Dutch Harbor Navigators Short

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Short of documentary/roadtrip. Four Florida men go to Dutch Harbor to learn about Alaskan King crab from navigators of the Bering Sea. Thank you Captain Jorn Kvinge, Jim Brady, Dan Gull, The Arctic Sea; Captain Jeff, The Patricia Lee; Westward Seafoods, Inc.; The People of Unalaska. Music by Russell Hodill. Rob George and Eric Donaldson, The Crab Broker; Greg Mayer, Grand Western; Kevin Hodill, Fresh Fish Fast!!; Joseph Van Bemmel, The Tampa Club. Photos by Greg Mayer. Filmed by Kevin Hodill and Greg Mayer. Edited and produced by Diane C. Hodill.

Dutch Sheets’ Church

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I was in Colorado Springs, CO for a few days. Someone told me Dutch’s church was there. I was curious and was only a few miles away from the church, so I decided to drop by for a visit on May 13, 2009, which was on a Wednesday, so hardly anybody was there.

Their address is:
Dutch Sheets Ministries
3945 N. Academy Blvd.
Colorado Springs, CO 80917

Dutch Sheets stepped down from Senior Pastor leadership at Freedom and turned the church over to Pastor Jayde in early January 2010. He felt this was necessary so that he would be able to focus 100% of his time on what he feels may be his most significant assignment to date, lighting the fires of awakening so that reformation will occur in our great nation.

Dutch supports Pastor Jayde Duncan in his new role as Senior Pastor of Freedom. Pastor Jayde considers Dutch to be his Apostolic leader and is committed to retaining the Apostolic DNA at Freedom. Dutch is still a consistent voice at Freedom, is Chairman of the Board and speaks at service once a month.

At the end of February, we had a very significant commissioning and ordination service for Pastor Jayde and Christy which Dutch and Brother Jim Hodges led. Pastor Jayde and Dutch still meet to talk and pray. Dutch and Ceci would like to you know that are very excited about the direction that the Lord is leading them and that they attend Freedom when they are in town.

Dutch History in New York

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St. Francis College History Professor Eric Platt speaks about his expertise in Dutch history and the access he has at the Brooklyn Historical Society to research numerous documents that are hundreds of years old and have never been organized.



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Sat. evening delivery to OSI dock. The first group of buildings is Westward Seafoods, the next dock is
Crowley, then the 3rd is OSI. Normally very busy, it is slow this night. I am driving and filming, about to turn in to the boat, when a front loader pulls out in front of me…

“Voyage: Dutch Harbor, Unalaska” Luvntravln’s photos around Dutch Harbor, United States

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Los Angeles,USA – Evangelical Church – Congregational Singing

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First Baptist Church
760 S. Westmoreland Avenue
Los Angeles, California – USA