Forensic Files – Season 4, Ep 7: Ties That Bind

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Who was the sexual offender that murdered two adolescent boys in Nebraska? The key to stopping him would be the unique composition of the “junk rope” he used to tie his victims. Omaha police and the FBI use rope analysis, psychological profiling, forensic odontology, and even hypnosis to bring a 116-day manhunt to a close. Originally aired as Season 4, Episode 7.

Ep 01 – Ernesto Trejo tribute

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Episode #1, 11/01/1991 – A tribute to Ernesto Trejo. Recorded at the Fresno Art Museum.

Order of speakers:
Ruben Delgado (guitarist)
Carlos Cabrera – 3:04
Juan Felipe Herrera and Jon Veinberg – 6:15
Luis Omar Salinas – 29:25
C. G. Hanzlicek – 35:32
Jean Janzen – 44:21
Stephen D. Gutierrez – 46:37
Jacqueline Pilar – 48:13
C. W. Moulton – 52:30
Dixie Salazar – 1:02:40
Jon Veinberg – 1:05:18

Tape Number 2419. VHS tape access courtesy C. G. Hanzlicek. Digitization by Horn Photo:

Florida Georgia Line Highlights 2014 – Ft Loramie, OH Country Concert ’14 – Ep. 62

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Florida Georgia Line in Ft Loraine, Ohio

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In this brief update between installments, Colin & his girlfriend Payton explore one of Oklahoma’s “most haunted buildings”, the abandoned Concho Indian School. While investigating the school, they are scared out of the building by a dangerous entity that seems to be headed straight towards them in a mean spirited fashion.

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After over a year on hiatus, THE PARANORMAL FILES IS BACK. After filming across the nation and in 4 different countries, Colin and his Paranormal Files team present their findings of paranormal activity in the new wave of Paranormal Files videos.

“THE PARANORMAL FILES” is an independent paranormal investigative show which explores paranormal themes in a way unexplored by television crews before. Instead of only focusing on specific places to investigate and single cases to handle, Colin and his Paranormal Files team place their focus on haunted locations, stories, unexplainable phenomenas, religious beliefs and local legends in order to grant viewers with a true grasp of the truth behind spirits and other worlds.

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Join paranormal investigator and musician Colin Browen on a journey across the globe as he highlights the most morbidly delightful destinations and attractions the world has to offer. Graveyards, horror movie filming locations, haunted mansions- he’s hitting them all, and telling the horrific and interesting stories behind each destination along the way. Subscribe to stay updated with the latest “Dead Traveler” segments, and as always- stay spooky!

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Exploring the Prophetic with Liz Wright (Ep. 12)

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In this episode, Shawn Bolz interviews Liz Wright. Liz is the founder and Senior Director of the Bridal Company. She is also a spiritual advisor, author, and speaker. Come join the conversation with Shawn and Liz as they discuss God encounters and Liz shares her rare experiences with Jesus that lead her to raise up people in their spiritual identity in boardrooms, churches, and politics.


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TUCSON JAMZ at THE HUT Episode 16 “HUT Halloween” with THE DEACON as the host of the show. TUCSON JAMZ is filmed live on Wed. nights at THE HUT on 4th ave and 8th street in Downtown Tucson. Live Every Wed from 8pm to midnight, but usually lasts until close at 2am! TUCSON JAMZ is NOT a band and doesn’t feature just bands at all… is actually a PRO JAM Open-Mic night for professionals where “THE DEACON” is in charge and musicians check in with him when they get to THE HUT and put their name onto Deacon’s list then he puts bands together which are comprised of all different players whom have probably never played together, then the Deacon some-how manages to see to all the finishing touches and keeps these musicians in line and on-track! I tell you sometimes it’s just magic! Regardless it is always a good time with great music! I feel like we all get a free concert every week as there is NO-COVER at THE HUT and actually most people who show up every week just call it CHURCH! The Pro Jam “TUCSON JAMZ” use to be on sundays but we went ahead and just switched CHURCH to wed. nights and people didn’t seem to mind! It is not uncommon for The DEACON to actually go through up to 30 different musicians on and off stage in ONE NIGHT as he usually only gives each set-up three to four songs. This episode features many great musicians including Bryan Dean, Koko, Angel Perez, Jeff D, Randy Wilder, Jascat, Don Noddingham, Chad White, John King, John Minnella, Charles Jones “CJ”, Julian Kaposta, Clark Engleburt, Marcus, Joe and Brenda, Susan Barrett, Chris Montgomery, Josh, Susan Ronstat, Teda Jay, Gary, Rockin Robin, Rocky, T-Bird and many many others which I don’t know their names! Come see for yourself! TUCSON JAMZ airs twice a week every week on Cable TV(Only in Tucson Az) FRIDAY nights at 10:30pm and Saturday nights at 11:00pm (Check guide for channel) Produced by Chris Haskell

EP 81: Beyond the Bars with Rob Lohman

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Rob Lohman is the founder of The Addiction Recovery Hub and Host of the Beyond the Bars Radio Podcast. Rob shares with Annie about his story of immense addiction and his amazing journey through recovery in such an honest and raw way. Rob’s journey has brought him to a place where he has such a heart for helping others and he is currently developing a transformational house for men who are on their own recovery journey.

Episode Links:
Beyond the Bars Podcast –
The Addiction Recovery Hub –

Today’s guest is a new friend of mine, Rob Lohman. Rob Lohman and I met because as you might have heard, I’ve been moving. We had a third baby and we didn’t have enough bedrooms. So, we’d been looking for a different house and Rob was interested in renting my house for a really cool mission actually.

Rob Lohman’s Story
Falling into addiction and being ripped out of addiction. That’s kind of my thing, but no. I grew up in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Most of my family lived back home in Indiana. I was that kid that was just wired differently than most kids is kind of the way I always look at it. The minute I found alcohol, it was just like game on. The light bulbs went off and the funny thing about it was that I was your kid that knocked on your door and sold you magazines. After a while, they just said, “What are you selling now, Rob?” So, I was a confident little kid, but I was really insecure.

We went to church and all that kind of fun stuff. We moved from Fort Wayne, Indiana to Fort Worth, Texas when I was nine. Then at age 14, I was hanging out at this little youth event. One of the guys said, “Hey Lohman. You wanna go drink some beer out in the alleyway here?” I was like, “Sure let’s go.” So, it was myself, this guy, can’t remember his name at all and two very pretty girls. Instantly I thought – this is kind of fun. I slammed three beers like it was nothing. They were nursing their little beers. From that point, it should have been the clarity of maybe I have a problem because I come from a long line of alcoholics.

Then it was just kind of from 14 to 29, that was my drinking career. It seemed like everything I did had a hint of alcohol with it and a hint of manipulating situations to benefit myself. My business card could have said – Rob Lohman – drinker.

With alcohol, I felt like just the insecurities kind of went away. Because I was always shy around girls and I was also the class clown. So, I hid my insecurities by being that guy. Alcohol made Rob Lohman the cool guy. I was the popular kid but really empty inside if that kind of makes sense. I was covering up a lot of my own insecurities. I’m not really sure from where those came, but I just know that when I drank, I felt more confident in who I was.

I kind of had principals and teachers in my back pocket because
as an addict, you’re really good at playing the field and playing everybody. So, that just kind of became what I felt like was an art and I was a chameleon and I felt like that was a gift that God had given me, but it was a huge, huge detriment to me, but I just felt good.

The hangovers and all those kind of things, it just kind of was part of the game. From the beginning, just alcohol was my thing. I always said I would never ever do drugs. That was my one promise to myself that I would never do drugs. I held on to that until the first semester of college. One of my buddies was like, “Hey Lohman, you want to get high?” I thought, “No, I’m not touching that stuff. I like drinking too much.” Just a little bit, right? Just that little bit. I remember smoking pot. It felt really cool and I felt good. Then that just led into acid and mushrooms and kind of whatever you put before me, but alcohol and gambling has always been there as well.

So, gambling and alcohol have been two things that have kind of been driving forces in my own lack of emotional maturity.

I was really empty inside. Completely, but then I met a girl and she drank worse than I did, but all my friends drank. So, we met in and ended up getting married. It was a very short lived marriage. Let’s put it that way. I graduated with my MBA and my uncle hired me to work for his real estate company back in Indiana. So, we moved to Indiana thinking life would change if we got away from all of our drinking friends. The problem was there go the both of us in our own dysfunction. It was not a healthy marriage. It was very short lived for a lot of reasons along the way. We ended up getting divorced and then about six months later, I ended up getting clean.

Tune in to the complete podcast to hear how it took arson and prison for Rob to really secure who he was and get back to the roots of who is Rob Lohman.

Shoal Bay to Prince Rupert – Cruising Sea Venture – EP. 31

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In this traveling episode we leave Shoal Bay, travel up Johnstone Strait to Port McNeill, around Cape Caution to Fury Cove, up Fitz Hugh Sound, past Shearwater, through Jackson Passage, up through Grenville Channel an on to Prince Rupert, just south of the Canadian – Alaskan border.

This is our cruising life story.

We were two “middle aged” 🙂 working corporate types who had succeeded in pursuing the American dream. A big house, a second home, a 45′ yacht, 4 cars, etc. etc. and we worked a lot of hours and endured a lot of stress to pay for it all.

We then decided to make a big change – we sold everything, and having loved boating for many years, bought and moved aboard our 54′ go anywhere in the world power boat.

That was in 2014 and we have never looked back. Now in our mid-50’s we are free of work and cruising full time while we continue to get our home, Sea Venture, ready to head off around the world.

Join us on our summer cruises and winter upgrades as we expand our horizons and pursue our dream!

A 20 Year Brotherhood In Making Music :: #PickRichsBrain Ep 8

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The 3 Kings, the core of the Jason Aldean band, Kurt Allison, Tully Kennedy and Rich Redmond dive into Episode 8 of #PickRichsBrain. This brotherhood of top-notch musicians have stayed the course since 1998 and have forged a sound with Jason Aldean and Producer Michael Knox that has redefined the Nashville Country sound since 2005.

Rich, Kurt and Tully reflect on their beginnings, their tumultuous, yet very educational time with the now defunct band Rushlow, and how honesty and freedom with Jason Aldean have made an enormous difference in Jason’s records and live performances.

Their almost 20 year legacy has resulted in a myriad of income streams from producing artists including hits with Parmalee and Thompson Square with their company, New Voice Entertainment to writing hit songs like “Tip It On Back” by Dierks Bentley, “Seein’ Red” by Dustin Lynch and the title track to Jason’s 2016 record, “They Don’t Know”.

They also discuss the modern state of the music industry. “If you come here, you’ll quickly know if you truly want to play”, Tully says while ruminating on how it is a “failure business”.

After over 30 years of making a living making music, the 3 Kings are keeping it real, honest and don’t hold back.

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Produced by Jim McCarthy and Rich Redmond
Voiced by Jim McCarthy

Nashville 3 Kings Rushlow Little Texas Tim Rushlow Disney Cruises Michael Knox Jason Aldean She’s Country Micheal Burt Tyler Farr David Fanning Grit Gary Vaynerchuck Gary Vee Management Tom Morello Rage Against The Machine John Petrucci Dream Theater Kevin Murphy

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Rich Redmond is an award winning recording and touring drummer based in Nashville and Los Angeles. As an in demand artist, Rich has recorded/toured/performed with:

Jason Aldean, Ludacris, Kelly Clarkson, Bryan Adams, Bob Seger, Joe Perry, Jewel, Miranda Lambert, Luke Bryan, Thompson Square, Eric Church, Deana Carter, Chris Stapleton, Montgomery Gentry, Alabama, John Anderson, Trace Adkins, Keith Urban, Travis Tritt, Emily West and many others.

WHEN he’s not in the studio or on tour, Rich is motivating others with his CRASH Course For Success, writing songs, producing records, authoring books, and even acting.

rich redmond nashville nashville drummer professional drummer musician studio recording studio musician acting public speaking motivation business marketing networking jason aldean ludacris kelly clarkson Bryan Adams Bob Seger Joe Perry Jewel Miranda Lambert Luke Bryan Thompson Square Eric Church Deana Carter Chris Stapleton Montgomery Gentry Alabama John Anderson Trace Adkins Keith Urban Travis Tritt Emily West dw drums sabian cymbals promark drum sticks drummers drumming

Gullah/Geechee TV Ep 185 Pt 2 Queen Quet on Hilton Head Island

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Tune in to Part 2 of Gullah/Geechee TV (GGTV) Nayshun Nyews as Queen Quet ( is interviewed on Hilton Head Island’s WHHI “Talk of the Town.”