Father’s Day Dad Jokes – West Toledo Campus

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In honor of Father’s Day, our Campus Staff put together some of their favorite “Dad Jokes.” Which joke is the best? Do you have any favorites? Comment below.

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Pastor Jack Spencer Jr preaching on Fathers Day at Grace Temple COGIC (Phoenix, AZ)

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This is a place where we LOVE GOD and LOVE PEOPLE. If you are ever in the Phoenix area be sure to join us for worship! Sunday Morning Worship begins at 11am

ADDRESS: 813 West Buckeye Road, Phoenix, AZ. 85007
Pastor Jack Spencer Jr. & First Lady Tenile Spencer

RCCG GPS ELPASO Father’s Day Service

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The church held its first Sunday service at 910 Sun Fire Boulevard, El Paso, TX 79928 on February 27, 2011 with pastor and his family in attendance. On April 3, 2011, the church moved to 11601 Pellicano Drive, Suite A10, El Paso, TX 79936 with 54 people in attendance. On Feburary 6, 2017 the church bought a bigger property that contain two different buildings. The church continues to grow in sizes thanks to the work of God. RCCG Green Pastures Sanctuary is happy of its beginning because the sanctuary was created, named, established and planted by God and that Pastor Oyebami accepted God,s call.

The songs played in this video is not ours.
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About my Father’s Business | George Glass Sr. (1967)

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George Glass Sr. preaching “About my Father’s Business”
This was preached in 1967.
In January, 1933, at the age of 23 years, George L. Glass, Sr. began a ministry that grew and enlarged until the demands of that ministry enabled him to become acquainted with and drawn into every facet of the UPCI work and outreach.
Glass’s first pastorate was at Bethel Grove, near DeRidder, Louisiana in the year 1933. From that time, he was actively engaged in a full time ministry. In 1934, he accepted the pastorate of First Pentecostal Church in Many, Louisiana and in 1936 accepted the pastorate of Faith Tabernacle, Port Arthur, Texas.
During his pastoral years, Glass also served in several organizational positions. He was elected secretary-treasurer of the South Central Association of the Pentecostal Churches, Inc. for 1936-38. In 1938 he was elected superintendent of that same organization while continuing to pastor the Port Arthur congregation. The late A.T. Morgan was a member of the district board.
Glass resigned the superintendency of the South Central Association of the Pentecostal Churches, Inc. in 1940, but was elected t serve the organization as the secretary-treasurer, while also continuing pastoral duties. After the merger into the UPC, and the work grew and districts were formed, Glass continued to serve as the secretary-treasurer of the Louisiana District for 22 years. He was one of the elders who labored many hours to help formulate the constitution and by-laws of the UPCI.
Glass was called to pastor his home church in DeRidder, Louisiana in 1945. While there, church growth demanded building a new church. After completion he was led of the Spirit to pray.
Also, during the year of 1945, Glass was appointed to serve as Associate Foreign Missionary Director, along with the late Wynn Stairs, to the UPCI. He served in this position for eleven years.
A radio station began broadcasting in DeRidder, Louisiana in 1950. The DeRidder FPC was the first broadcast aired on this station and still maintains that spot with the station. During all pastorates, Glass carried on an active radio ministry.
In 1953, Glass accepted the pastorate of the FPC of Baton Rouge, Louisiana and in 1956 he was elected to serve as Home Missions Director in the United States and Canada.
During the 1950’s Tupelo Children’s Mansion was founded. Glass was active in this endeavor and also served on the board of directors.
Glass resigned as Home Missions Director in 1958 and accepted the pastorate of the FPC, formerly known as Bible Hour Tabernacle. In 1962, he went to pastor the Bemis Pentecostal Church. Because of his love for and interest in foreign missions work, he went to Jamaica to strengthen the churches there. IN March, 1968, he resigned the Bemis church and entered the evangelistic field.
July, 1970, found Glass back at his home church in DeRidder and involved in an extensive building program.
In February, 1972, the Foreign Missions Division sent the Glasses to minister to Tokyo, the Philippine Islands, and Hawaii. In Manila, Glass was speaker for the first Southwestern Pacific and Asian regional missionary conference of the UPCI. Glass began attending the School of Missions of the UPCI in 1972, as devotional speaker. He continued as devotional speaker until his death.
Glass resigned DeRidder First Church in 1976. He was elected Pastor Emeritus for life. After his resignation, the Glasses remained active at home and abroad. He served as interim pastor to several churches. After seven months with White Haven UPC in Memphis, Tennessee, Glass was elected pastor Emeritus to this church as well.
After resigning the DeRidder church, the Glasses continued to teach the adult Bible class when at home. During this time, they also drove to Houston, Texas on Mondays and taught four classes on Tuesday and Thursday at Texas Bible College.
During his Lifetime, Glass served in the following positions: evangelist, pastor, superintendent, district secretary-treasurer, associate foreign missions director, Tupelo Children’s Mansion board member, national Home Missions Director, camp meeting speaker, radio speaker, attended all but two of our international conferences and served on various committees, devotional speaker at the school of missions, teacher at TBC, speaker abroad for foreign missions division, and interim pastor to several churches.
Glass departed this life on Saturday Evening, March 17, 1990. He was truly a “Giant among Men,” and we esteem the memory of this great minister of God.

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The Antisemitism and Antinomianism of Replacement Theology and the “Church Fathers”

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In this video we will take a look at a sermon given by Steven Anderson of Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe Arizona, and see an example of the antisemitic and antinomian doctrine alive and well within the Christian Church.

Homily on Pornography by Fr Stephen V Hamilton fathers day

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Fathers Day 06/18/17 St Monic’s Church Edmond, Oklahoma
Fr. Stephen V. Hamilton, Apologizes to Parishioners for Failing to Address Pornography Epidemic

Action Item: At Fr. Hamilton’s encouragement, please read this article with your son. Statistics show your son is already exposed or needs the positive reinforcement from his parents to grow in virtue. As Father said, “It is serious sin that needs to be confessed immediately, and especially before coming forward to receive Holy Communion.” Don’t be afraid, take courage. Your son’s salvation is at stake.

Action Item #2: Your priest has full permission to use this homily as his own without crediting Fr. Hamilton. Please go and encourage your pastor to give this homily. Father Hamilton has received many thank you’s for this courageous homily.

By Rev. Stephen V. Hamilton,
Sollemnitas Corpus Christi
Dt. 8:2-3, 14b-16a; 1 Cor. 10:16-17; Jn. 6:51-58
18 June 2017 (Father’s Day)
A Pornography Homily Given this past Fathers Day 06/18/17

I want to begin today with a brief prayer. If you are so inclined you can close your eyes and ask for the grace of the Holy Spirit. “Lord Jesus Christ, we pray that You would cover us, our families, and all of our possessions with Your love and the power of Your Most Precious Blood. Bind and drive out from among us any spirits who are opposed to Your Kingdom. Soften our hearts and heal our wounds so that we may receive Your Word today. Surround all of us with Your heavenly Angels, Saints, the strong arms of St. Joseph, and the mantle of Our Blessed Mother. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.”

Consider this hypothetical situation: What if we all knew that some defect in the water pipes of this church was resulting in harmful exposure to a high percentage of parishioners and running the high likelihood of serious physical health risks and even death… and we did nothing? We said nothing. I take it you would think that is crazy and irresponsible. You might even sue or demand the Pastor and other parish staff be replaced. We have basically that very situation, but in the area of spiritual health. And most people hear almost nothing about it from pulpits. Little is said or done to battle the crisis which is at epidemic proportions.

Today I want to discuss a topic that impacts many men and women across many age categories. While the impact is broad, it does seem true that this spiritual health risk seems to have a more significant hold on men and boys. Since the male susceptibility to this challenge is so high I am intentionally using Father’s Day to treat this topic and to call men in particular to battle, to better health of soul, and to better fulfill the role of protector for their family. Of course, I want to be sensitive to younger ears among us, but at the same time it could be irresponsible for me to be vague. Thus, I am going to speak this word one time so that no one can doubt what I am treating today, but after that I will use other language so as to limit exposure to younger ears. I think it is necessary to speak on the topic of the pervasive presence and use of pornography in our society.

Texas Father’s Day Flood 2018 – Major Tropical Trouble

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PO BOX 35946
The NWS puts the development chance of this system at 10%.
There are 34 active Volcanoes in Guatemala right now.
Texas & parts of the Gulf Coast will see a problematic amount of rainfall.

God bless everyone,

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THORnews Volcanic Variables:

34 Active Volcanoes
Fuego Volcano has had 2 major eruptions
(the 2nd eruption happened after government
said the volcano wouldn’t erupt agin anytime soon)
Pyroclastic Flow = Gray Mud that is 1300 degrees

Heats Gulf of Mexico like a bathtub.

Hawaii Kileau Volcano

Tropical downpours to threaten flooding in Texas, Louisiana

Tropical downpours may lead to flooding and travel problems in parts of Texas and Louisiana this weekend to early next week.

A tropical disturbance associated with a plume of showers and thunderstorms that began to brew over the western Caribbean last weekend is forecast to migrate northwestward this weekend into early next week.

“The disturbance is highly unlikely to develop,” according to AccuWeather Hurricane Expert Dan Kottlowski.

“However, this disturbance will cause flooding rainfall to progress slowly inland from the western part of the Gulf coast starting later this weekend,” Kottlowski said.

Risk of heavy rainfall, flooding to expand later Sunday through Tuesday

Enough rain is likely to fall to cause incidents of urban and low-lying area flooding, especially in the swath from Houston, southward to Brownsville, and inland to Austin and San Antonio, Texas.

Motorists in the major metropolitan areas such as Houston, Dallas, Port Arthur, Victoria, Corpus Christi, Brownsville, San Antonio and Austin, Texas, as well as Lake Charles, Louisiana, should anticipate travel difficulties by the start of next week.

The Monday commutes could be a mess along parts of the Texas and western Louisiana coasts. More widespread problems may occur from coastal and central Texas to western Louisiana by Tuesday.

Motorists are reminded never to drive through flooded roadways as the water may be deeper than it appears and the road surface compromised beneath the water.

Slow-moving tropical downpours have the potential to unload localized rainfall on the order of 6 inches or more where showers and thunderstorms repeat. Should even a tropical depression or weak tropical storm form, rainfall could be even heavier in some communities.

Static AP Harvey Bayou Widening Project Houston

Construction workers excavate and widen Brays Bayou as part of a nearly $500 million flood control project Thursday, March 22, 2018, in Houston. The project, which will widen 21 miles of the bayou and build stormwater detention basins. The project is one of several large-scale flood control projects Houston-area officials are hoping to fully fund and build. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

While much of the rain may fall on Father’s Day weekend when many people may have outdoor plans, rainfall is needed over much of the region.

Abnormally dry to moderate drought conditions exist over much of Louisiana and central and southeastern Texas, according to the latest United States Drought Monitor. Severe drought exists in some counties of Texas as well.

Movement of the batch of tropical downpours is uncertain beyond this weekend.

On one hand, the rain may be drawn northward across the Plains and part of the Mississippi Valley.

However, another scenario is possible.

“There is a chance the system stalls over southern Texas and northeastern Mexico for several days next week,” according to AccuWeather Lead Storm Warning Meteorologist Eddie Walker.

Another Harvey is not expected

Even though the area of disturbed weather is originating from the western Caribbean Sea and may organize just off the South Texas coast, a repeat of Harvey is not anticipated with this event, despite the chance of rain farther south and west.

Jul 27: Evil BLM Supporters! Mother Murdered Baby? White History Facts

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GET IT OFF YOUR CHEST FRIDAY: Jul 27 Hour 1: Low-IQ Maxine & blacks; Ann Hathaway panders to BLM
| 1) Maxine Waters hates Trump and dumb blacks who support her.
| 1-2) Justin of Indiana trashes his “coward” father, asks about what to tell his kids. Don’t judge him.
| 3) Support BOND, come to Church
| 3-4) Ann Hathaway panders to Black Lives Matter over Nia Wilson killing.
| 4-5) Warwick of England, on the children of the lie! Also on Ireland, Liverpool, the Queen & Trump…

Jul 27 Hour 2: Advice on adult children; Update: Burned baby’s white mother arrested.
| 1) Amy of NC on anger, losing sight, & her sons who live with her! Kick them out! Let them suffer.
| 2) Don of VA hated his mother & grandmother, and met his wife while she was already married! Apologize to her.
| 3) News: Fresno anti-white prof.; burned white baby’s mother arrested; Trump vs. Cohen on fake “Russia” controversy.
| 4) David of TX not sure of White History Month or Jesse’s views on slavery.
| 4-5) Gregory of WA is Appalachian, his daughter’s friend’s parents are anti-white. Jesse holds him over to 3rd hour.

Jul 27 Hour 3: White History Lessons! Stop judging yourself or parents.
| 1) More with Gregory of WA: Don’t be broken hearted about dealing with evil parents of daughter’s friend.
| 1-2) Della of VA on White History: The Panama Canal; Oak Ridge, TN: atomic bomb.
| 2) Mike of Phoenix on black inventions; Shane of TX proud of USA with Trump.
| 3-4) Joel’s dance academy and tone of voice. Travis on the white population & America.
| 4) Eli of NYC feels “Karma” for being a piece of crap. Stop judging yourself.
| 5) Rodolfo of TX forgave his parents; they always complain. Be honest. Leave them alone.

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Father’s Day 2018 | River of Life Church Abilene, TX

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No matter where you’re coming from you’ll find a place here where you can fit right in, continue to grow in your faith and put your faith into action. We know there are many great churches in Abilene, TX and we would be honored if you would be our guest at The River Sunday at 9:30am or 11am. For more info check TheRiverAbilene.com

Holy Angels Catholic Church, Chicago, Illinois, Mass, 6-18-2017 (Fathers Day)

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If you enjoy the presentation of the Holy Angels Catholic Church Masses & other presentations, please consider making a monetary
contribution to help us. Send your monetary contribution to Holy Angels Catholic Church, 615 East Oakwood Boulevard, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.
Holy Angels Catholic Church is the only American Catholic Church “LISTED” as a link listed on The Catholic Church in Africa website:

View the explanation of The Holy Angels Church Mural at:

Father Andrew Charles Smith, Jr., aka Father Drew celebrates the Mass with Deacon Bruce McElrath, Deacon Mervin O. Johnson, Mr.
Tyrone Pittman, Minister of Music & Executive Director of Music of the Chicago Black Catholic Choir. Drummer: Darius Jackson, Mr. Gregory Evans Callaway, Videographer, Cinematographer & Narrator. Webmaster & Extreme Web Developer: Mr. Rex Djere.
Visit our Holy Angels School website at: where Mr. Sean Stalling is Principal.

Father’s Day Greetings

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Crosswind Church Denver greets all Daddies a Happy Father’s Day.

Crosswind Church Denver

CrossWind Community Church is an Intercultural church in Aurora Colorado that welcomes families and individuals of all races and diverse backgrounds engaged in the foundational purposes of the church of Jesus Christ . These purposes are authentic community, worship as a lifestyle, spiritual growth, generosity and outreach.

Visit our website at

Crosswind Church Denver is located at
15801 E Centretech Circle
Aurora, CO 80011

Denever non-denomination church | Multi-cultural Christian Church | Full-Gospel Church Denver | Denver Christian Church | Crosswind Church Denver Colorado | Crosswind Community Church Denver Colorado | Crosswind Community Church Denver | Filipino American Christian Church Denver Colorado