Bicycling to Boise from Meridian, Idaho; Tour inside the Library! Downtown; no food bank :(

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This was a big ride.

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Struggling to regroup after Pine Ridge, SD Mission Trip. DAY 18 of $4.23/day Food Challenge 6/27/16

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Eating on $4.23/day while traveling the country, volunteering and camping.
As of June 25th, I left from a mission trip at Pine Ridge Native American Reservation and moved on to Montana.

From Tennessee, I’ve been through Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming and now in Montana.
Food challenge, food stamp challenge, homeless, whole food plant-based, on the road, living in my Prius. To make healthy, whole food affordable and available to all socioeconomic statuses everywhere.

Food 4 Thought – Worker at rodent-poop-filled store makes stunning admittal

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Derek Davila says he won’t buy food at a store that has a rodent problem.
His statement doesn’t bode well for My Country Store on 3517 Business 77 in Sebastian.
Derek has been the cashier there for the last year.
A state inspector recently busted the store with a number of rodent-related problems.
Records from last month show more than a dozen fresh and old rodent droppings were observed at the food preparation area, by the water heater and on top of shelving.
What’s even more unsettling to people who frequent the store was the fact that workers left a dead rodent on a glue trap while the health inspection was being conducted.
“That’s nasty,” Angel Rios, a customer said.
The Food Patrol asked Derek if he thought those conditions inside the store were sanitary.
“No,” he responded.
He added how they’ve been trying to get the problem under control.
“They just keep coming back,” he said.
Click on video link to see what else is not on the menu in this week’s Food 4 Thought.

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Top Performers List
Low Performers List

Weekly Low Performer List: (total # of demerits)

My Country Store 3517 Business 77 (14) *Fresh and Old Rodent Droppings/Dead Rodent*

Sora Sushi 4920 N Exp 77 (26) *Inadequate Hand-Washing/No Certified Food Manager*

Weekly Top Performer List: (0 demerits)

Las Cazuelas 314 S F St
El Taquito 305 North 1st
Peter Piper Pizza 306 N 77 Sunshine
New York Deli II 122 N A St
Buffalo Wild Wings 1500 W Harrison
Los Asados 210 N 77 Sunshine

Whataburger 615 Salinas Blvd

Sonic 701 S Jackson
Subway 7309 S Cage Blvd
Burger King 2511 S Cage Blvd

Taqueria Don Felipe #2 220 W Main
Paraiso Mexican 5 Mile Line & Mayberry

Taco Rico 207 E 3 Mile
Subway 4416 N Conway

San Juan
Subway 700 I Rd
Pollito Grilled Chicken 700 I Rd

San Benito
Bookmark Café 101 W Rose
Longhorn Cattle 3055 W Exp 83

Port Isabel
Los Cabos 309 Queen Isabella Blvd
Subway 1722 Hwy 100
Dairy Queen 302 Hwy 100

Church’s 1650 Military Hwy
Taco Bell 925 Ruben Torres Blvd

Villa Del Mar 910 E Veteran’s Blvd
Chosita’s Kitchen 1011 W Veteran’s Blvd

Little Caesar’s 548 N Alamo Rd
Carmelita’s 544 Alamo Rd

Scan: Self Rescue Manual for Boise, Idaho. Food Banks, Medical, Housing, Drugs, Addiction, Meals

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00:35 Clothing and Furniture
1:14 Mental health services
2:25 Dental
2:42 Education
3:17 Employment
3:32 Financial Assistance
3:48 Food Pantries
4:35 Free Meals
5:00 Crisis Hotline
5:13 Housing Resources
5:32 Legal Assistance / Refugee
5:47 Medical Assistance
6:49 Shelters & Showers
7:08 Substance Abuse
7:50 Support Groups
9:08 Tax Preparation
9:28 Transportation
9:41 Vision

manual, community, guide, Ada County, contents, category, clothing, furniture, hygiene, counseling, mental health, dental, education, after-school, programs, employment, casual labor, financial, utility assistance, food pantries, feasts, free meals, crisis, hotlines, housing, assistance, legal, medical, shelter, showers, substance abuse, treatment, support groups, tax, transportaion, vision

Food 4 Thought – Country club’s kitchen in Brownsville isn’t up to par

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Valley International Country Club in Brownsville scores a double bogey at its restaurant.
Los Campeones on 95 Country Club Road scores high demerits in back-to-back inspections.
Kitchen cops found expired bread, a cross-contamination concern with open foods, missing towels for proper sanitation and dirty equipment.
Photos obtained by the Food Patrol highlighted dirty conditions in the kitchen.
There were 25 demerits on an initial February inspection.
Los Campeones showed little improvement on a re-inspection one week later with 24 demerits, according to a report shown by the restaurant’s general manager.
Sergio Casas invited the Food Patrol to return after the 29th of February.
That’s when they plan to call the city for a third inspection.
Click on the video link to see the photos from the restaurant and to hear what the owner of a dirty convenience store in Lyford had to say when the Food Patrol came around in this week’s Food 4 Thought.

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Top Performers List
Low Performers List

Weekly Low Performer List: (total # of demerits)

Los Campeones @ Valley International Country Club (25, 24) *Expired Bread, Cross-Contamination, Dirty Equipment*

7th St Drive Thru (26) *No Soap/Towels in Restroom, No Thermometer in Cooler*

Weekly Top Performer List: (zero demerits)

Taco Bell 925 Ruben Torres
Luby’s 2124 Boca Chica Blvd
Red Lobster 1075 FM 802
Peter Piper Pizza 1644 Central Blvd

Whataburger 1007 E Hidalgo St

Subway 512 Salinas Blvd
Monte Carlo 1705 E Miller Ave
Taqueria Zamora 200 E Edinburg

Church’s 1117 Veterans Blvd

Nana’s Taqueria 1802 S International Blvd

McDonald’s 1705 E Exp 83
Subway 1715 E Exp 83

San Juan
Jack in the Box 902 Raul Longoria
San Juan Café 1618 N I Rd

Palm Desert Food & Wine 2018 – Jr. Chef Bella Francisco | PALM SPRINGS LIFE

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Palm Desert Food & Wine Festival 2018 – Chef Demo

Jr. Chef Bella Francisco

Bella Francisco is a 13-year-old eighth grade student at St. Theresa School in Palm Springs. In 2016, Francisco applied to compete on Food Network’s Chopped Junior as a way to earn some money to redecorate her bedroom. She was invited to compete and filmed her episode, “Let’s Taco ‘Bout It” in November 2016. Francisco completed the three rounds and won! Her episode aired in May 2017.

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Ray’s Restaurant “A Dothan Tradition: Good Food, Good Friends, Good Times.” | Alabama

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I’m not a professional – I’m Just having fun – Ray’s Restaurant has been serving up delicious dishes since 1969. As a community-oriented establishment, our motto is “A Dothan Tradition: Good Food, Good Friends, Good Times.” This tradition is played out time and again every time we open our doors. Locals love our country breakfasts and hand-seasoned burgers, and tourists enjoy stopping in to get a feel of the local community from our barbecue restaurant in Dothan, AL. We offer a full breakfast menu Monday through Saturday, a daily-changing lunch menu Monday through Friday and a quick-order lunch menu on Saturdays. Our staff aims to please, so if you don’t see what you want on the menu, we are happy to make it if we have the ingredients – Dothan Alabama – 11/11/2017

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Vegan Food Taste Test Mukbang from Urban Beets in Milwaukee Wisconsin

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Join Blove and family for a vegan food taste test. On the menu: Pizza, Taco Salad, BBQ carrot burgrer, and cucumber avocado sandwich and fresh Juice. Check out our New Website: and order your own Bloveslife apparel and accessories.

Have u ever wondered what Mukbangs are about? Check out this Blog: POPULAR YOUTUBE TREND THAT EARNS YOU MONEY: THE ART OF MUKBANG!!

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#7 Sticky Fingers, Chattanooga, TN – GRILLA GRILLS BBQ WARS TOUR 2017

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#7 Sticky Fingers – Chattanooga, TN (final score 75/100)
Baked Beans:6
Mac & Cheese:6
Grand Total:68/100

Baked Beans:7
Mac & Cheese:7
Grand Total:80/100

Baked Beans:8
Mac & Cheese:7
Grand Total:78/100