XXXTENTACION – Look At Me (Prod. by Rojas & Jimmy Duval) REACTION

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XXXTENTACION – Look At Me (Prod. by Rojas & Jimmy Duval)

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aaronREACTS are my initial reactions, feelings, and opinions of music videos that I come across. You get the raw emotions that corse through me as I watch a video for better or for worse.

Aaron Mamuyac is a pastor of Youth, Young Adults, and Community Groups in Port Saint Lucie Florida. He has been in ministry for 10 years and a Youth Director for 6 years. He has now authored 3 books and has become an ordained pastor in the Christian Reformed Church and is planning to plant a church in the next few years.

XXXTENTACION – Look At Me (Prod. by Rojas & Jimmy Duval)

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XXXTENTACION – Look At Me (Prod. by Rojas & Jimmy Duval)
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ABANDONED 310 West Church St Apartments | Jacksonville, FL

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History and photo gallery here:

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ABANDONED Annie Lytle Elementary School | Jacksonville, FL

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Built in 1917, it was abandoned in the 60s when I95 was constructed, the highway being located just a stone’s throw away from it. The Annie Lytle Preservation Group has been cleaning out this abandoned school in Jacksonville for the past few years hoping one day that someone will purchase this building and save it. You can see how it used to look here:

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