Warrior Dudes (Men’s Responsibility)

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Livingway Family Church Brownsville Texas
Warrior Dudes Fishing Trip
Arroyo City , Texas

Ps. Bill Moore

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Montana Ice Fishing! (Season 1: Episode 5)

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In this episode we have some fun with tip-ups, and share some Christmas cheer with our finned friends!

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Fishing on a real budget can be tough, but it is what most of us HAVE to do!


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Another video in the “Guy and His Dog” series.

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Klutina river Copper Center, Alaska Red Salmon fishing with Friends

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Fishing on the Klutina river near Copper Center, Alaska with my friends John and Daniel for Copper River Red Salmon. Daniel foul hooked this Red and you must release them if they are Not hooked in the mouth. John and his wife Jeb own the Tok Thai Food truck at the Hub in Glennallen and now also the cafe 1/2 mile from teh hub too. The BEST freshest food around our area!


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Ste. Anne de Détroit (Sainte-Anne-de-Détroit), founded July 26, 1701,[2] is the second oldest continuously operating Roman Catholic parish in the United States, established when the area was part of the French colony.[3][4][5] The current Gothic Revival cathedral styled church, built in 1886, is located at 1000 Ste. Anne Street in Detroit, Michigan, in the Richard-Hubbard neighborhood, renamed Corktown Shores, near the Ambassador Bridge, and the Michigan Central Station. Historically, the parish community has occupied eight different buildings. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1976.[1] The main entry to the Church faces a grand tree-lined, brick paved plaza. The present parish is largely Hispanic in population. /

35 – Surviving the Great Alaska Earthquake

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It was Good Friday 1964 and Felton was getting ready to go to a children’s play at church when he felt the force of a “megathrust” 9.2 earthquake. He describes trees and utility poles swaying, the ground rippling and the destruction it wrought. But his church, though without power, water or gas, was still standing and they were able to hold Easter services there the following Sunday.

Dutch Harbor. Aleutian Islands

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That was my first trip to Aleutian Islands from August 12 to August 15, 2010 and I was impressed by the nature and beautiful, amazing landscape of this increadible island. Population is about 5,000 people. I’ve meat a lot of people from Vietnam and Phillipines living and working there besides locals and others who moved to Dutch Harbor for big bucks. The place just breathtaking, island surrounded by lovely mountains and gorgeous Bering Sea. Not a lot of people come here for holidays or vacation but for me it was an escape from noisy, crazy and poluted Los Angeles. I had a peaceful and quite time by touring this island alone. In the past Aleutian Islands as well as the rest of Alaska were part of Emperial Russia and Russian Orthodox Church just resembles the history of once to be the Russian America.

Cordova, Alaska

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This picturesque community is a quaint fishing village nestled at the base of the Chugach Mountains, along the eastern shores of Prince William Sound and the Copper River Delta. Cordova’s rustic charm can transport visitors back in time to the rural America of the mid-twentieth century and is a must see destination on any Alaska vacation.

Music: “Neon Tetra” by Terry Devine-King