Fighting opioid addiction: As long as it takes | Julia Picetti | TEDxUniversityofNevada

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Since the death of Julia’s daughter Jane Aubrey, Julia has been committed to raising awareness and making a difference in her community. Julia desires to travel across the country to educate and help other people come together to make a lasting difference in their communities

Julia Picetti was born and raised in Northern Nevada and loves Reno! She is married to Dan Tilzey, and they have a blended family of 5 children, including Jane Aubrey who passed away in March of 2015. Julia loves hiking in the Sierras and on local trails, loves her friends and is very active at Grace Church.

Since the passing of Julia’s daughter Jane, Julia led the charge to remodel and open the Jane Aubrey House. This recovery home helps and guides young women ages 18-25 as they move toward recovery from opiate addiction. Her hope is to continue supporting other families struggling with this addiction.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

Fighting For a Community: Sims Boxing Academy

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Located just off Southeast 44th St. and Sunnyvale Road, the academy sits in the middle of a dilapidated strip mall. A Family Dollar, a church, a beauty supply store and Church’s Chicken share the space with empty storefronts…
Unlike the other boxing programs in the Oklahoma City area, Sims Boxing Academy is different: It’s a non-profit that focuses on providing at-risk youth a variety of services.

July 10-14 I was involved in NPR Next Generation Radio Project. This is the visual to the non-narrative audio piece and article I wrote on them.
Here you can find the official web post:

Warren Barfield – “Love Is Not A Fight”- Love Worth Fighting For – Bakersfield, CA 6-6-15

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Warren Barfield performs his song “Love Is Not A Fight” from the film Fireproof, and tells the story behind it. Recorded at the Love Worth Fighting For Marriage Event at Canyon Hills Assembly of God Church in Bakersfield, CA on 6-6-15.

Fighting Human Trafficking in Montana

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Part of the 2014 Mansfield Conference, Fight for Hope & Freedom: Human Trafficking, Montana & the World

Attorney General Tim Fox presents on the Montana state government’s effort to combat human trafficking and what are the challenges and opportunities ahead.

The Honorable Tim Fox, Attorney General of Montana

Street Preacher Heckled by Drunk Alaskan Natives | Jesse Morrell Open-Air Anchorage

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Jesse Morrell of preaches the gospel in the open-air in the downtown of Anchorage Alaska and is heckled by drunk natives and hassled by downtown “ambassadors” who acted like some type of authority… Jesse Morrell is a full time open air missionary to America with The Morrell’s are supported by gifts from individuals. Click here to help support the Morrell Family:

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Fighting The Culture Of crime in Montgomery, AL – Bishop Roosevelt Crawford –

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Fighting The Culture Of crime in Montgomery, AL – Bishop Roosevelt Crawford –

Bishop Roosevelt Crawford
Connecting Life Sports and Family Resource Center
70 W Edgemont Ave
Montgomery, Alabama

Pastor of
Bethlehem Temple Church
Montgomery, AL

Dennis C. Latham of 1Latham TV.

Show me the error of my ways with RIGHTEOUSNESS and / or TRUTH
Please don’t attempt to correct me with deceptions, lies or tricks.
A lying tongue is an abomination unto GOD.

Phoenix AZ @ Muslim Church I interviewed Protesters Jennifer & friend

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Muslim church in phoenix Arizona accused of Terrorist.and isis groups. Talking to protesters leaving finding out there take on the situation.

Fighting the Battle of Finding Identity

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Bayside Weekend Message / 02.26.17 / Curt Harlow

This video is presented to you by Bayside Church – with 5 locations around Sacramento, California – one of the largest and fastest growing churches in North America. Let us know how we can meet your needs at

This is How We Roll Palmdale! With Ruth and Kery – Ep. 7, “Fighting Crime Together”

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This is a series of short, informative videos highlighting the City of Palmdale’s Neighborhood Services department. Crime Prevention Officers, Ruth and Kery, take you behind-the-scenes and provide valuable tips to help keep residents and local businesses safe in the City. Episode #7 highlights how the City’s partnerships with law enforcement, community groups, churches, businesses and residents have successfully brought the City’s crime rates down over the past several years resulting in its lowest number in decades.


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Pastor ask church for $1,000 offerings so he can pay for his Rolls Royce

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Pastor ask church for $1,000 offerings so he can pay for his Rolls Royce. The church erupts into a violent protest!