North Carolina Hall Of Fame Inductee – Shirley Caesar

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Shirley Caesar is a 2010 North Carolina Music Hall of Fame Inductee. This is a video bio of our inductee that was played during their induction ceremony.

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Take 6 Gospel Music Association Hall of Fame Induction 2014

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Nashville, TN April 29, 2014 in the Allen Arena at Lipscomb University

Take 6 is an American a cappella gospel music sextet formed in 1980 on the campus of Oakwood College in Huntsville, Alabama. Their eponymous debut album, released in 1988, won them two Grammy Awards and resulted in top ten appearances on both the Billboard Contemporary Jazz and Contemporary Christian Charts. The groups contemporary style, integrates R&B and jazz influences into their devotional songs, with a swinging, harmony-rich sound.

In 2008, Take 6 released The Standard, which was a first time voyage for the group into a more traditional Jazz repertoire. The Standard, a critically hailed success, garnered three more Grammy nominations providing them the distinct honor of being the most Grammy nominated vocal group in history.

Take 6 released 18 albums and earned a total of 12 Grammy Awards and 5 Dove Awards, and a Soul Train award. They were named Vocal Group of the Year by Black Radio Exclusive as well as Best Jazz Vocal group for 4 consecutive years in a Downbeat Readers Poll. Truly their heart for the gospel and extraordinary talent caused the message of hope to be heard by jazz and pop listeners alike. (VIA:

1988 Pistol Pete Maravich Last Basketball Shot ~ LSU Tigers – NBA – Hall of Fame

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This video segment is about the death of basketball legend Pistol Pete Maravich. On January 5, 1988, Pete Maravich collapsed and died at age 40 of heart failure while playing in a pickup basketball game in the gym at a church in Pasadena, California, with a group that included James Dobson of Focus on the Family fame. Maravich had flown out from his home in Louisiana to tape a segment for Dobson’s radio show that aired later that day. Dobson has said that Maravich’s last words, less than a minute before he died, were “I feel great.” An autopsy revealed the cause of death to be a rare congenital defect; he had been born with a missing left coronary artery, a vessel which supplies blood to the muscle fibers of the heart. His right coronary artery was grossly enlarged and had been compensating for the defect.

Maravich is buried at Resthaven Gardens of Memory and Mausoleum in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Mormon Stories #632: Tyler Glenn of Neon Trees Pt. 2 — Struggling with Fame and Authenticity

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Tyler Glenn is best known as the lead singer of the multi-platinum alternative pop band Neon Trees.

Tyler was raised LDS/Mormon in Temecula, California. After discovering a love for music in high school and serving an LDS mission, Tyler moved to Provo, UT with his buddy Chris to form Neon Trees (named after the trees on the In and Out signs). Neon Trees signed with Mercury Records in 2009 and went on to release three successful alternative pop albums: Habits (2010), Picture Show (2012), and Pop Psychology (2014).

Tyler knew he was gay as a child, but struggled as a teen and adult to reconcile his sexuality with his LDS faith. These struggles took Tyler to some sad/dark places, which were only exacerbated by his fame as a pop star. At age 27 (around the release of Picture Show), Tyler seriously contemplated ending his life.

In spite of these struggles, Tyler remained a full and literal believer in the LDS Church. In 2014 Tyler decided that being a closeted gay man was contributing to his suicidality. Consequently he came out as gay to his family, band, friends — and to the world in Rolling Stone magazine — prior to the release of Pop Psychology. From this point forward it was Tyler’s full intent to find and marry a gay man, and to raise children in the LDS church as a gay married Mormon.

Then, in November of 2015, the LDS church released its new policy branding same-sex married Mormons as immediate apostates, and prohibiting children of same-sex married couples from being baptized. This policy change sent Tyler into a tailspin, ultimately shattering his plans as a believing, gay Mormon.

In this three part interview, we explore:

Part 1: Tyler’s early years as a young Mormon struggling with his sexuality.
Part 2: Tyler’s ascent (along with Neon Trees) into stardom…and the sadness/despair that followed.
Part 3: Tyler’s faith crisis instigated by the LDS policy change, along with his current beliefs/views regarding the LDS Church.

2013 National AAA Football Hall of Fame Induction Banquet

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January 8th, 2014 – Palm Springs, California

One of the greatest moments of my life. My induction and 3 minute speech is approximately at the 1 hour 4 minute mark on the video.

2013 AAA National Football Hall Of Fame Induction Enshrinement Speech

I want to start by saying that I am sincerely thankful for being one of the 25 selected football players for this special honor tonight.

It is not me, but the work of my incredible coaches & teammates that has brought me to this place. I humbly accept this award on behalf of all the men who have played the great game of football in the great State of Mississippi and the USA.

Our goals are the same as yours. To work hard every day to become the best football player we can be,…..but most importantly become a better person in life because of the game we all love so much.

All people need heroes that they can look up to. The Emmitt Smith’s, Troy Aikman’s, Walter Payton’s, Bear Bryant’s, and Tom Landry’s, as well as many other NFL players and coaches were our hero’s. We as players admire the athletic skills and attributes they have exhibited both on and off the field. Their kindness and humbleness towards others was their greatest strength, and their toughness on the field was second to none.

We as players from Mississippi have great respect for our parents who worked for minimum wage and never totaled close to a million dollars in a lifetime,……..much less than a million dollars a season. As their hands wither as time goes on we realize more that they did it all for their children. They taught us respect for the elderly, our country, church, discipline, hard work, and so many other things in the south that our culture is known for that we are blessed to have.

In closing, I want to very humbly say “Thank You” for this induction. I accept this very special award on behalf of all my coaches and teammates in Mississippi that I have had the pleasure of playing football under and with.

“The championships, the money, the color, all of these things linger only in the memory. It is the spirit, the bonds, the blood and sweat, along with the will to win; these are the things that endure”

— Vince Lombardi

Dorothy Dandridge-Fame (Theme from Fame)

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Dorothy Jean Dandridge was born on November 9, 1922 in Cleveland, Ohio, to Ruby Dandridge (née Ruby Jean Butler), an entertainer, and Cyril H. Dandridge, a cabinet maker and minister. Under the prodding of her mother, Dorothy and her sister Vivian Dandridge began performing publicly, usually in black Baptist churches throughout the country. Her mother would often join her daughters on stage. As the depression worsened, Dorothy and her family picked up and moved to Los Angeles where they had hopes of finding better work, perhaps in film. Her first film was in the Marx Brothers comedy, A Day at the Races (1937). It was only a bit part but Dorothy had hopes that it would blossom into something better. But because she was a black woman in a very prejudiced society, she didn’t land the roles that were readily available to her white counterparts. She did not appear in another film until 1940 in Four Shall Die (1940). The role was nothing great other than to establish the fact that she was very beautiful and talented. Her next few roles in the early forties included films such as Bahama Passage (1941), Drums of the Congo (1942) and Hit Parade of 1943 (1943). There were others in between, of course, but they were the usual black stereotypical films for women such as Dorothy. Not only was she a talented actress but she could also sing which was evident in films such as Atlantic City (1944) and Pillow to Post (1945). This helped to showcase her talents as a singer and brought her headline acts in the nation’s finest hotel nightclubs in New York, Miami, Chicago and Las Vegas. She may have been allowed to sing in these fine hotels but, because of racism, she couldn’t stay there. It was reported that one hotel drained its swimming pool to keep her from enjoying that little amenity. In 1954, Dorothy appeared in the all-black production of Carmen Jones (1954) in the title role. She was so superb in that picture that she garnered an Academy Award nomination but lost out to Grace Kelly in The Country Girl (1954). Despite the nomination for her performance, Dorothy did not get another movie until she appeared in Tamango (1958), which was an Italian film. She was to make six more motion pictures, of which Island in the Sun (1957) and Porgy and Bess (1959) were worthy of mention. Once again, she was a standout. The last movie she would ever play would be in 1961’s The Murder Men (1961). Dorothy faded quickly after that with a poor second marriage to Jack Denison (her first was to Harold Nicholas), poor investments, other financial woes, and a problem with alcohol. She was found dead in her West Hollywood apartment on September 8, 1965, the victim of a barbiturate poisoning. She was only 42. Had she been born 20 years later, Dorothy Dandridge would no doubt be one of the most well-known actresses in film history.

U.G.K. Hall of Fame Induction: Interviews with Bun B and Chad Butler Jr.

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The Museum of the Gulf Coast honored The Underground Kingz with a permanent exhibit on December 2nd 2012. This day was pronounced “UGK Day” by Port Arthur Mayor Delores Prince as the internationally acclaimed rap duo was inducted into the hall of fame.

Thoughts on humanity, fame and love | Shah Rukh Khan

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“I sell dreams, and I peddle love to millions of people,” says Shah Rukh Khan, Bollywood’s biggest star. In this charming, funny talk, Khan traces the arc of his life, showcases a few of his famous dance moves and shares hard-earned wisdom from a life spent in the spotlight.

(Full English and Hindi subtitles are available for this talk. Click the “CC” button in the bottom right corner of your screen to turn subtitles on.)

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Church in the Valley

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Church in the Valley · Wally Fowler · The Oak Ridge Boys Quartet

Gospel Music Hall of Fame Series – Wally Fowler and The Oak Ridge Boys Quartet – 47 Songs of Faith

℗ 2009 Songs Of Faith

Released on: 2009-06-30

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T.I. Is Helping Houston’s Understand Black Culture After Ending Boycott | TMZ

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T.I. isn’t just lifting the boycott on Houston’s Restaurant, he’s going to help the company with diversity training to ensure African-American customers never face racism there again.


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