EXPOSED | First Congregational Church Waukesha WI

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Homosexual approving church gets rebuked by brother Jason Murphy. Homosexuals won’t go to Heaven! 1 Corinthians 6:9-10

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“Deception In The Church” Watch here:

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Pastor Darrell Scott Exposed, Sued And Evicted

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Tithes and offerings must really be down
for this pastor.

So you all remember Pastor Darrel Scott?

He is the African American pastor
who rose to fame by cooning during the Trump campaign when
he hosted a town hall meeting at his church
New Spirit Revival Center in Cleveland Heights,
Ohio in September 2016.

In February you all remember he claimed
that gang leaders in Chicago reached out to
him in order to set up a meeting with President
Trump. That was a lie. He claimed he misspoke
due to a lack of sleep. LOL

It turns out that Pastor Scott owes his
landlord $563,000 in unpaid rent and fees or
1.7 million to buy the home outright. This
was the agreement Pastor Scott and his
wife made with Munna Argarwal.

So after they defaulted on their payments
they moved out after threats of eviction.

Now they are being sued.

The Argarwal stated that Pastor Scott sent
him a text claiming numbers are way down,
that he drives a 9 year old car and doesn’t
live lavishly.

Pastor Scott calls the lawsuit fake but I guess
we ill see in May because that is when the
pre-trial us set in Judge Janet Burnside’s

I wonder if Trump will ask the surgeon who
in now over Housing & Urban Development
Ben Carson to set the Scott’s up with section 8 voucher.

How are you taking in tithes and offering
but not paying your rent? This is why most
of these pastors are considered con-artist.

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Exposed Coast Kayak Training – Sitka, Alaska 2010

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Exposed Coast Kayak Expedition Training in Sitka, Alaska 2010 with George Gronseth, author of “Sea Kayaker, Deep Trouble”, and others from Kayak Academy. Watch and experience the same breathtaking views and exciting adventures as they kayak off the coast of Sitka, Alaska.

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Elmbrook Church Protects Sinners | Jason Webb Resign Controversy

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BROOKFIELD – A senior leader of Elmbrook Church, one of the largest churches in Wisconsin, has resigned “due to multiple marital infidelities” and to seek inpatient treatment for an unspecified addiction.

Jason Webb, senior church pastor for four years, announced his departure in a remorseful letter sent to the Elmbrook congregation Wednesday. Webb’s resignation was tendered last week, church officials said.

An interim senior pastor to replace Webb is expected to be chosen as soon as mid-next week by Elmbrook’s council of elders, said Mark Heckman, the church’s executive director of support services.

When asked how the loss of Webb is affecting Elmbrook, Heckman said, “We are experiencing a range of emotions from disbelief to anger to fear and everything in between.

“This is an undeniably hard place, and it is an opportunity for deep spiritual growth. We are also concerned for the Webb family and trying to provide adequate care for them.”

Webb was brought into Elmbrook from its sister place of worship in Mukwonago — Brooklife Church.

Elmbrook draws thousands of attendees to its weekly services. In addition to its flagship Brookfield campus, Elmbrook in 2016 opened a satellite location in Delafield after merging with Westbrook Church.

The letter
Webb’s letter said:

“It is with deep remorse that I write you this letter. As you are aware, over the last two years I have been on a journey towards emotional, spiritual and relational health.

“While I have been open with you about much of the journey, there is one part that I have kept hidden. I have also been struggling with a serious addiction, which has led to many betrayals, including unfaithfulness to my wife, Heather.

“Words cannot fully describe how sorry I am for my sin. The gravity of all of this is not lost on me. I have lied to Heather, my counselor, the men in my life, the elders, the staff and the church.

“I am so very sorry. As I come to terms with this, I must take two difficult steps for myself, my wife and my children.

“First, I will immediately seek intensive inpatient treatment for addiction over the next six weeks. Second, I am offering my resignation as senior pastor of Elmbrook Church.

“Elmbrook will always be dear to me. I will continue to count it one of the greatest honors of my life to have served under the Elmbrook umbrella in various capacities for the last seventeen years, and as senior pastor these last four years.”

New Mexico: 2 Churches Evacuated After Police Say A Bomb Exploded, No One Hurt

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Las Cruces Police Reported that there was an explosion and had evacuated 2 different churches. There are very few details at the moment. I will update as i get more.

Mormonism Exposed by Street Preacher at Salt Lake City Tabernacle | Part One

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Mormonism Exposed by Street Preacher Jesse Morrell of at the Salt Lake City Tabernacle | Part One…. The Morrell Family is a Missionary Family that is supported by the body of Christ. They bring the gospel to the lost full time through open air ministry. To find out how you can help support the Morrell’s, visit their website at


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EXPOSED: Witchcraft In The Church!!!

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Disguised in modern-day clothing, a Nigerian witch-doctor sneaked into church one Sunday – his first ever time to enter a ‘house of God’.

To his utmost amazement, a pinpoint prophecy from T.B. Joshua revealed his presence. After encountering the reality of God’s power, the one-time spiritualist and servant of a deity ‘Sango’ renounced his ties with darkness and devilry, declaring his decision to accept Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour.

Here is his story…

Greensboro North Carolina Church Cult Exposed! – The LanceScurv Show

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– For many who have followed my expressions here on LanceScurv, most would agree that I somewhat have a Love/Hate relationship with the Black American Church.

My strong feelings about the institution of church on both ends of the spectrum is not an example of someone who can’t make up their confused mind about a staple in the Black community, but one of extreme disappointment.

It’s rather a dual stance on something that oftentimes parades itself as a righteous entity on the surface while being something so totally different when looking past the paper thin euphoric facade of a morally upright hierarchy.

You see, I know what the Black Church has been to the Black community when times where truly deadly and this latest manifestation lacks all of the edifying attributes that the church used to possess which made it the constant bedrock to our community that it was.

Here you will hear of one man’s almost ten year ordeal with the church as it took control of his wife, emasculated and castrated him as a man and ultimately degraded his marriage into a thing of control in which he had none.

This is a true story of demonic possession, witchcraft, financial control and a carnal minded congregation who is hellbent on sucking all of his resources down as though it belong to the church in the first place.

On this dialogue our guest names the NAMES of the individuals involved as well as calling out the churches who have taken a twisted delight through its members to bring this man’s home to its final resting place.

Be warned this intense conversation is very long and may have to be digested in several increments, please feel free to share your thoughts on this dialogue in the comment area below and be empowered to duplicate our Brother’s boldness in coming out with the truth!

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True Vine Gospel Church in Palmdale Ca, Pastor Al January Exposed

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Pastor Al January Exposed at True Vine Gospel Church 859 E. Ave Q
Palmdale CA. 93591

Greensboro North Carolina Church Whores Exposed! – The LanceScurv Show

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Once again our fearless Brother Drake shares his experiences in a decadent Greensboro North Carolina Church and gives us updates on the misdeeds of the congregation without pulling any punches!

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Please watch: “Jennifer Holliday: Is She Wrong To Perform At Donald Trump’s Inauguration? – The LanceScurv Show”