LLFC/ Loma Linda Filipino SDA Pathfinder Drill May 2012

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Southeastern California Conference of Seventh Day Adventists
Annual Pathfinder Fair Day, La Sierra University Grounds
Riverside, California
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Georgia SWA Tornado “Drill”: Sentry 16V1T-B – Cusseta, GA 2/9/18

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Talk about a late upload. 😉 A few weeks ago Georgia held its tornado “drill” on Friday the 9th due to sever weather with the exception of a few areas like the MCLB in Albany. In actuality pretty much everyone ran a test instead of an actual drill. I was expecting 3 minutes of attack, but instead I got a noon blast. I also did an audio recording of the system in Columbus, but I’m not uploading it since I already have plenty of audio recordings of the system from my house of the same malfunctioning sirens doing their thing.

Slim Jesus – Drill Time REACTION

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aaronREACTS are my initial reactions, feelings, and opinions of music videos that I come across. You get the raw emotions that corse through me as I watch a video for better or for worse.

Aaron Mamuyac is a pastor of Youth, Young Adults, and Community Groups in Port Saint Lucie Florida. He has been in ministry for 10 years and a Youth Director for 6 years. He has now authored 3 books and has become an ordained pastor in the Christian Reformed Church and is planning to plant a church in the next few years.

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2009 Texas Gulf Coast CHURCH Drill Team Convention Houston TX

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2009 Church Drill Team Convention in Houston, TX. The St. Agnes Baptist Church “March of Faith” Drill Team of Houston, TX. This is the Drill Team Competition Congress performance before the judges on Wedenesday night June 17, 2009 at the George R. Brown Convention Center. The first night of competition!

The Israelites: Fire Drill!!!

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IUIC Tallahassee visits the streets to wake-up the Lost Sheep of Israel!

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Fancy drill ~ Pathfinder Loma Linda Indonesian, California

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Pathfinder Fair 2018
Loma Linda Indonesian SDA Church
Southeastern California Conference ~ Riverside, California.