Old fire alarm bell going off at old closed-down building (Read description)

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While first walking into church this morning, I could hear the sound of a fire alarm bell. It wasn’t coming from the church. It was actually coming from an old closed-down grocery store building located near the church. After morning service had ended, I stepped outside and found that the ringing hadn’t yet stopped. My dad then drove me to the old building where we found the police and supposedly also a plumber investigating. It wasn’t a break-in and it wasn’t an actual fire. So I’m pretty sure I know what happened. Quite recently, the fire sprinkler pipes at my old high school froze and set off the fire alarm system while also causing some flooding. I’m pretty sure the same thing happened at this building. Despite the fact that the police were investigating the building, I was quite determined to get footage of the fire alarm bell going off. Luckily, it was located in the back of the building.

Catch The Fire World Burning Night of Worship | October 5th, 2016

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On October 5th, worship leaders from multiple Catch The Fire churches came together for an incredible evening of worship.

The first hour was led by a team from Catch The Fire Raleigh/Durham featuring Aaron Ninaber, Jess Ninaber, Amber Brooks, and Linda Angeles Wilson.

The second hour was led by a team from Catch The Fire Toronto, featuring Benjamin Jackson, Marcel Preston, Shaloma Webb and Ruth Preston.

The third hour set was led by a team from Catch The Fire London and Catch The Fire Winnipeg, featuring Matt Levi Seithel, Cate Seithel and Lindsay Dugas.

The worship was punctuated with communion, prophetic input and prayer led by leaders: John Arnott, Jonathan & Alice Clarke, Dan Slade, Trevor Meier, and more.

LIVE: Massive Brush Fire Burns Homes; 13 Dead In Mass Shooting At Thousand Oaks Nightclub

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We’re following two major breaking news stories: a massive fire that’s burning structures in the Camarillo Springs area, and a mass shooting at a Thousand Oaks nightclub that left thirteen people dead. Get updates at cbsla.com

Holy Fire Jerusalem 2018 and the Rebirth of Christian Civilization

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As thousands of Orthodox faithful gather in Jerusalem’s Church of the Holy Sepulchre, find out how the ‘Holy Fire’ ceremony is reigniting Christian civilization! Support me on PATREON:


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North Charleston Fire Museum – North Charleston, South Carolina – Things to do in Charleston

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Our visit to the North Charleston Fire Museum was a plan B after being rained out in downtown Charleston but we were so glad we went! With being free and $6 dollars for us, it was more than worth the experience and a great place for the kids to let some energy loose before the drive back to Florida.


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USS Clamagore:

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Fort Sumter:

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USS Yorktown:

The Vietnam Experience:

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