Exploring ABANDONED Hospital! *GRAPHIC CONTENT!!!*

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I visited Reid hospital about a year ago when I found all this blood, looks as if someone or multiple people were brutally killed in the spot. The blood looks real to me, what are your guys thoughts on it?

►Please know, when visiting these locations I do not steal or vandalize. The only thing I take are photos and I only leave footprints.


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“Sneaking Inside an Abandoned Nuclear Plant!”
“Exploring an ABANDONED HOSPITAL!! (Murder Scene Found!?)”
“Abandoned – Nickelodeon Studios”
“Abandoned – Target Canada”

Urbex: Exploring Abandoned Century-Old Manor Tennessee

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Exploring a beautiful abandoned Century-Old Manor sitting on 5 acres in Tennessee. It was built in 1910 by R.A. Swaim Contractors, and renovated in 1983. That is likely when the newer siding was replaced. Several owners had passed through this lovely home throughout its years. The original owners were a very prominent family in the County. The couple passed away in 1939 and 1961. They had a son who passed away in 1999. This also seemed close to the last dates I found in here.

The latest sales transaction was in January of 2012 from a Property Holding Company that was owned by a Record Label in Tennessee. They purchased it as commercial property from a Professional Investor and Land Developer in late 2008. The Property Holding Company was terminated on February 28, 2013 as they were delinquent in paying their business registration fee. The assets appeared to have been transferred back to the owners of the Record Label Company, likely to maximize tax advantages. Since it has been owned by investors since 2008, I am assuming it has been abandoned as a home since at least that year, and more likely since 1999 before investors/developers took it over. It is currently off-market and being left to rot as nobody has been around there in awhile judging from the lack of yard maintenance and vehicular tracks onto the estate. Since the power has been cut and the yard was once for sale as commercial property, I wouldn’t be surprised if demolition is in the cards. Thanks for watching! 🙂

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Exploring a MASSIVE Abandoned Chicago Church

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Free4All Chicago Explores a MASSIVE abandoned church. This place was so cool. Pretty much everything left behind with some amazing architecture. The chandeliers hanging with the huge stained glass windows just added to the beauty of this place. Subscribe for more videos!

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A walk thru Goldfield Nv

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Early morning tour of Goldfield Nevada. Goldfield is a cool old town that still has some working mines and a lot of history. Below is some information from Wiki.

Goldfield is a community located in Esmeralda County Nevada with a population of around 270.
Goldfield was a boomtown in the first decade of the 20th century due to the discovery of gold between 1903 and 1940, Goldfield’s mines produced more than $86 million. Much of the town was destroyed by a fire in 1923, although several buildings survived and remain today, notably the Goldfield Hotel, the Consolidated Mines Building (the communications center of the town until 1963), and the schoolhouse. Gold exploration continues in and around the town today.
Gold was discovered at Goldfield in 1902, its year of inception. By 1904, the Goldfield district produced about 800 tons of ore, valued at $2,300,000, 30% of the state’s production that year. This remarkable production caused Goldfield to grow rapidly, and it soon became the largest town in the state with about 20,000 people.

Exploring Las Cruces – The Arch – Las Cruces Magazine

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The opening is known by several different names such as the Natural Arch, Needle’s Eye, Circle Rock, and Ring Rock―just to name a few. Here’s a rough outline of how to get there:

Go North on I25 and take exit 9 for NM-320, Doña Ana. Turn left onto NM-320 (Thorpe Rd). Continue to follow NM-320 (Thorpe Rd) until you can turn right onto Doña Ana Rd.
Continue on Doña Ana Rd and turn right on a dirt road that goes underneath the train track bridge, should be D62. Follow that under the tracks and it’ll turn into D053. From there if you look up towards the Doña Ana Mountains on one of the peaks to the left, you’ll see two very visible dirt trails that join together at the top, they almost make a circle. At the top of that dirt trail circle you can just barely make out the opening of this rock. From this point, you can take any number of trails to get there depending on your preference. Many are very, very steep though so proceed with caution.

As an aside, please respect the natural beauty by not littering and if so inclined, pick up any debris you find along the way to help preserve our area’s trails.

Exploring an Abandoned Chicago Church (Incredible Bando!)

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In this weeks exploration video FREE4ALL explores an abandoned Chicago church! This church has some amazing graffiti and is just an incredible church to be in! In this weeks video we continued to try out a new video format! We hope you like it!
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THIS IS EPISODE #2 OF Exploring with Michel!!!!

I do NOT vandalize or cause any trouble. I explore abandoned buildings/ forgotten places because thats what I love to do. I take pictures of the places I explore because I just simply love what they look like after being left to rot; especially the ones with amazing architecture. You can see them on my Instagram page and sometimes on my facebook 🙂


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Evading Construction Workers at an Abandoned Prison [PART 2] (Church, Gym, Infirmiry, etc)

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➜ I cant believe how well condition all of these buildings were in!
►Brief Summary of the Video: This is the Part 2 video of the Abandoned Fred C. Nelles Correctional Facility which is now DEMOLISHED. I end up getting into the church, gym, hospital, and auditorium as well as some other little rooms. This video has way more to see than the last video, but make sure you didnt miss part 1.


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Sneak Preview | Urban Exploring with Freaktography Abandoned Power Plant

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Urban Exploration: Urban Exploration:
Sneak Preview | Urban Exploring with Freaktography Abandoned Power Plant

This Abandoned New York Power plant was built in the late 1940’s when the during a time when the hunger for electricity was rapidly increasing. The original design consisted of two boilers providing steam to a single turbine unit.

A few short years later two additional boilers were added to power a second turbine giving the plant a total output of 70MW. In the late 1980’s there was talks of converting the plat from coal burning into garbage burning however with a 50 million dollar price tag, it didn’t make it passed the planning stage.

By 2000 area residents were complaining about the increasing emissions from the plant. The plant owners blamed the increased emissions on high levels of sulfur in the coal & a state inspector was sent out & determined that the emissions violated federal standards.

Today the plant sits slowly decaying without a shred of hope of ever being powered back up again.



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Abandoned Funeral Home


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Abandoned Nuclear Power Plant

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We explored a place we refer to as Government Spider. This is one of the most epic places we have ever explored. Visit our Facebook for more adventures, www.facebook.com/ChurchOfAtomUE

Also we really appreciate the love and support on this video, but please stop saying the location of this place. It is not open to the public, highly dangerous, and very very illegal to go to. We are not responsible for you or anyone else who goes there and gets hurt or in trouble.

ABANDONED Annie Lytle Elementary School | Jacksonville, FL

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Built in 1917, it was abandoned in the 60s when I95 was constructed, the highway being located just a stone’s throw away from it. The Annie Lytle Preservation Group has been cleaning out this abandoned school in Jacksonville for the past few years hoping one day that someone will purchase this building and save it. You can see how it used to look here:

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Epic Horse Riding Adventure –
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Exploring the Farms and Desert in Southern California

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Exploring the farms and desert in southern California! WIth our extra day in Los Angeles, we decided to head to Bakersfield and explore the farming in the area. We saw oranges, almonds, lettuce, cabbage, romaine, onion, carrots, grapes, potatoes, etc. It is unbelievably diverse in the San Joaquin area of the central Valley! After that we headed east to Lancaster and checked out the Kill Bill Church before heading to Santa Clarita for some dinner than on to LAX!

I am a 5th generation family farmer from West-Central Minnesota. The recent interest in food, combined with a large amount of ‘misinformation’ has driven me to start this channel. I hope to be someone people can relate to and trust when they question how their food is grown and raised. I also hope to become a ‘smarter’ farmer through my experiences with this channel. I strongly believe we must have an open mind and a willingness to learn about others, or we cannot move forward as one. My goal is to build the connection between farmers and consumers by facilitating a collaborative conversation amongst everyone. I do this by sharing my day-to-day farming experiences, my opinions on certain topics, and occasionally visiting other farms and businesses to help better understand other farming and business practices. There is no limit to where this channel may go, so please join me!!

“peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.”
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Nancy Today: To Nashville Tennessee Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints ASMR

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Finding the temple in Franklin, TN