Chris Deigh Live Drums at St. Paul AME Church Atlanta,Ga Ron Kenoly- Worship The Lord

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Sunday November 5th 2017
Here is a clip of me playing “Worship The Lord” by Ron Kenoly at St. Paul AME Church Atlanta, GA
Drums- Myself
Keys and Lead Vocals- Corey Sanford
Bass- Robert Galbreath
Organ- Danill Tobias

**** I don’t own any copyrights to this music ***

City of Refuge Having Some Church! Bishop Noel Jones

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City of Refuge in Gardena, Ca. With Bishop Noel Jones…
Just in case y’all forgot or didn’t know, Mega churches still have Old Fashion Store Front Church!!!
Guitar man is killin! “Agape Jerry”

Los Olvidados live in San Jose at the Blank Club July 2010

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Classic San Jose skaterock band Los Olvidados playing at the Blank Club in San Jose, California on July 24th 2010. They still tear it up and get the place moving. No stiffs here.

They have been on Thrasher Skaterock comps as well as the Alternative Tentacles compilation album “Not so quiet on the Western front.”

Justin Cunningham & Eddie Heyward giving lessons

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playin for b chase in lawton oklahoma

Precious Memories Organ Solo 2018

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Live at Theodore J Farmer Jr. Live Recording 2017 in Lawton Oklahoma

Lenny Kravitz crashes the VOP Choir in New Orleans for “Fly Away”

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Update: the choir is The Voice of Praise Choir from First Baptist Church in Lewisville.

Yesterday…I can’t believe this actually happened. Enjoy! Lenny.

Film by Mathieu BItton / @candytman

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Aaron Spears MD Festival 2006 (Full Performance)

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Well I uploaded the edited version of this quite some time ago, but I can’t seem to find a good version of the full version of it. This one is in sync lol. So I figured I’d upload it. View it in 480p!

Aaron Spears laying it down to “Caught Up” by Usher.

I do not own this video. All rights go to Hudson Music 🙂

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Flying Drummers – Second Baptist Church, Houston, TX – Really, Really Big Christmas Show

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Second Baptist Church in Houston, TX – The Drummer Boy act from the Really, Really Big Christmas Show.

Proud of the team of drummers from Second who volunteered much of their time and worked so hard to make this happen.

Also – thanks to Ariel Experience and their crew who assisted and worked hard to join with for this show.

What A Beautiful Name – Live Drum Cam

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Recorded at Journey Church Sunday morning service (Peoria AZ)

Donyea-Arizona Shed Groove

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1st YT vid of 2014!! Shedding with Anthony Tubman(Sax) in Sierra Vist, AZ. after an evening service at Sierra Vista 1st C.O.G.I.C. Special thanks to Anthony Tubman, and Pastor Clea McCaa. Shout out to Joel Reaves on drums. I just wanted to let y’all see what I’ve been up to since it’s been awhile since I’ve posted a vid. Blessings!