Karmeshia Thomas | 25 Year Old Female Truck Driver Found Dead Inside Her Truck! Part One

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Karmeshia Thomas is a 25 year old female driver for KLLM who was found Dead, covered in blood inside of her truck at the Mardi Gras Truckstop in New Orleans, LA.

Lady Truckers be sure to watch this video on how to stay safe as a Female Truck Driver!

Fruneral Arrangements for Karmeshia Thomas will be held at:

803 Mlk Blvd Clarksdale,MS 38614
New covenant church @11

Email: [email protected]



Pastor Caught Having Sex With Female Church Members Mercilessly Beaten And Chained In Edo State

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A pastor in Edo state was recently caught having sex with female member of his church.

Angry mob who caught this pastor in the act beat him mercilessly and chained him.

It was a strange sight when the pastor of a Pentecostal church who had been manipulating his female church members and sleeping them was humiliated by his members.

According to Eghosa Aifesehi Morgan who posted the incident on his Facebook page, the unnamed Pastor in Edo had been playing on the intelligence of his members, defrauding them as well having sex with female members both single and married.

Morgan who captured the scene on video narrated that the pastor’s cover was blown open when different members opened up on his atrocities, forcing the angry members to humiliate him and tie him up after he was beaten to a pulp.

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Female Abducted By Reptilian Aliens To The Back Side of The Moon

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Abductions by reptilian aliens remarkable mutual stories by two females. A woman from the Netherlands tells us a detailed story who they are, what they do and shares her horrific extraterrestrial experiences. Do you have experienced alien abduction? Contact Lions Ground today! PS: MIB = Man in Black.

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Female Abducted By Reptilians To The Back Side of The Moon

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All female Oklahoma City Dolls Football Game. c. 1976-1977

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Item Number: F2012.095.009

Silent black and white footage of the Oklahoma City Dolls all female football team vs an unknown Texas team

Creator: Spiegel, C. B. (Creator)
Coverage: Oklahoma City (City), in Oklahoma (USA)
Resource Type: Image — Moving Image
Extent (quantity/size): 11 minutes 5 seconds
Media 16 mm film; video/AVI 1920×1080 29.97 FRAMES PER SECOND
Subjects Sports / Women football players
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Miranda Lambert – White Liar (Official Music Video)

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Miranda Lambert’s official music video for ‘White Liar’. Click to listen to Miranda Lambert on Spotify:

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Hey white liar
The truth comes out a little at a time
And it spreads just like a fire
Slips off of your tongue like turpentine
And I don’t know why
White liar

You better be careful what you do
I wouldn’t wanna be in your shoes
If they every found you out
You better be careful what you say
It never really addedup anyway
I got friends in this town

Hey white liar
The truth comes out a little at a time
And it spreads just like a fire
Slips off of your tongue like turpentine
And I don’t know why
White liar

You said you went out to a bar
And walked some lady to her car
But your face has more to tell
‘Cause my cousin saw you on the street
With a red head named Bernice
Turns out that you don’t lie too well

Hey white liar
The truth comes out a little at a time
And it spreads just like a fire
Slips off of your tongue like turpentine
And I don’t know why
White liar

Here’s a bombshell just for you
Turns out that I’ve been lying, too

Now I’m the white liar
The truth comes out a little at a time
And it spreads just like a fire
Slips off of my tongue like turpentine
And I don’t know why
White liar

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Female acoustic cover songs Tin Man

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Female acoustic cover songs Tin Man originally sung by Miranda Lambert. This video features female country singer 2018 Jacqueline Jax.

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Who hasn’t been through a heart break? Heartbreak songs by female artists 2018 aren’t hard to come by but when I first saw this song at an award show, it inspired me because it described exactly how I was feeling at the time and I knew right then that I would record it this year. Sure it’s a topic I hate to talk about and sad country cover songs often are on those kinds of regretful stories but as a female solo artists I know it’s important to tell my story as truthfully as possible and this song really does that better than any other.

I still remember the day it started in a way it seems like so long ago yet it’s only been a minute. Not everyone is meant to be in your future, some people are just passing through to teach you a lesson. And even if you get pulled in and find yourself living a life that you don’t remember wishing for, there comes a time when you are forced to respect yourself enough to say, “I deserve better”.

What did I learn for all of this? Never wait for your life to get better.
Life goes faster than you think and in a blink you could find yourself on a path you never intended. But even if you do, that can always change. You just have to have the strength to steer the boat towards the sun.

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In Wisconsin, female politicians aim to turn the state blue

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A record number of women are running for office this year, with more than 3,300 winning major party nominations for state legislature seats. NewsHour Weekend in the spring asked Republican women in the deep red state of Indiana about their motivation. Now, Zac Schultz of Wisconsin Public Television poses the same question to Democratic nominees there.

Dierks Bentley/Keith Urban – Woman, Amen / Female (Home Free Cover)

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Song: Woman, Amen / Female
Originally Performed By: Dierks Bentley, Keith Urban
Producer: Darren Rust
Directed, Shot, and Edited by Green Shoe Creative
Vocals: Adam Chance, Rob Lundquist, Tim Foust, Austin Brown, and Adam Rupp

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Man approaching female joggers near Bakersfield College campus

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This comes just a few weeks after similar incidents reported near the campus.

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First Female Student at Maine Maritime Academy, Castine, Maine 1974

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News story- First female student at Maine Maritime Academy tours campus and holds press conference.

Deborah Doane Dempsey was the first female to graduate from Maine Maritime Academy. Born and raised in Connecticut, she went to the University of Vermont where she worked for a yacht delivery company. Later she decided to further her education at the Maine Maritime Academy in Castine, where she was at the top of her class.

After first getting a BA from the University of Vermont, Captain Dempsey received a BS from Maine Maritime Academy. In 1994, she was awarded an honorary PhD from the Academy for her extraordinary achievements.

The men at the Academy treated her as an equal. She was not the only women on campus for long. Shortly after she came to Maine Maritime other women followed. When she graduated, valediction of her class, she was the first women to graduate from any maritime academy in the United States. Also she was the first woman to receive a merchant marine unlimited masters license, and she would be the first woman to sail as a master.

She started her career at the Exxon Company as a third mate and later moved to Lykes Brothers S..S. Company. where she was an advanced Master Mariner. She became the first American woman to command a cargo ship on international voyages. When at Lykes she was under pressure to hire other women as captains.

Dempsey was the first woman to become a regular member of the Council of American Master Mariners. She ended up working for the company for seventeen years.

Dempsey rescued a dead ship that had drifted and was going to crash onto North Carolina’s Frying Pan Shoals. As a result of this daring deed, Captain Dempsey and her crew received the United Seaman’s Service AOTOS Honored Seamen Award, The Seaman’s Church Institute Lifesaving Award, and the American Merchant Marines Seamanship Trophy. They also received a letter of commendation from President Clinton.

For more, see the Bangor Historical Society/WABI Collection at Northeast Historic Film.

This project was funded by the Hancock County Fund of the Maine Community Foundation. See more video clips of Hancock County at NHF’s YouTube playlist “Hancock County, Maine: A Century of Moving Images” or visit us at www.oldfilm.org

Man punches a female, a preacher intervenes, the message still gets preached

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As I was approaching this crowd, I witnessed this coward punch this woman twice. It was then that I realized that I encountered this same man last month. He’s an advocate of marijuana use. Sadly he professes (alleges) to be a Christian, and alleges to have gone to “Bible college.”

He is the byproduct of America’s unbiblical churchianity that tells people they are saved if they ‘repeat this prayer,’ or ‘walk to the front of church,’ or ‘accept Jesus,’ or ‘make a decision for Christ,’ or ‘raise your hand in church,’ or that are taught easy believism.

Due to this crime in progress, the time I had to preach was limited. Therefore I failed to thoroughly present the Gospel, but I pray they will read my tracts.

My intro video tells the rest of the story.

Though I was not the victim in this incident. As I’ve said before, “Pray for, and support your street preachers. They are increasingly getting assaulted and arrested across the USA. They work in uncontrolled, unpredictable, unrehearsed, and sometimes even dangerous work environments.

Viewer discretion is advised, much profanity.