Mass Killings without guns(Response to Emma Gonzalez)

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Somehow I couldn’t help myself, since Emma Gonzalez’s speech is loaded with error’s if you dig deep into them. The biggest flaw in her speech is exactly what this video is about which is the comparison she makes regarding guns and knives, a nod to the mass stabbing in China that occured the same day as Sandy Hook yet, she downplays the arson attacks that China suffers from. Granted, China is a densely populated country and if you adjust for population size like America it’s argueiblly not on par with other country, but that’s only if you don’t take into account the mass censorship China has.

While many people agreed with Emma Gonzalez’s speech I didn’t and while I don’t mind a debate here and there on these issues, I don’t like when activists get over the top, especially when no one questions it. The only other time I got this mad when looking at a plea for gun control was Stephan King’s book guns which, while I have never read, i’ve seen some reviews on it’s claims. Aside from being condesending it added nothing new. Which, in the case of Emma Gonzalez is usually another problem with her speech. She relies on information that is easily assessible rather than digging deep to create a new opinion.
Disclaimer:I want to apologize in advance since i’ve written some rather hostile and many times violent comments in the past about the Parkland kids, right down to pointing out loopholes that killers have exploited in the past, yet some would mistake this as i’m trying to incite violence. I just couldn’t stand how people sometimes react to these events, esspecially when they act like they’re impoosible to pull off without a firearm. That being said i’m sorry about my comments, however I still disagree with them on most issues with a rare exception being their opposition to arming teachers. I think that fire extingishers are nice compromise for both sides to stop school shooters. Firearm detection systems also are a nice way to stop active shooters aswell as force criminals out in public to use less lethal methods of crime such as melee weapons.

South Side of Chicago could serve as an example of Shotspotters effectiveness(though there is skepicism over it’s success).

I don’t believe that universial background checks are going to do anything. After all, very few criminals get their guns this way and fewer are barred from owning guns to begin with.

I advise reducing the penalties for using knives and other melee weapons in conjunction with Shotspotter. It’s a great double standard to force upon criminals, by making them relay on melee weapons while civilians relay on guns to protect themselves. While Japan has strict gun laws, it serves as a great example of forcing criminals to use melee weapons over guns and is something America can learn from. Just don’t expect the gun laws to fit well. I doubt many people even after Parkland ever supported banning handguns.

Cut to 4:10 in this video.

There’s also a experimental 3D printer that prints out flesh that can heal wounds. Might be worth researching that.

Given the rise of 3D printers and how criminals WILL be using them to printer out parts, thus making guns nigh impossible to trace, encouraging criminals to to buy their weapons legally, I believe will make is easier to to make guns to trace.

Original video this is based on:

And a response document which I went out of my way to debunk said speech as best as I can, can be downloaded here.

Austin Nevada – Part 2 “The Way It Was Grand Tour”

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It all started in 1862 when a pony express ride by the name of W.H. Talcott’s horse kicked up a rock at the mouth of pony canyon which turned out to be high grade silver and gold ore. This led to a silver rush by the time the mid 1860s rolled around this town boasted a lumber mill, saloons, brothels, assay office, banks, hospital, hotels, telegraph station, four hundred houses and at least 10k residents. Although floods, fires and elements have erased a large portion of this living ghost town what does remain are some of the finest structures in the wild west such as its frontier churches. Austin held the Lander County seat for many decades it also brought millions of dollars in silver revenue and for a short time hosted the Nevada Central Railroad. This was a town that boasted the good, bad and the ugly everything from epidemics to axe yielding men and frontier justice. Austin not only has one of the oldest saloons/hotels in the state but one of the last Greek revival court houses in the nation and one of the oldest operating Nevadan newspapers that still exist today. Today life has slowed down in Austin to about 200 residents. Many shops thrive on tourism and the sale of there jewelry. Life in this canyon dates back to 3,500 years ago when the Shoshone used Pony Canyon to hunt and sustain themselves. We welcome you to journey with us as I take our friends and viewers to the way it was!