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Mary (Krulikowski) Peterson is a Christian Comedian. These clips were recorded at First Baptist Church of Columbia, South Carolina during the Southern Baptist Convention’s “Women’s Lifestyle Evangelism Conference” in 2008.

Maranda Curtis Willis at Church at New Orleans 10282016

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here are some snippets of Maranda Curtis Willis at the Church At New Orleans.

Maren Morris – My Church

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Maren Morris’ debut album HERO, featuring “”I Could Use A Love Song””, “”80s Mercedes”” & “”My Church,”” is now available: Apple Music: Amazon: Google Play: Spotify:

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Responding to False Prophet Kendrick Murray – Tony Harvin – Dog put to sleep

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This is a video in response to this False Prophet Kendrick Murray from Mobile, Alabama.

Murray is upset at a video a few months ago back in January pertaining emails, comments, inbox messages I received, & a high percentage of my emails, comments, etc were on debating Pastor Jennings, and Ministers & members of many organizations were speaking negatively & speaking heavy on debating, Murray was just one of the few that was mentioned in my email, comments, inboxes, etc, throughout research and analyzing that False Prophet, he got mentioned & recently responded, so I had to boil him in this video.

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