The New Era | Dutch Sheets

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The New Era | Dutch Sheets | Fri. Night | Roar National Conference 2018

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►Destiny: T.D. Jakes:
►Bill Johnson: Defining Moments:
►Ryan Lestrange: Hell’s Toxic Trio:
►John Eckhardt: Moving in the Apostolic:
►Jennifer LeClaire: Mornings With the Holy Spirit :

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The Quakers, the Dutch, and the Ladies: Crash Course US History #4

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In which John Green teaches you about some of the colonies that were not in Virginia or Massachussetts. Old New York was once New Amsterdam. Why they changed it, I can say; ENGLISH people just liked it better that way, and when the English took New Amsterdam in 1643, that’s just what they did. Before the English got there though, the colony was full of Dutch people who treated women pretty fairly, and allowed free black people to hold jobs. John also discusses Penn’s Woods, also known as Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania was (briefly) a haven of religious freedom, and William Penn dealt relatively fairly with the natives his colony displaced. Of course, as soon as Penn died, the colonist started abusing the natives immediately. We venture as far south as the Carolina colonies, where the slave labor economy was taking shape. John also takes on the idea of the classless society in America, and the beginning of the idea of the American dream. It turns out that in spite of the lofty dream that everyone had an equal shot in the new world, there were elites in the colonies. And these elites tended to be in charge. And then their kids tended to take over when they died. So yeah, not quite an egalitarian paradise. In addition to all this, we get into the Salem Witch Trials, the treatment of women in the colonies, and colonial economics. Oh yeah, one more thing, before you comment about how he says we’re talking about the American Revolution next week, but the end screen says Seven Years War, consider that perhaps the Seven Years War laid the groundwork for the revolution to happen.

Also, turn on the subtitles by clicking the CC button. You’ll like them.

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Prophecy for America with Dutch Sheets and Chuck Pierce

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Streamed live on Nov 2, 2016 from International Church of Las Vegas (ICLV)

With less than a week left to the historic American election, join us for a special night of prayer and prophecy with Dutch Sheets and Chuck Pierce.

Jump!: Meet the Floyd Little Double Dutch Team | Lifetime

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Meet the Floyd Little Double Dutch team and watch the girls perform their favorite jump rope tricks in this web exclusive.

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The Rivalry

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Dutch Banker whistle-blower admits top people into Santanic rituals

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Chuck Pierce and Dutch Sheets in Colorado Springs October 6, 2017

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I have never seen spiritual warfare over our nation like I’m seeing today. It is truly shocking to watch…and experience! One would have to be spiritually blind not to realize there is a cosmic battle occurring for the soul of our nation. The ferocious forces endeavoring to lead America down a secular, non-Christian path can only be described as frenzied in their current actions. Please know—the battle is NOT about Donald Trump. It is about whether the devastation caused by 50 years of anti-Christian activity will be reversed or, God forbid, continue. The antichrist forces are almost rabid in their anger over the potential loss of progress.

I have been saying since last November that if the church doesn’t pray with the intensity we had during the elections, President Trump will not succeed in his efforts. This battle can only be won spiritually. We CAN turn this nation around, but it will require more spiritual warfare. To accomplish this, Holy Spirit has been giving us strategy.


The next Appeal To Heaven gathering will be in Washington, D.C., February 22-24, 2018. While praying about the timing of re-launching, my friend, Cindy Jacobs, gave me a very strong prophetic word. Not only was the word related to the re-launching of Appeal to Heaven, but also to the re-launching of the worldwide prayer movement! Holy Spirit reminded Cindy of a word Chuck Pierce gave in Washington, D.C., in May of this year. Chuck prophesied that the next 10 months would be filled with turmoil for the nation and our president. However, after these 10 months had passed, a turnaround would occur and we would move into three years of breakthrough.

While listening to me speak and pondering Chuck’s word, Cindy was led by Holy Spirit to count 10 months from the time Chuck gave the word; she realized it was February 22, 2018. Knowing the prophetic significance of the number 22 as it relates to government and the opening and closing of doors (Isaiah 22:22), and that this is one of the most significant biblical references for my calling, Cindy received the following word from the Lord for me:

“You must re-launch Appeal To Heaven in Washington, D.C. next year on February 22, and release the turnaround which Chuck prophesied for our president and the nation. This Appeal to Heaven gathering will also re-launch the world-wide prayer movement. Pastors, intercessors, and prayer leaders from America and around the world will come and help.”

This word has resonated with all the spiritual leaders I’ve consulted. Lou Engle actually postponed a large Call event planned for that same date in Orlando, Florida. He will now be joining us in Washington for this gathering. Chuck Pierce will also be there. In fact, he and I have been on an assignment from the Lord to go to 22 cities in America, declaring and releasing the shift into this new season. In God’s providence, this gathering on the 22nd will be our final—and 22nd!!—city of the tour.

Cindy, of course, will be there, as will other strong leaders from America and around the world. We will be riding the strength of 25 years of prayers for America, and WE WILL SHIFT THIS NATION!


Gather with me, Chuck Pierce, Cindy Jacobs, Lou Engle and many other leaders as we shift America into its turnaround next February 22-24, in Washington, D.C. This could prove to be one of the most historic prayer gatherings in America’s history. We will fill the Trump Hotel—and all of the atmosphere over Washington D.C.—with intercession and biblical decrees, shifting our nation into the three years of breakthrough Father desires to give us. And we will re-launch the next phase of the worldwide prayer movement! On the final morning, Saturday, we will worship then “send” all attendees to the Capital, Supreme Court, White House, and other government buildings to decree what Holy Spirit has spoken during the Thursday and Friday sessions. Washington D.C. will shift!

I’ll see you in Washington, D.C. on February 22, 2018 for the Turnaround!

-Dutch Sheets

First Dutch Reformed Church in New York – The New York Connection (Episode 1)

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This place housed the first Dutch reformed church, although, actually it was the second. The first church of the Dutch was located inside the fortress.

Clip taken from “The New York Connection”, a Dutch Public TV series about the history of the City of New York in the light of the 400th celebration of the arrival of Henry Hudson. Dutch author Dirk van Weelden wanders through New York and Amsterdam trying to discover traces of New York’s Dutch history. He draws a connection between 17th century of the Dutch Republic and contemporary New York. With a.o. Russell Shorto, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Charles Gehring and Jaap Jacobs.

For more info, see (Dutch), or mail to [email protected]

– – –

Hier was de eerste Nederlandse hervormde kerk gevestigd, hoewel het eigenlijk de tweede kerk was. De eerste kerk die de Nederlanders hadden, bevond zich namelijk in het fort.

Fragment uit “The New York Connection” (IDTV Docs/AVRO), een vierdelige televisieserie over de Nederlands roots van New York. In de serie gaat schrijver en filosoof Dirk van Weelden in het New York van vandaag op zoek naar de vroege geschiedenis van de stad. Hij onderzoekt welke lijnen getrokken kunnen worden van het Hollandse verleden naar het New York van nu. Hoe zag die samenleving er toen uit? Welke Hollandse elementen zien we nu nog terug? Historische vertellingen uit de 17e eeuw worden gekoppeld aan actuele thema’s. Met o.a. schrijver Russell Shorto, burgemeester van New York Michael Bloomberg en de historici Jaap Jacobs en Charles Gehring.

Kijk voor meer informatie op of mail naar [email protected]

ALASKA: Coast Guard & good Samaritans rescue 46 mariners 690 m. off Dutch Harbor (July 26, 2016).

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U.S. Coast Guard, District 17.
Coast Guard Air Station Kodiak aircrews, along with good Samaritans, rescue 46 crew members from life rafts after they abandoned ship approximately 690 miles west of Dutch Harbor, Alaska.

The 220-foot fishing vessel Alaska Juris began taking on water near Kiska Island. All 46 crew members were transferred to good Samaritan vessels Spar Canis and Vienna Express to be transported to Adak.

(Video by Petty Officer 1st Class Kelly Parker).

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We post video reports from reliable media sources with journalists and correspondents reporting on location. This media outlet is not attached to, nor does it sympathize with, condone, nor condemn any religious organization or group. Alistair Reign and associated campaigns represent human rights for all, and the wellness of children worldwide.

Dutch Harbor Navigators Short

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Short of documentary/roadtrip. Four Florida men go to Dutch Harbor to learn about Alaskan King crab from navigators of the Bering Sea. Thank you Captain Jorn Kvinge, Jim Brady, Dan Gull, The Arctic Sea; Captain Jeff, The Patricia Lee; Westward Seafoods, Inc.; The People of Unalaska. Music by Russell Hodill. Rob George and Eric Donaldson, The Crab Broker; Greg Mayer, Grand Western; Kevin Hodill, Fresh Fish Fast!!; Joseph Van Bemmel, The Tampa Club. Photos by Greg Mayer. Filmed by Kevin Hodill and Greg Mayer. Edited and produced by Diane C. Hodill.