Nairobi! I met up with my friend James who took me around to a few of his favorite spots to eat.

Kawangware, Nairobi, Kenya

Here’s most of the food we tried on this amazing tour of Nairobi:

Ann Restaurant – Dagoretti Corner – This small street food stall on Dagoretti Corner in Nairobi serves all sorts of Kenyan / East African foods. Their chapatis are especially good, and their Lake Victoria sardines fried with tomatoes.
Dagaa – Lake Victoria sardine
Matumbo – stomach stew
Githeri – beans and maize
The guy sitting across the table – “you should not eat beans and sardines together, or you’ll have gas.”
Total bill – 1,050 KES ($10.39) – we paid for 4 or 5 guys eating there

Stomach Clinix – This was the best food stop of the day, a neighborhood meat shop that James took me to that specializes in cow head soup. The grilled tongue was also spectacular, but the soup was the best.
Total price – 200 KES ($1.98)

Dagoretti Market – After the meat, we took a walk over to Dagoretti Market. After browsing around for a while, we stopped for another plate of mixed Kenyan food, mostly dengu, which are mung beans. It was simple, but quite good.
Dengu – mung beans
Total price – 300 KES ($2.97)

Unity Cafe Hotel – We met up with some of James’ friend in Kawangware, and went to eat across the street from their shoe shop. The mandazi mix was the highlight of this Kenyan meal.
Total price – 600 KES ($5.94) for all

Cow foot fry – Next we headed over to Oscar who makes cow food soup, fry and boil. He was a very friendly man, and showed me his entire process of making cow foot soup. It was delicious!
Total price – 450 KES ($4.45)

Kenyan street food – To end this Kenyan street food tour of Nairobi we had to eat one of the ultimate Kenyan fast food meat treats. You’ll see these types of grills all over the streets in the late afternoon throughout Nairobi. You just choose what you want, it’s cut on the chopping board, and you stand and eat.
Mutura – minced meat sausage
Mutura – blood sausage
Total price – 200 KES ($1.97)

Thank you for watching this ultimate Nairobi street food tour!


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