The Holy Trinity Charleston SC 3rd Annual Greek Fall Festival Hellenic Dance Troupe Oct 2015

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The Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church Charleston SC 3rd Greek Fall Festival Hellenic Dance Troupe Oct 2015

A Day In My Life: Fall Edition 2015 | Monica Church

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Here is A day in my life for fall 2015
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Hey! It’s Awesome Stuff Week on YouTube, a five-day celebration of awesome stuff with reviews, rants, randomness and more from me and many more of your favorite YouTubers. So check out awesome products, fashion, accessories and more—the stuff that we can’t live without—in this video, and at the main playlist at
Today is Inspiration Thursday, I was inspired by going to New York to wear a grey fedora from Forever 21.

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Todays video is a day in my life: fall edition 2015! This particular day in my life was super crazy and fun. I traveled to New York and was on Good Morning America!
Hey I am Monica Church a 19 year old girl who loves makeup, fashion, beauty, and film! Put those all together and you have “hairodynamic”. On this channel I create hauls, tutorials, lookbooks, outfit ideas, back to school, and DIY videos- check them out!

Gorgeous Fall Wedding at St. Helena Catholic Church and Varozza Vineyards – Brian and Jenna

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Brian and Jenna got married in St Helena Catholic Church – a church that both Jenna’s parents and grandparents got married at a decades before. Brian and Jenna even drove the same vintage Ford that Jenna’s parents drove after their #wedding to their reception. How amazing and sentimental is that?

As Jenna’s dad put it in his speech, Jenna has dreamt of this day since she was little, now here dream has come true.

Their Napa Valley reception took pace at the Varozza Vineyards, a beautiful St. Helena wedding venue located north of Napa. The view from our DJI drone captured this Varozza Vineyard wedding and it looks perfect from the sky, especially during the sunset hour in the late fall month of October. The reception was decorated beautifully and was a perfect setting for a fall wedding in Napa Valley.

But most importantly, the couple was simply amazing, sweet and romantic. We agree with Jenna’s Dad “I know that you and Brian are up for all the challenges and happinesses that the future brings to you.”

Enjoy this Short Film from Brian and Jenna’s wedding, a Varozza Vineyards Wedding.

// Lovely Wedding Vendors //
Wedding Cinematography: Aperina Studios
Wedding Planner: L’avventure Events
Reception Wedding Venue: Varozza Winery
Catering: Sorensen Catering
Photographer: Matt Jason
Rentals: Encore Events Rentals
DJ: Runaway DJ
Florist: Pryor Elliott
Wedding Cake: Martha Medrano
Desserts: Elle Rose Desserts

// Gear Used //
Canon 5D MK IV (x2)
Canon 5D MK III (x2)
Canon L series Lenses (Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8 IS II, Canon EF 50mm f/1.2, Canon EF 24mm f/1.4L II, Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II)
DJI Phantom 4 Pro 4k
ProAm USA Crane (Jib)

Award-winning Wedding Cinematography:

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CHA CHA SLIDE- Fall Family Festival Lincoln Ave Church Orange Ca 92805 92806 92807 92808

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FF2 Fun at the fall family festival

Artist: Dj Casper
Title: Cha Cha Slide

[Mr.C Talks]

To the left, take it back now yall
1 hop this time, right foot lets stomp
Left foot lets stomp, Cha Cha real smooth

Turn it down, to the left
Take it back now yall
1 hop this time, right foot lets stomp
Left foot lets stomp, Cha Cha now yall

Now its time to get funky
To the right now, to the left
Take it back now yall
1 hop this time, 1 hop this time
Right foot 2 stomps, left foot 2 stomps
Slide to the left, slide to the right
Criscross, criscross
Cha Cha real smooth

Lets go to work
To the left, take it back now yall
2 hops this time, 2 hops this time
Right foot 2 stomps, left foot 2 stomps
Hands on your knees, hands on your knees
Get funky with it, aahhhhhhhhhh yaaaa
Come on, Cha Cha now yall

Turn it down, to the left
Take it back now yall
5 hops this time
Right foot lets stomp, left foot lets stomp
Right foot again, left foot again
Right foot lets stomp, left foot lets stomp

Freeze, Everybody Clap yo hands
Come on yall, check it out
How low can you go?
Can you go down low?
All the way to da floor?
How low can you go?
Can you bring it to the top?
Like it never never stop?
Can you bring it to the top?
1 hop, right foot now
Left foot now yall
Cha Cha real smooth

Turn it down, to the left
Take it back now yall
1 hop this time,1 hop this time
Reverse, Reverse
Slide to the left, slide to the right
Reverse Reverse, reverse reverse
Cha Cha now yall
Cha Cha again
Cha Cha now yall
Cha Cha again
Turn it down

To the left, that it back now yall
2 hops 2 hops, 2 hops 2 hops
Right foot lets stomp, left foot lets stomp
Charlie Brown, hop it out now
Slide to the right, slide to the left
Take it back now yall
Cha Cha now yall

Turn it down
To the left, take it back now yall
3 hops this time
Right foot now, left foot now yall
Cha Cha it out
Turn it down

To the right, to the right yall
To the left, take it back now yall
4 hops this time
Right foot now now yall, left foot now yall
Cha Cha now yall
Cha Cha again, Cha Cha again

Turn it down
Take it back now yall
Right foot lets stomp, left foot lets stomp
6 hops this time
Right foot lets stomp, left foot lets stomp
Right foot 2 stomps, Left foot 2 stomps
Criscross, Criscross
Slide to the left, Slide to the right
Let me hear you clap yo hands
Cha Cha now, Cha Cha again

Turn it down
To the left, take it back now yall
2 hops 2 hops, 2 hops 2 hops
Right foot 2 stomps, left foot 2 stomps
Hands on your knees, hands on your knees
Aahhhh yaaaa, get funky with it
Get down now yall,
Come on, come on
Cha Cha now yall
Lets go to work

With our partner

New Alternatives, incorporated (NAI) is a private, nonprofit California corporation that was founded in San Diego, California in 1978. The mission of new Alternatives is to provide culturally competent and family focused services to child victims of abuse, neglect and abandonment. The population served by this agency are some of San Diego and Orange Counties” most vulnerable children. These victims frequently suffer from a variety of emotional and psychological disorders due to family histories of child abuse, substance abuse, family violence and mental illness. With treatment, many of these children will be able to break generational cycles of child abuse, substance abuse, family violence, homelessness and poverty.

Since it’s inception in 1978, NAI has developed an array of services designed to stop this generational cycle of abuse. The core of this system of care is a variety of residential treatment settings that range in size from 6-48 beds. Each of these programs has been developed in response to a community need for specialized services for at risk children and adolescents. Each is therefore unique in it’s services to children and their families. However, all NAI programs provide their services within the Agency philosophy that “children have a right to grow and develop as happy, successful and contributing individuals.” Each program is dedicated to achieving this goal for every child. In addition to this core of residential treatment programs, NAI has developed a continuum of care that includes in-home prevention services, mental health programs, school-based services, a wide variety of residential programs, and foster care.

Foster Care: NAI’s Foster Family Agency (FFA) provides foster care for difficult to place children and adolescents.

Detroit: ECONOMIC RISE, FALL & REBIRTH, The Gilded Age – Part 1

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For Urban Economics and Real Estate
During Detroit’s Gilded Age of the late 19th Century, one of city’s “Gold Coast” neighborhoods developed a mile north of the Central Business District along the east side of Woodward Avenue in the area known as Brush Park. South of Wayne State University and the Detroit Medical Center

For more information, contact Dr. John F Sase at or

Fall – Indominant Obsession (Lyric Video)

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FALL (1996 – 2000) Unleashes Violent & Morbid Blackened Thrash Metal in “Indominant Obsession” which features a spoken word by PAULA BLADE (LOCHINVAR – Lawton, OK ~ R.I.P.)! This song was written about demonic possession and takes heavy influences from POSSESSED, KREATOR, DESTRUCTION, MAYHEM & SEPULTURA! A videographic monument to FALL’s Satanic Thrash Metal feat.

Fall is:
Todd Fraser – Drums
Barry Sullivan – Bass/ Vocals
Michael Narcomey (of Astraea Invade) – Guitar/ Vocals (lead on this track)


A horrible Rage consumes me
Blinded by Visions of Hell
Tempted by the Flesh, Tempted by the Blood
I am as God I waste

This violent sickness beckons for me
To heed Their abyssic Whispers
Beyond Black Infernal Gates my Lost Soul
Is parched with bestial Hunger

Hellish Desires
Violence unleashed
Demons scream forth
You Can’t Stop The Will Of Hell


Longing for Ancient Times
Before There was such as I
Longing for Primordial Chaos
For This Those such as I must die



Ascending Ancient ruins of Fallen Dominions
Beyond the Frozen Gates
At One with my God
I am Reborn

They see You (We see You)
They see You (I see You)
A Vast Unknowingness opens before me
Peculiar Incense of Thoughts and Time assail my wanting aching senses
Drunk with Awareness that is blinding with its Truth
So much unknown, So much so Old, So much left In
I’m losing Me
I Will Open The Gates To Hell One Day

I am as tool of His Majesty
Controlled by Their Obscene Thoughts
I am as a tool of Devastation
Obsessed by Their Impure Thoughts

Cannot be driven Out
Cannot be Overcome
Cannot be Taken Down
I am Reborn to the Black

Bestial Desires


Rest In Peace & God Keep Thee For All Time PAULA BLADE.

Please check out these pages & thank you kindly!

30 Inches of Rain! Record Flooding in Louisiana & Mississippi with More to Fall

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We’ve had over 30 inches of rain fall in 3 days in some parts of Louisiana & over 7000 rescues as A state of Emergency has been declared in 2 states: Louisiana & Mississippi – And this storm is only half the way to being done. It’s going to move west, then north, then east.

Strange days indeed.

God bless everyone,


@newTHOR on twitter

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards said on Sunday that more than 7,000 people had been rescued by all participating agencies and volunteers since the flooding outbreak began.

“This is a serious event,” Edwards said. “It is ongoing. It is not over.”

The Associated Press reported Sunday that as many as 5,000 people were in shelters as a result of the widespread flooding.

The downpours have sent at least six river gauges to record levels in Louisiana. This includes the Amite River, which exceeded its previous record by over six feet in Magnolia, and by over four feet in Denham Springs.

Here’s the latest on this flooding event.

Rescue Efforts In Full Force

Mike Steele, communications director for the Louisiana Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, told on Sunday that there was a huge spike in flood rescues overnight, mostly in the eastern half of Baton Rouge into Denham Springs.

“It’s kind of an all hands on deck,” he said in a phone interview. “We still have a situation where motorists are stranded on I-12, and it remains closed between here and St. Tammany Parish, so the whole interstate system from Baton Rouge to that location is still closed.”

Steele said the Louisiana State Police are n the process of airlifting supplies to those stranded along the interstate.

State police posted on Facebook that hundreds of cars were stranded on “islands” along the interstate in eastern Livingston Parish. Steele said some flooded spots were too deep for high water vehicles to traverse, while other spots littered with cars made it dangerous to attempt a helicopter landing.

Steele said more than 1,000 have been flooded in Baton Rouge, and that number that is expected to climb. In Livingston, more than 1,000 homes have been flooding, along with 200 in St. Helena Parish, and 500 or more in Tangipahoa Parish. Apart from residential damage, Steele said they are also monitoring nursing homes and hospitals in the area that could be impacted by rising water.

Steele said the Louisiana Air National Guard (LANG) has about 200 full-time employees working, plus about 750 guardsmen that have been deployed, a number that could climb to 1,000 soon. Additionally, he said 160 high water vehicles were in use as of last night, along with 35 watercraft, which brought the LANG rescue total to more than 3,500 people and 166 pets as of Sunday morning.

As more rain fell and floodwaters rose last night in the Baton Rouge area, Steele said buses were used to move people out of their communities. Steele then said as the water rapidly swelled, rescue efforts had to speed up with it.

“The water came up really fast overnight and we have more rain coming in now,” he said. “It got so bad, I could hear concern on the scanners saying we needed to move the buses out of there fast.”

Rescue efforts will persist into Sunday, but Steele pointed out that motorists need to be aware of the current conditions and avoid site-seeing amid storm damage to avoid putting a further strain on state resources.

Flooding triggered by the heavy rainfall
On Friday, 68-year-old William Mayfield drowned trying to escape floodwaters near Zachary, Louisiana, as heavy rains piled up water in the northeastern regions of the state, NBC News reported.

“We were in the trailer just watching TV and then the water just started coming up,” Vernon Drummond, Mayfield’s roommate, told the station. “We were walking out and he slipped and fell. He went under the water. We tried to save him, but we couldn’t.”

Rescue crews in Zachary recovered Mayfield’s body Friday morning, according to WAFB. Drummond says Mayfield is originally from Los Angeles and does not have any family in the area.

Four counties in Mississippi have been placed under a state of emergency, according to a release from the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency.

“I want to make sure all Mississippians that were forced out of their homes by this flooding are taken care of,” said Bryant in the release. “This state of emergency will ensure state resources are available to all local governments that need help.”

According to Wilkinson County Chancery Clerk Thomas Tolliver Jr., residents left their homes Friday as the town was inundated by floodwaters. Some people were able to leave on their own, but others had to be rescued. Most were sent to shelters in Natchez.

Tolliver said most of the buildings in Crosby sustained water damage.