STAINING A DOOR. How to refinish a door. Door glazing tips.

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How to stain or refinish a front door part 1. Instructions and tips using glaze to make a door new. Simple hacks and tutorials that make it easy to refurbish you front door. Take terrible looking door and make it look new with Sherwin Williams glaze and Helmsman urethane. Door refinishing tips and instructions how to stain a door. DIY home improvement tips including how to restore a wood door.

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Wooster 4” stain brush:
Foam brush set:
3M 7502 Respirator:
Graco 2 Finger Airless Gun:
Titan 440 Impact Sprayer:
3M M3000 Hand Masker:
Frog Tape 1”:
Spring Tools Hinge Pin Remover:
Spray lacquer cans:
Latex gloves:
Medium sanding sponge:
2 gallon bucket:

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What Mormon Missionaries Talk About Before You Answer The Door VOL. 1

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This was recorded on the afternoon of Dec. 28, 2017. On the way to the front door these Mormon missionaries made eye contact with an attractive woman inside the home through the window and practiced their pick-up lines as they waited for her to answer the door. Needless to say, she never answered the door.

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Roots. The Door Church.

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Every brand has a story to tell. Each story has inspired someone somewhere in one way or another. Right Brain Factory believes in blurring the lines between personal and professional relationships inside a community by helping local brands inspire their community with the power of their story.

Roots is a video series created by Right Brain Factory that showcases local brands sharing their roots of where they began, what their mission is, and why they believe in inspiring their community the way they do.

Meet Scott Brooks. He’s the lead pastor at The Door Church in Coppell, TX. Scott started The Door Church with a mission to see Christ’s love restore the hearts of the community. The movement has touched many lives already and is being carried out all over the world. Take a moment to hear his story.

Atheist Madalyn Murray O’Hair Slams the Door in Larry Wessels’ Face of CAnswersTV – Playlist Clip

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Psalm 14:1, “The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good.” See our playlist “Dealing with “God Hating” Atheists, Agnostics, Know-It-Alls” at with 34 videos. This is a short 10 minute video excerpt from a two hour debate at Larry Wessels, director of Christian Answers of Austin, Texas/ Christian Debater (YouTube channel is CANSWERSTV at & Steve Morrison, director of Research for Christian Answers (see websites: & present a “mock debate” against various nationally known Atheists such as Madalyn Murray O’Hair, Dan Barker & Sheila Thompson of the “Freedom from Religion Foundation” & local Atheist Brian Lynch of the “American Atheist Center” here in Austin, Texas. This short Youtube excerpt covers a clip of a debate exchange between Walter Martin of the Christian Research Institute (also author of the classic book, “The Kingdom of the Cults”) & O’Hair. Christian apologist John Warwick Montgomery also sees a little action against O’Hair here.

The video concludes with Larry Wessels describing his own personal encounter with O’Hair after O’Hair’s son Jon had invited him to the Atheist Center to arrange for a televised debate on public access TV. Jon O’Hair was upset with Wessels for a 4 hour video series which Wessels produced entitled, “Examining the Religion of Atheism” which included topics such as: “Defining What An Atheist Is”, “The Illogic of Atheism”, “Materialism is a Fraud,” & “Evolution: True Monkey Business” which aired on Austin’s public access television station with much popular support. After finding the unmarked Atheist building Wessels unexpectantly met O’Hair herself at the front door where she promptly slammed the door in Wessels’ face after discovering that he was a Christian. These events took place before O’Hair, her son Jon, & her niece were murdered by an employee at the American Atheist Center for their money possessions.

While Atheists say “God is dead” or “God does not exist” the real question to be asked is, “Does God believe in Atheists?” as Dr. John Blanchard says so eloquently in his excellent book by the same name. For more on “Does God believe in Atheists?” see Romans 1:18-32

John Hagee 2015: ‘The God of All Hope The Door of Hope’

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John Hagee 2015: ‘The God of All Hope The Door of Hope’

Pastor Hagee is committed to change America and the world by being obedient to the Great Commission, to win the lost to Christ, to take America and the world back to the God of our Father. John Hagee’s hard hitting preaching and wit is what makes John Hagee, America’s preacher. Dr. John C. Hagee is the founder and Senior Pastor of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas, a non-denominational evangelical church with more than 17,000 active members Pastor Hagee’s passion is to reach the lost, fulfilling the Great Commission of proclaiming the gospel of Jesus.
Directed by John Hagee
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Alaskan Wildlife Greets Woman at Front Door || ViralHog

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Occurred on January 19, 2019 / Unalaska, Alaska, USA

“I grew up and live in the City of Unalaska, Port of Dutch Harbor. Most people know it as Dutch Harbor because of the Discovery Channels show The Deadliest Catch. My boyfriend loves the Eagles football team. So when this adult bald eagle surprised us by landing on our front porch, I decided to sneak some pictures. While taking the pictures, I saw out of the corner of my eye these 3 foxes so I quickly started to film them. I was talking to keep them calm so the eagle wouldn’t fly away. I was not feeding them, but was happy they came for a visit.”

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How to paint your Garage Door

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