Freedom Church – West Little Rock, Arkansas – Evangelist Robby Mitchell 1-20-2013 Sunday 6pm

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Freedom Church Revival with Special Guest Evangelist Robby Mitchell
6pm Sunday Night Service.
Tonight’s Message “Feed your Spirit not the Flesh”

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Our mission is simple…help others become Free to Live. There is freedom in Christ, and in Christ alone, for every human being. We feel it is our obligation and privilege to share that good news with everyone we encounter.
Our values are just as simple…Love God and love others. Love for God will cause us to seek Him and grow in relationship with Him. Love for others allows us to live out God’s purpose and gives us freedom to embrace our individual purpose as well.

Does The Christian Church Follow The Same Pyramid Structure As Babylon?

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We are talking about the actual leadership structure of many of today’s Christian churches. While there is enough symbolism in many Christian churches that borrow from Babylon, what about how leadership is set up in the church? Where exactly did it come from? Is the pastor supposed to be the sole head? Does the bible rank the importance of these giftings to the church? That’s what I will be discussing in this recording.

Endowment Lecture 4 – Gifts Of The Spirit, 1966 by Arthur Oakman

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Fourth in a series of six lectures given to the Melchisedec Priesthood at the RLDS Stone Church in Independence, Missouri, USA from October 3 to 13, 1966. Brother Oakman states, “…we discussed the church and we tried to make it quite clear, that this was either ‘a church,’ or it was ‘the church.’ If it is simply ‘a church,’ I cannot see any reason for our existence. But if it is ‘the church,’ then it means that we have a unique, distinct position. The Protestant world as a whole as far as its theologians are concerned have no clear cut conception of the church. They have different varying definitions of it, but for us there should be no doubt. The Church of Jesus Christ is the body of Christ; that body of people who are brought together by the gift of his Spirit, and who share in the community of the Spirit by reason of their rebirth.” A transcript is available at

The Message – Part 6: William Branham’s First Church

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The Message Part 6 – William Branham’s First Church:

This episode examines the return of William Branham from Kansas to the Jeffersonville, IN / Louisville, KY area, including the new George Rogers Clark Memorial Bridge, and his first days ordained as a minister in Roy E. Davis’ Pentecostal Baptist Church.

Names discussed in this video:
* Ralph Modjeski
* Edward Branham
* Roy E. Davis
* M. P. Hunt

Topics discussed in this video:
* William Branham returning from Kansas
* William Branham’s first church
* Louisville, KY in 1930
* National Archives at Atlanta
* George Rogers Clark Memorial Bridge construction and timeline
* Two deaths during the George Rogers Clark Memorial Bridge construction
* Big 4 Bridge construction and timeline
* Event wherein 16 men drown during Big 4 Bridge Construction
* Roy E. Davis’ Pentecostal Baptist Church in Louisville
* Roy E. Davis’ stance on prohibition
* Roy E. Davis public argument with M. P. Hunt

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Evangelist Belinda Pope – Bethel Apostolic Temple Church- Toledo, Ohio ‘ Prayer and Worship’ part 1

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Evangelist Belinda Pope leads Prayer and Worship at Bethel Temple Apostolic Church, 1664 W. Bancroft Toledo, Ohio- Pastor Eldridge Levey.

Pastor John Wagner – Turning Point Community Church – Lubbock, Texas

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Pastor John Wagner –

Using a master’s diploma from Honolulu College in faith and theology, Pastor David Wagner retains over 25 25 years of developing churches across America and experience leading. He regularly exhibits his innovative character by initiating fresh out-reach paths and David Wagner now acts as the lead pastor for Turning-Point Community Church and supporting neighborhood and the cathedral develop.

Developing a cathedral might look like it depends more on chance than something the chapel leaders or neighborhood can perform, by emphasizing several places, but in fact, nearly every church may increase in dimension. Out-reach is an important contributor to church increase. Without out-reach attempts, possible people is not going to learn in regards to its own numerous choices and the cathedral. This this is often a an issue for many churches, specifically, but more folks will begin attending providers and a few of these individuals might become life-long associates when both leaders and associates start discussing details about the chapel within their neighborhood.

Forming teams to take care of individuals is just another way churches may enlarge. Because a lot of occasions can be only attended by a parson and assist so a lot of people, by creating teams of churchgoers that are dedicated to assisting other associates with specific issues, the stress is taken off the curate and aids fulfill the requirements community people. They are able to rapidly become burnt-out if pastors need to give attention to taking care of all. Since they may not have the power to completely direct the members, church increase could be positively prevented by this. Without appropriate direction, churches can not develop efficiently plus they might also fight to improve their assignment.

Pastor John Wagner directs Turning-Point Community Church in Tx. He also acts as the the first choice of the Staff for the ministerial team Agreement Ministries Worldwide, whose over 1 1,000 people provide courses, outreach, courses to a world-wide community that is.

Pastor John Wagner

Directed by Pastor Donald T. Demola, the CMI Apostolic Group additionally contains ministerial leaders who represent South-West California, Indianapolis, Maryland, Nj, Central America, and several other components of the globe.

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St John’s the Evangelist Church Philadelphia, PA

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Exterior and Graveyard of St John’s Evangelist Church in Philadelphia, PA