Durham NC walk to work w/ Clarion Content Editor Aaron Mandel – Sights On The City Episode 25

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This week Aaron Mandel takes us on a walk though Durham. From ninth street to Durham’s DIY district.


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Robert E. Lee Monument (Durham, North Carolina) | Wikipedia audio article

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This is an audio version of the Wikipedia Article:
Robert E. Lee Monument (Durham, North Carolina)

00:01:39 1 Exterior
00:01:47 1.1 Entrance portal
00:02:57 1.2 Bell tower
00:03:53 2 Interior
00:04:30 2.1 Stained-glass windows
00:05:57 2.2 Chancel
00:06:26 2.3 Organs
00:08:30 3 Memorial Chapel
00:09:20 3.1 Crypt
00:10:17 4 Relative size
00:10:48 5 Robert E. Lee statue vandalization and removal
00:12:08 6 See also

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“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”
– Socrates

Duke University Chapel is a chapel located at the center of the campus of Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, United States. It is an ecumenical Christian chapel and the center of religion at Duke, and has connections to the United Methodist Church. Constructed from 1930 to 1932, the Chapel seats about 1,800 people and stands 210 feet (64 m) tall, making it one of the tallest buildings in Durham County. It is built in the Collegiate Gothic style, characterized by its large stones, pointed arches, and ribbed vaults. It has a 50-bell carillon and three pipe organs, one with 5,033 pipes and another with 6,900 pipes.The Chapel stands at the center of the university, on the highest ridge of Duke University’s West Campus. Although plans for a chapel were first made in April 1925, the cornerstone was not laid until October 22, 1930. When it was completed in 1935 at a cost of $2.3 million, the Chapel was the last of the original buildings to be built on West Campus. It was first used during Commencement in 1932, and was formally dedicated on June 2, 1935. Stained-glass windows and other details were installed at a later date. The chapel was designed by Julian Abele, chief designer for the Philadelphia firm of Horace Trumbauer.
As of 2015 the dean of the Chapel was Luke Powery. On May 11, 2015 the Chapel closed for a year due to necessary restoration work on the ceiling. The Chapel reopened May 11, 2016.

Cop Shooting: Durham McDonald’s hostage taker was actually unarmed – TomoNews

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DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA — A police sergeant in Durham North Carolina who shot a robbery suspect who was holding a woman hostage at a McDonald’s is still on leave as the shooting is investigated, but Durham police now know the suspect in the June 18 incident was unarmed.

The suspect, 26-year-old Dennis Palm of Durham, allegedly told the officers responding to a 911 call that he was armed and would harm a woman he was holding hostage. As the suspect held the woman with one arm around her throat, Sergeant Price fired his service weapon at the suspect, striking Palm in the jaw.
The suspect was later discharged from hospital and charged with a variety of offenses including kidnapping and robbery. Sgt. Pryce said he made the decision to shoot because he believed the suspect was armed and would follow through with his threats.

Somehow, the officer managed to both not hit the hostage and only disable the assailant, ending a tense hostage situation in a relatively peaceful manner. Durham’s police chief José Lopez told reporters that his officers are faced with making such life-and-death decisions on a daily basis.


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Breaking News: 3 teens charged in shooting at durham mcdonald’s :: wral.com

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3 teens charged in shooting at durham mcdonald’s :: wral.com
Texas Department of Public Safety holds a news conference following the shooting at a church in Texas. A man dressed in black tactical-style gear and armed with an assault rifle opened fire inside a church in a small South Texas community on Sunday, killing 26 people and wounding at least 16 others in what the governor called the deadliest mass shooting in the state’s history. The dead ranged in age from 5 to 72 years old.

Durham, N.C. — Three teenagers have been charged with shooting an employee outside a Durham McDonald…

Bull City Thunder (Durham, NC) vs. GCE (GA) – D1Spects Southern Spotlight Tourney – 6/10/17

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The 2nd annual tournament at New Birth/Samson Health Center features 6th graders from Durham, NC AAU team Bull City Thunder against Game Certified Elite from Grayson, GA.
Game was played at Sampson Health and Fitness Center at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia, GA at 435 pm.