Younkers Fire Des Moines, IA March 29th 2014

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(Video 1 of 2 had to be split) (**Different angles**) Here is the footage we took of the Younkers fire that took place in Des Moines, IA on 3/29/2014 we are roughly 100ft away from the building on the corner of 8th and Walnut. We were literally the first people on the scene and called the police @ 12:53am. This was taken before emergency personal arrived you can hear and see them arriving in the footage. Should be on WHOTV 13 and WOI


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We went to my sister”s house for Thanksgiving dinner and looked out the window and saw something burning. So we went out on the top deck and saw the smoke . Then we all walked down the street where the fire was. This is the video of what I was able to get before the smoke got too bad .I hope you enjoy it. Good job Chattanooga fire dept. for putting it out and working on Thanksgiving.We should all appreciate our men and women Fire Fighters,EMT”s and Police officers for what they do.To all of the First to respond Thank you.

Mead Vally: Early Morning Fire Destroys Church

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Firefighters battled a church fire the morning of July 22, 2017 in
unincorporated Mead Valley, near Perris in Riverside County.

The flames were reported coming from the roof of the 1,000-square-foot structure at 4:28 a.m. in the 21800 block of Rider Street, according to Jody Hagemann of the Riverside County Fire Department.

The fire was contained by 6 a.m.. No injuries were reported in connection with the blaze, which caused an estimated $250,000 in damage. About 30 firefighters responded to the fire.

First significant wildland fire in Nevada in 2018; Chaves Fire seen from McClellan peak at 2:26 PM

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Here we go, Fire Season 2018 …. the beginning of the Chaves Fire is first seen at 2:26 PM as McClellan Peak camera points toward Dayton, NV. The fire has grown to over 1500 acres overnight.

Camden Crest Apartment Fire In Raleigh, NC

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August 24th 2013 (approximately 6:30pm)

Taken from news and observer:

No residents were injured, but two Raleigh firefighters were hospitalized with elevated heart rates due to exertion, said Division Chief Ronny Mizell.
The 30-unit building was “fully involved,” with flames coming through the roof, the first firefighters on the scene reported.
“I’ve never seen one spread this fast,” Mizell said. “It was just a column of smoke and fire in that top floor. It actually backdrafted, and there was an explosion in the attic.”
It was too early Saturday to tell what caused the fire, but it appeared to start on the top floor, Mizell said.

*Still no word on the cause of the fire. Thankfully no lives were lost although two pets did die in the fire. Camden Crest has taken great action to get the belongings that were not lost in the fire out and displaced those residents in the affected building with new apartments around the complex. Red cross was quick to appear on the scene and those affected were treated at the office in the complex where they stayed the night.

More photos of the fire here:

Armed Bystanders Shoot, Kill Gunman Who Opened Fire at Oklahoma City Restaurant

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A man opened fire Thursday in an Oklahoma restaurant, leaving at least three people injured, before he was fatally shot by a pair of armed citizens, police said.