Driving Into Clarksville

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This all-new production features recent digital video shot entirely with a Jazz DVZ 100 Digital Video Camera.

This was recorded on Thursday, September 2, 2010 while visiting family and friends in Tennessee:

Traveling from White House, Tennessee on my way to visit friends in Clarksville, I leave I-24 at Exit 11 in Montgomery County. I had previously prepared by placing the cam-corder up on the dash of my car to shoot through the windshield as I drive.

In this video, I capture the mid-day drive in Clarksville traveling towards downtown as seen from the driver’s point of view. You’ll travel along as I pull out on Madison Street and travel to Crossland Avenue, turning onto Talley Drive and finally onto Clark Street and to the home of my waiting friends.

The time-lapse effect was accomplished by recording in normal speed and then speeding the film to approximately 4 times the normal speed.

The original music is performed by Kevin MacLeod and it is provided royalty free from

The raw video was edited with Vegas 8. The credits were created with Windows Movie Maker.

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Christ Church Apostolic Indianapolis Fast of The Last Can’t (Official Video)

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Testimonies of how God blessed the Saints during the fast.


(Video Produced & Edited by Chalandon Walker of ONKORE GRAFIX)

Jesus Speed Painting Fast to Music | Christian Painter & Artist Lance Brown

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If you’re looking for Christian painters…. watch this painting of Jesus done in 4 minutes fast to music. Performance artist Lance Brown lives in Dallas Fort Worth DFW, TX. Fielder Church in Arlington Texas.

Song “One thing remains”

The Israelites: Young Man Holds Fast To Instuction (Clarksville, Tn)

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Contact us: (855) 484-4842 Ext. 758
Nashville, Tennessee
Primary Contact: Officer Benzion Judah

Original Royalty:

Marine FAST team training in Chesapeake, Va.

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In the hours after an attack against a U.S. consulate, specially trained teams of Marines were dispatched to sure up security in Libya and across the Middle East. The counter-terrorism units known as FAST teams are all based in Hampton Roads. We visit the Chesapeake facility where they train.

Redemption Point Church – Chattanooga and Ooltewah – growing fast

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Redemption Point Church has been named one of the five fastest growing previously-unknown churches in the nation.

Ten years ago the Ooltewah church had just 34 members. Now it has around 12 hundred and ranks fourth on the national list published by Charisma News.

And the growth doesn’t seem to be stopping.

At Redemption Point, there are stories of babies being healed, cripples tossing aside walkers, and cancer being healed.
Last year, the congregation opened an inner-city campus at the site of the old Highland Park Baptist Church.

And now, Redemption Point is preparing to gobble up much of the former Tennessee Temple University campus.

The $4-million dollar purchase of about a dozen buildings will help the church open a school of ministry – to train future missionaries.

GACC Fasts for 2011-Laings Come To Visit

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The Greater Atlanta Church of Christ humbled ourselves before God and came together for a three-week fast to start off the new year. See the video to see how God has already started answering prayers! For more information on joining our faith family, search for Greater Atlanta Church on Facebook or visit our website at www.TheGACC.org.

A Fight Breaks Out After A Mega Church Pastor Asked For $1000 Offerings

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An uproar breaks out during a church service after the pastor asked for $1000 offerings from his members. The pastor owns a Rolls Royce and a mansion and some of his members aren’t going to have it anymore.

Saint Marys Pa Airport Drags 6/17/18

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Lots of fun at the saint marys airport drag races. All kinds of vehicles from stock cars to custom built race cars.