2015 Prophet Brian Carn preaching about the anointing and dominion. S.E.C. Tulsa, OK

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2015 Prophet Brian Carn preaching about the anointing and dominion. S.E.C.
Sanctuary Evangelistic Church
Healing in the House conference
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Take Dominion Campmeeting 2012 – Augusta, GA

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Camp Meeting 2012 will be held November 7-9, 2012 In Augusta, Georgia!! The year’s theme is, “Taking Dominion” with guest speakers, Pastor Jamal Bryant, Prophet Brian Carn and Prophet Todd Hall . Apostle Mark Hatcher and Pastor Daniel Parker alongside our host Pastor Kenneth Morgan invite you to this powerful time in the Lord! Meet us at the Stevenson Auditorium 7pm nightly! We will see you there!! For more information go to

Dominion Camp Meeting 2017- Columbus, Ohio

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World Harvest Church
Dominion Camp meeting
dates: June 30-July 2, 2017
Columbus, Ohio
guest worship psalmists includes: William McDowell and
Tasha Cobbs Leonard

*video is ownership of World Harvest Church
I am not the owner. Just sharing. God bless

Jewell Dominion “Classics” Indianapolis, Indiana

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The Jewell Dominion “Classics” was video taped in Indianapolis, Indiana at the National Head-quarters General Assembly in 1994. This is a rare look at the Praise and Worship experience that goes on inside of this hand clapping, foot stomping, tongue talking, Church of the Living God.
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The House of God Church (Keith Dominion) – Philadelphia Praise Break!

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State Assembly of The House of God Church in Philadelphia, PA. Just before the close of Saturday evening service, the Spirit filled the temple! Bishop Rebecca W. Fletcher, Chief Overseer and Pastor.

The House of God Church
1534 North Hancock Street
Philadelphia, PA 19121

The House of God Church (Keith Dominion) – “It’s About Time For A Miracle” Praise Break!

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2011 General Assembly of The House of God Church (Keith Dominion) in Nashville, TN. On Sunday night (June 19, 2011), the choir sang “It’s About TIme For A Miracle!” and a Holy Ghost praise break followed!

The House of God Church (Keith Dominion)
2714 Scovel Street
Nashville, TN