Giglog – Trevor Nygaard @ The Church, Denver Colorado

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This was my set for the 15 mins of fame DJ competition held at The Church nightclub in Denver Colorado.
1) ID
2) Twocker_Chopper_Original Mix
3) Larry Tee – I Love U (The Bulgarian Remix)
4) Olivier Giacomotto_DJ Tonio_Eat What You Kill_Part 2
5) WTF_Redic_Original Mix
6) Quivver – Dancing In Dark Rooms – Shifter and Carvell Remix

The Church Nightclub Denver CO

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Quick little venue tour of the church nightclub in denver. There is alot more of the club that I didnt show, there is a downstairs with 2 additional rooms. This night was EMP audio’s event they trow every first friday. Sorry about how dark it is, its hard to make out what was going on in the second half of the video, but its a trapeze artist flying around above the dancefloor.

For more info about the club, check out their website @