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The Mother’s entreaty to her Son for his bride and for another holy person, and about how the Mother’s entreaty is received by Christ, and about certainty regarding the truth or falsity of a person’s holiness in this life.

Mary spoke to her Son saying: “My Son, grant your new bride the gift that your most worthy body may take root in her heart, so that she herself may be changed into you and be filled with your delight!” Then she said: “This holy man, when he was living in time, was as steadfast in the holy faith as a mountain unbroken by adversity, undistracted by pleasure. He was as flexible toward your will as the moving air, wherever the force of your Spirit led him. He was as ardent in your love as fire, warming those grown cold and overtaking the wicked. Now his soul is with you in glory, but the vessel he used is buried and lies in a more humble place than is fitting. Therefore, my Son, raise his body up to a higher station, do it honor, for it honored you in its own small way, raise it up, for it raised you up on high as much as it could by means of its toil!”

The Son answered: “Blessed are you, who overlook nothing in the affairs of your friends. You see, Mother, it is no use for good food to be given to wolves. It is not right to bury in mud the sapphire that keeps all the members healthy and strengthens the weak. It is no use to light a candle for the blind. This man was indeed steadfast in faith and fervent in charity, just as he was ready to do my will with the greatest of continence. Therefore, he tastes to me like good food prepared through patience and tribulation, sweet and good in the goodness of his will and affections, even better in his manly struggles to improve, excellent and most sweet in his praiseworthy way of finishing his works. Therefore it is not right for such food to be lifted up before wolves, whose greed is never sated, whose lust for pleasure flees from the herbs of virtue and thirsts for rotten meat, whose shrewd speech is harmful to everyone.

He resembled the sapphire of a ring through the brightness of his life and reputation, proving himself to be a bridegroom of his church, a friend of his Lord, a preserver of the holy faith and a scorner of the world. Therefore, dear Mother, it is not right for such a lover of virtue and so pure a bridegroom to be touched by impure creatures, or for so humble a friend to be handled by lovers of the world. In the third place, by his fulfillment of my commandments and by the teaching of a good life, he was like a lamp on a lampstand. Through this teaching, he strengthened those who were standing, lest they fall. Through this teaching he raised up those who were falling down. Through it he also offered inspiration to those who would come after him to seek me.

Mountain Biking Evolution Bike Park in Crested Butte, CO | A lot more than just DH

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After doing a bunch of videos about the bikes at Outerbike Crested Butte, we’re doing one about the trails at Evolution Bike Park, I enjoyed riding this bike park so much its worth taking a look at the variety there is here. Also, I want to include Evolution Bike Park on the rides map on my new site, go check it out if you haven’t i think its a pretty cool feature.

The first trails we’re goint to take a look at are the ones in the center of the mountain as they’re what most people probably do first, and we’re starting at Hotdogger, its the Green trail the park tells you to ride first time down and I think its a good choice; you’d probably think it’d be boring being a green trail, but it really is not. This trail has significant flow but refrains from any technical features that would make begginers uncomfortable, the rollers are big enough that an experienced rider can enjoy taking them at speed and pumping while a begginer can do them slower without much intimidation. This one will get you going fast and with nice berms and a wide trail it will be a great one to just have fun on.

Avery happens to have been my favorite trail down the main section of the mountain, it had a little bit of everything but was mostly oriented as a Technical trail with a fair amount of rock gardens, steep sections, roots and wooden drops. It was also a lot tighter than all the trails we previously looked at. Good thing is there is nothing particularly killer about it, there’s just one 6ft drop to look out for that you can bypass. That being said, this is one to stay on your toes on, a slight lack of concentration can get you in trouble quickly.

Teaser was my favorite flow trail on the mountain, and according to most people I spoke to, theirs too. This is a popular choice definitely worth taking a couple of runs at, the big berms make it easy to keep speed up and the jumps are not too big with mellow lips, perfect to work on improving those jumps.

On to Frequency, this one kicked my ass, only trail I crashed on, which of course happened the first day when I was getting a little too balsy too soon. Frequency is probably the toughest blue trail here, its full of jumps and speed, and while just cruising through it is pretty easy, getting a perfect run in is tough as this is a trail that has you working non stop and it feels like its a lot longer than Luge despite the fact that they’re one next to the other and eventually merge into one.
Prospector is your typical CO ride, nice open fields with the ocassional traverese through aspens with a nice elevation loss to distance ratio.

Woods is a lot steeper than prospector and is on the same face of the mountain so its a lot shorter, but with more challenge and some great wooden features, including two huge wallrides, one of which I skipped as I only did this trail once and riding blind I was not going to hit it; although it did look like it was doable with enough speed and loads of fun. The trail ends with what seems like prospector but with nice long table tops.

Crusader is one I’m sorry I only did once, the first run through I was too busy looking at the end of the wooden features making sure there were no crazy mandatory drops, with some extra speed this one would have been a lot more fun. The feature I skipped was steep, seriously steep, a few people in the group hit and swear its the steepest feature they’ve ever done.

Last but not least, Westside, as the name says its on the west side of the mountain and you can follow this one down to the lift or use to connect into happy hour and go down into town, which never did unfortunately, somehow we were always late and in a hurry to get the bikes back to Outerbike in time. Westside is split into three trails, but while riding it you won’t really notice that, they flow one into the other. This trail is amazing, it feels like you’re no where near a bike park, it has the perfect combination of long descent with varying steepness while even providing some short punchy rocky climbs in a few spots along the way to break things up. Best of all, this crazy long trail leads straight back to the base, get on the lift and go again.

Evolution Bike Park was a blast and a great setting to test bikes on, with a nice variety of DH specific and more natural enduro feel trails there’s a place to ride here for almost all skill levels, granted, people with more skills will get more out of this place. I, for example, never did Psycho Rocks which is an iconic trail here, or Timeline which is a huge jumpline, I’ll leave those to the dedicated downhill guys.

Evolution Bike Park on Trailforks:

Set Me Free Reality Church, Mobile, Alabama (Human Video)

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we did this video at reality church in mobile alabama on 10-24-10. it’s a very powerful message about being bound by sin and the reality that Jesus can free you and give you victory.