Ted Cruze smacks down Ellen Page – Extended version with enhanced audio

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Ted Cruze smacks down Ellen Page and her futile LGBT Agenda.
This video includes the extended part where Ted Cruze is informed that he was just grilled by actress Ellen Page.

I’m not a big fan of Ted Cruze as he compromises on real Christian issues however compared to most of the other “conservative” politicians he does take a bigger stand.

This “issue” that Ellen Page is pushing is a fraud.
The idea that a Christian church should be FORCED to host a Sodomite wedding is absolutely ridiculous just as is the idea to force a Christian owned cake maker, etc to take part in a Sodomite wedding.
The Sodomites have plenty of other businesses and plenty of apostate churches to go get married in.
So why do they need to FORCE the few who rightly refuse to take part in such iniquity?
Because it is about control and further breaking down the natural family in America.

Old Brownsville Texas City Jail Paranormal Investigation – Audio Enhanced

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The Graveyard Shift Paranormal Investigations team investigated the Brownsville, Texas Old City Jail building back in February 2012, here is the investigation and paranormal evidence. The audio has been enhanced and made louder on this video, due to the sound quality on the previously uploaded video. Graveyard Shift Paranormal maintains the commercial right to everything in this video.

Haunted New Mexico: Memorial General Hospital Shadow Man (Slowed & Enhanced)

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Shadow Man video captured by Ramiro Galvan of Paranormal Research Investigations at the old Memorial General Hospital building in Las Cruces (Look into the green light at about :10)