David McClintock, Christian piano soloist at Faith Baptist, Knightdale, NC

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David McClintock shares his testimony and his amazing skills on the piano in an hour long program at Faith Baptist Church, Knightdale, North Carolina, Sunday evening July 28, 2013.

“Worship The Lord” – Faith Temple Church of God in Christ

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Faith Temple COGIC, San Francisco, Ca. Choir came singing “Worship The Lord”

“The Power of a Witness”

Revival Fellowship Holy District Convocation
Sr. Administrative Assistant Samuel Bobo, Sr. – Superintendent
Evangelist Lena M. Willis – District Missionary

August 4-9 2013
Queen Memorial Church of God in Christ
1324 East 24th Street, Oakland, Ca

• Sunday – Musical
• Tuesday – Pastor Harold G. Dacus, Jr. – Pentecostal House of Truth COGIC
• Wednesday – Pastor Pastor Billy G. Dixon, Jr. – At Thy Word Ministries COGIC
• Thursday – Asst. Supt. Pastor Elmer C. Randolph – Zion’s Tabernacle COGIC
• Friday – Sr. Admin. Asst. Pastor Samuel Bobo, Sr. – Queen Memorial COGIC

Chandler Video Production
Gary L. Chandler, Sr. – Videographer
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There is a heaven and there is a hell. We need to GO!
We must be about our Father’s business.

We can’t hesitate or procrastinate. We can’t get too busy or distracted. Jesus is waiting for us, people need us and time is short. It’s time to go and share our faith.

Ryan is King of the Town – a Look at Traverse City’s Faith Community Ending Homelessness.

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As Invisible People travels amplifying the voice of people experiencing homelessness to educate and inspire, there are so many other important stories of homeless people and service providers not being told. Part of the transition to a new Invisible People is I want to create more educational content. I am trying to figure out a way to bring you all along with me to experience those stories. Because it’s just me and I can only use the resources I have now, I am trying to use a vlog format. This video is the second episode that will be an ongoing behind the scenes look at my work and adventures! Here is a link to the first episode:

Creating more educational content and figuring out some way to bring you all along with me is the reason I started a Patreon page [ I have never been able to give 100% of my time to help Invisible People reach it’s potential in ending homelessness, but once we succeed in achieving a few goals my hope and prayer is that I will be able to do this full time! Who knows, maybe even hire production crews to help capture more stories and make better videos.

When I started the day with Ryan driving around Traverse City meeting homeless people, I did not know what to expect. I just hit the record button on the camera along the way. I also didn’t plan on making such a long video. There is so much information that came up about homelessness and housing homeless people I felt it was important to include.

The biggest highlight of the day and this video is how the faith-based community in Traverse City has stepped up to provide services to homeless people.

We visited a church that provides a morning meal and showers. Then we visited a church-run day center that is probably the nicest rural day center I have ever visited. They even provide a storage solution, which is so important to homeless people yet offering storage is rare in secular homeless services!

Ryan takes me to visit a homeless woman newly placed in housing! She was sleeping outside for 38 years! It’s a powerful segment. Antoinette shares candidly about after spending so much time homeless that now being indoors makes her uncomfortable. Her story highlights the importance housing and that we much never give up on people!

We then meet a group of homeless people in the local library. Ryan does an intake with a homeless woman who fell and broke her back. Whitey helps a homeless man with her phone take an employment test online to hopefully get a job. It’s a powerful digital inclusion story! Everything these days is online yet homeless people or people in poverty do not have access to the internet.

We end the day touring the new shelter being built by 24 area churches. The church used to host homeless people in a rotating shelter model. That’s where people experiencing homelessness have to travel between the churches. It is so amazing seeing churches collaborate to build a facility so now the churches will rotate and the homeless people will always go to one place!

Because of automation, we will soon see massive layoffs. Homeless service budgets will continue to shrink because there will be less funding! The only way we will end homelessness or even see a significant reduction is through the faith-based community working with each other and their community to provide real solutions to homeless people. My visit to Traverse City left me inspired that churches can and will work together to end homelessness.

If you work or volunteer in homeless services or a faith-based ministry, I hope you’ll watch this entire video and share it with your network. More people need to hear this message of dignity, love collaboration, housing, and providing real tangible solutions to people experiencing homelessness.

Special thanks to:

Ryan Hannon and Goodwill Northern Michigan’s Street Outreach

Central United Methodist Church Outreach

Jubilee House

Safe Harbor of Grand Traverse, Inc


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Authority, Faith & Grace: Power to Change Nations

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Sunday Apr 23, 2017– What’s happening in the spiritual realm today? Is the hand of the Lord still on President Trump? Why is he “rocking the boat” with North Korea and Iran? What is Jesus doing right now in His body on Earth? Pastor Mike Thompson of Las Vegas, Nevada, gives insight into these questions, plus revelation concerning spiritual warfare and how to counteract the strategies of demonic spirits.


One year ago – April 2016 – God gave Mike the “Donald Trump assignment.” An angel was sent with specific prayer strategies.
Mike was reluctant at first, until the Lord assured him…
Several more visions ensued. See Mike’s first clip about it…

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Jesus is Lord, and
God Loves You To The Core.

The Easter Credo: A Solution to the Crisis of Faith, Fr. Michael Rodriguez 4-7-13

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+J.M.J.+ Fr. Michael Rodriguez’s excellent Sermon on Sunday, April 7th, 2013, Low Sunday, Octave of Easter. In this sermon, he focused on the importance of Faith. At the center of the Christian Faith are two five letter words: IESUS and MARIA
Second only to these, is another five letter word that is all important when it comes to our Christian Religion. Without it, there is no salvation – CREDO (I believe). He goes on to explain the very great importance of Faith, using “proofs” from the Church’s Rite of Baptism. He then correlated FAITH to all the scriptural passages proclaimed to us by Holy Mother Church during the Easter Octave.
He provided a three tier and hierarchical definition of “Faith” and then gave three ways we can practically live and grow in our Faith – each one corresponding to one of the tiers of the definition. The ending is very strong. This sermon should be spread far and wide so many others can listen to it.
A very sad and disturbing piece from Michael Voris came out on the Vortex. Two ~ten year old altar servers were DENIED Holy Communion by their parish priest for having KNELT down to receive Our Lord. They were persecuted for wanting to show Our Lord proper reverence! To make matters worse, upon arriving home, the family had an email from the priest informing them that their sons were no longer permitted to serve Mass! Mr. Voris then contrasts this with the fact that ‘catholic’ politicians who publicly support abortion and other things completely contrary to the infallible moral teaching of the Church are being given Holy Communion by the country’s highest ranking prelates (cardinals and bishops). And this despite the fact that Canon Law forbids them receiving Holy Communion, and insists that priests and bishops must deny Holy Communion in those cases. The Church has been clear on this teaching, and it has recently been reemphasized by both Cardinal Burke and Pope Benedict. This truly is a disgrace! Yet it is very indicative of the state of the Church today. Fr. Rodríguez made reference to this abuse as well in his sermon.
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Ex Bishop David Abioye’s driver quits Living Faith Church, converts to Islam | Legit TV

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A former driver to renowned Living Faith Church Bishop, David Abioye has converted from Christianity to Islam at Games Village, Abuja. He has adopted a new name, Ismail Haruna. Ismail formerly known as Nicholas Martins said he is happier as a Muslim than he was as a Christian.

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Christ Church Apostolic “Pentecost Sunday Christ Temple Apostolic Faith Assembly”

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Pentecost Sunday Service Sunday May 19, 2013, featuring Christ Church Cathedral Choir. Suff Bishop Shawn Tyson.

Lot of shaking going on, not me, but the balcony was rocking… I mean rocking.


Love & Faith Church Choir Video Single: MOST HERE

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To promote the forthcoming album of our church choir we will be releasing Video Singles to set the stage for the CD release. Look out for the “Church Choirs Rock” tour coming to a city near you in the 2nd half of 2013! www.thelfcc.org
Song: Most Here written by Bishop Brian Moore