A Nice FAST Series One Otis traction elevator @ The Kansas City Marriott Kansas City MO

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(recorded 2-25-2012 with TheElevatorChannel) These are a very nice otis elevator Facebook:
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03/26/15 Cincinnati OH FF LODD Elevator Shaft Fire Radio

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On March 26, 2015 Cincinnati Fire Department was operating at a second alarm fire in an apartment building. Fire fighters had knocked most of the fire down and were performing searches of the upper floors when Fire Apparatus Operator Daryl Gordon fell down an elevator shaft. FAO Gordon fell from the fourth floor and was trapped between the first and second floors. An additional third and fourth alarms were struck and fire fighters immediately went to work rescuing FAO Gordon. FAO Gordon was extracted from the shaft and transported to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. Fire fighters were able to successfully rescue 12 civilians from the fire, all with minor injuries.

The audio is from the fire ground and begins just before the initial mayday call.

Dover Impulse Hydraulic Freight Elevator at Boise Town Square Mall Boise, ID

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Filmed 6/21/18
Installed 1988
This is a very rare find! A freight elevator with Impulse fixtures! Thanks to TheElevatorGuy100 for filming this first so I could find out about this rare elevator! This is not the only freight in the mall. There are 3 other freights, and 2 of them have impulse and the other is a Montgomery Kone with Innovation.

Otis Gen2 Elevator @ Town Center Market St Virginia Beach VA

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This is a NICE elevator. There is a Motel attached to the parking garage that has very nice elevators to be uploaded soon Facebook:
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Federal Elevator Showroom LULA elevator

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LULA stands for Limited Use/Limited Application. Our LULA’s differ from our passenger elevators as they are more compact, less costly and have a lower capacity. This makes them an excellent option for commercial buildings, schools, theaters and churches.
Visit our Showroom to ride this elevator yourself! Call (905) 458-4015 ext. 238 for more information.

1997 ThyssenKrupp Impulse Highdrulic Elevator At Nebraska Orthopedic Hospital In Omaha Nebraska

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1997 ThyssenKrupp Impulse Highdrulic Elevator At Nebraska Orthopedic Hospital In Omaha Nebraska

EPIC 1966 Dry-Powered OTIS Hydraulic Elevator Machine Room Tour

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HOLY CRAP listen to how powerful this motor is! It’s amazing to see how well built the controller is. Man, new elevators these days just have a tiny little circuit board and that’s it. This one has a whole wall of relays! It has a new starter but that’s about it. Still full relay logic. The motor is by far one of the best I’ve ever heard. If you know where this is, don’t say it in the comments. For those who may think they know where this is, take a good listen to the background noises and you might figure it out. Either that or the motor just gives it away!

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2011 Thyssenkrupp Signa 4 Hydraulic Elevator at MHC, Marana, Arizona (risky take)

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i didn’t record the call button at beginning because of privacy and receptionist can see it. i wish they use Thyssenkrup synergy with TK isis chime.
Intro by : GalaxyNinja

Historic Otis Single Speed Elevator @ The Guggenheimer Nursing Home Lynchburg VA

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(4-23-2015) Here is a full 1080 60P take of this amazing elevator in Lynchburg. This thing is truly a piece of vertical transportation history. Enjoy a ride on the elevator with a couple different angles
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