Joel and Victoria Osteen celebrate with The Church at South Las Vegas | BPM Ministries

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Las Vegas Megachurch Discharged from Chapter 11:

Benny Perez is Here:

Benny Perez is Lead Pastor Here:

Watch Full Episodes of the TV Show here:

Church Sunday Live Stream:

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Parker Palmer: Encouragement for Church Leaders – ChurchNext with Chris Yaw

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Times may be tough for traditional churches, but Parker Palmer, founder of the Center for Courage and Renewal, is not only hopeful, but inspired by the faithful and steady labor of today’s church leaders.

Parker, whose vocation is helping those in the helping professions, finds hope in failure and potential growth in conflict. He also sees the importance of forming deep communities of cto help those who help better fulfill their callings.

In this interview Parker gives his signature pearls of wisdom on community, health, and leadership issues.

Parker Palmer is hopeful for the Church because it can be a place that forms gratitude, healing, and compromise. Here are my notes from the interview:

We Do Have Enough
The myth that ‘we never have enough’ is a worldly notion that has sadly crept into the church, says Parker, which challenges our congregations to be places that preach abundance.

When You Fail, You Grow
Parker says when we get fat and happy we stop growing — and it’s in the failures that we’re forced what we would never have dreamed of become had the circumstances been different. There is almost always reason to rejoice in adversity.

Acknowledge Your Struggles… to the Congregation
People are yearning to see their leaders as human as they are. Sure there are boundaries, but in what ways can leaders be more ‘human’ with their flocks?

About Parker Palmer
Parker J. Palmer is a writer, speaker and activist who focuses on issues in education, community, leadership, spirituality and social change. He is the founder and Senior Partner of the Center for Courage & Renewal, which oversees long-term retreat programs for people in the serving professions, including teachers, administrators, physicians, clergy, non-profit leaders and philanthropists. Palmer holds a Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley as well as eleven honorary doctorates, two Distinguished Achievement Awards from the National Educational Press Association, and an Award of Excellence from the Associated Church Press. He is the author of nine books, including several best-selling and award-winning titles: Healing the Heart of Democracy, Let Your Life Speak, A Hidden Wholeness, The Heart of Higher Education (with Arthur Zajonc), and The Courage to Teach. A member of the Religious Society of Friends (Quaker), Dr. Palmer and his wife, Sharon Palmer, live in Madison, Wisconsin.

Books Parker Recommends
Christianity After Religion — Diana Butler Bass
Jayber Crow – Wendell Berry
Walking with the Wind — John Lewis

Sponsors I Mentioned
Living Compass points individuals, families and organizations in a whole new direction for healthy living by providing them with resources, coaching and education. The Living Compass program is based on the belief that each individual knows what she or she needs to do to become more whole. It is also based on the belief that we cannot be whole by ourselves: this journey will require the support and care of others as well.

Easter Sunday 2018: Reunion – Pastor Ken Spicer – New Creation Church

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To give the easy way, text any amount to (951) 338-9411 and follow the instructions. Your giving is SSL encrypted and secure.

Visit to give to specific ministries or create an account to track your giving throughout the year.

New Creation Church is a dynamic local church impacting lives for Christ in the San Gorgonio Pass of Southern California. We have campuses in Banning, Beaumont; and have stretched beyond our country’s borders to plant a church in San Pedro Sula, Honduras and the Philippines. We also work with a coalition of churches in Guatemala, and have established Bible schools in California, Guatemala, and Uganda.

As we fulfill the vision God has given us, we desire to see every person reach their full potential in Christ. We believe serving in the local Church is the result of a heart totally committed to God and provides a platform for training ministers for the work of the Kingdom. We extend our commitment to service in the communities of Banning and Beaumont by donating 1000 hours of community service each year to each city.

NCC is founded on the truth of God’s Word, the power of His Love for all people and the reality that He has a plan for each of us.

Daily Boost “A Very Uninnocuous Verse”

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Connection Church daily boost, helping people stay connected to God, to new friends ,

Located in Ellsworth Maine. Pastor Kevin and Pastor Kim Jones
Watch us online at our Facebook page. Look for our logo and get connected.

Proverbs 15:7

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Daily boost with Katlyn Valentine .

Boost 190 Connection Church Ellsworth Maine.

The Other Side Of The Storm by Pastor Ralph Douglas West

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The Other Side Of The Storm is a power message preached by Pastor Ralph Douglas West at The Church Without Walls in Houston, Texas. This message was preach a few weeks after Hurricane Harvey hit and flooded the Houston area.

Our Unity Service at The Point Church in San Jose, CA (Sunday, November 10, 2013)

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This video shows our unity service at The Point Church in San Jose, CA in the main sanctuary.

We had Pastor Richard Santiago as our special speaker this day. He is a phenomenally gifted preacher. He is an executive pastor of one of the world’s largest churches, International Charismatic Mission, in Bogota Colombia with over 200,000 attending every week! He is truly a blessing.

We had great worship songs, baptisms, the turning in of alabaster boxes, a great sermon preached by Pastor Richard Santiago, and an alter call. We later had a nice lunch together at the gymnasium. We had lots of Chinese food! It was a great unity service once again for us 🙂 Pics of our unity service is shown at the ending of the video.

(Sunday morning, November 10, 2013)