Abandoned Exploration Saint Agnes Catholic Church in Dayton, Ohio (The Church) Video 1

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Saint Agnes was a former Catholic Church located in the Southern Dayton View Neighborhood which has been abandoned for a long time now. This is the church

Abandoned School Exploration (John Stark) [KCMO]

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Myself and Four friends explore the John Stark Elementary school, while armed with a bright flashlight, and lots of fear.

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Haunted Historic Church & Cemetery Exploration (BIRMINGHAM, PA)

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WARNING: This video is for entertainment purposes only and is not intended to be viewed for any reason other than that. Some of the images in this footage may be offensive to some viewers. I do not recommend exploring any property shown without proper permission. Trespassing is a crime and may result in prison time and or fines. Some of the footage shown may be from third party cameramen or videos that are then edited by me. I’m not a professional filmmaker or explorer and take a lot of risks inside of dangerous places for entertainment. I’m not responsible for any actions YOU the viewer take while exploring abandoned properties and do not condone doing it. I simply do it as a hobby and enjoy sharing the experience with you. Parental discretion is advised.

Abandoned Tennessee Urban Exploring with Exploration Unknown and Ray Ray The Explorer

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Please watch: “Funky Bonsai Tree Exhibit at the North Carolina Arboretum”
Abandoned Foundry and HUGE abandoned warehouse! Enjoy!

Urban Exploration: Abandoned Navy Hospital Charleston, SC

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This main hospital building, built from 1940-1942, consisted of two central buildings with eight treatment wings and a central courtyard. The wings provided separate facilities for newly emerging medical specialties, while the courtyard provided outdoor space for patients. This Naval Hospital continued to serve sailors and their families until its closure in 1972.

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Filmed with a Nikon D5300 with 18-55mm kit lens.

Abandoned (CURSED) Yacht Factory Exploration The Factory That Was Doomed

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Hey guys most of you remember the terrifying night here when we encountered another person. See what happens as we return to investigate more.

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Old abandoned farm house in middle of Arizona desert, exploration of deserted ranch home in AZ

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An old farm home located somewhere in the harsh Arizona desert. Deserted many years ago for reasons unknown, it is left to collect dust and remind us of a more simple time…maybe. These walls have stories to tell I’m sure; would you like to hear them?

This Arizona ranch house was in very nice condition at the time I was there. Being empty for so many years I was shocked at how well it’s held up to the desert environment. Please DONATE if you can:

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Urban Exploration: ABANDONED Hotel – Detroit Lee Plaza

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Lee Plaza was our last destination of the Detroit trip. The wrap up for all abandonments is on this clip. Thanks for watching. I promise we will improve our video and audio quality on the next trip. I also promise to put more humor, more surprises, and more adventure into the future. If you are a fan, please email me and let me know what you like, what you don’t like, and where you would like me to go next. Thanks again.

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Join us, and we will explore the bowels of decay. Hospitals, Lunatic asylums, factories, old mills, and even prisons are just a few of the places we go. The great thing about our channel is I respond to comments, and I always invite you on my next journey. If you like what you see, come out and join me on my next adventure. Half the fun is on video. Most of it is between the camera clips. We jump, climb, and crawl our way toward fun. Let’s go. – Burt & Tom.

mysterious abandoned buildings in michigan: urban exploration of possible ghost town

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this old farming community is right at the outer edge of the chicago suburbs. the planes you hear are going to and from ohare international airport. this was .

i found this place by accident. fwiw the reason i dont tell the world where this place is located, is to protect this place from the world. … This video was created .

there are only a few people left in this place the reason I dont tell the world the location of this place is to protect this place from the world. … This video was .

Urban Exploration: Il convento delle serpi

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TURN IN 1080 DPI! 😀
Where Elvi production urbex trip presents urban exploration in the lost convent of the snakes. Original Dark ambient music by Uzbazur, Video by Elvira Macchiavelli. Thanks for watching.
Where Elvi production urbex trip presenta, esplorazione urbana nel convento delle serpi. Musica originale dark ambient di Uzbazur, video di Elvira Macchiavelli. Grazie!