Cheyenne diocese: sex abuse claims against retired bishop appear credible

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Emeritus Bishop Joseph Hart has been credibly accused of sexually assaulting two boys after he became Bishop of Cheyenne in 1976, the Wyoming diocese has said, following an investigation of charges ordered by its current bishop.

“Nothing is more important than the safety of our children. We have zero tolerance for sexual abuse of any kind,” Bishop Steven Biegler of Cheyenne said July 2. “If there is ever any indication of abuse brought to our attention, it will be reported to the civil authorities and investigated thoroughly, even when the allegations involve a bishop.”

“I hope that our investigation will lead to a final determination by the (Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith) that these sexual abuse allegations against Bishop Hart are credible and require disciplinary action.”

A cleric’s abuse of a minor is a crime under church law, and is so serious that accusations are handled by the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

Hart has denied all accusations of abusing minors.

Hart’s first accusers came forward in 1989, when he was alleged to have abused boys while serving as a priest in Kansas City. Ten individuals named Hart in lawsuits related to child sexual abuse claims dating from the 1970s. These accusations were part of settlements the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph reached in 2008 and 2014, though Bishop Hart denied the accusations, the Missouri diocese said July 2.

In 2002, a Wyoming man accused the bishop of sexually abusing him as a boy, both during sacramental confession and on outings. The alleged abuse took place after Hart had become a bishop. A second Wyoming man recently accused Hart of abusing him.

The district attorney of Casper, Wyo. in 2002 had put forward a report saying there was no evidence to support the allegations that originated in Wyoming.

“The Diocese of Cheyenne now questions that conclusion based upon a recently completed exhaustive investigation,” the Cheyenne diocese said July 2.

Bishop Hart had been ordained a priest for Missouri’s Diocese of Kansas City – St. Joseph in 1956, where he served until he was named an auxiliary bishop in Cheyenne in 1976, and appointed to lead the diocese two years later. He served as Bishop of Cheyenne until his resignation in 2001 at the age of 70, when he was succeeded by Bishop David Ricken, who now heads Wisconsin’s Diocese of Green Bay.

According to the Cheyenne diocese, Bishop Biegler had ordered a “fresh, thorough investigation” because the claims against Hart had not been resolved. In December 2017, the bishop retained an outside investigator who obtained “substantial new evidence” and who concluded the district attorney’s 2002 investigation was flawed. The investigator concluded that Bishop Hart had sexually abused two boys in Wyoming.

The diocesan review board, after reviewing the report, concurred with the investigator, finding the allegations “credible and substantiated.” The diocese reported the alleged abuse to the Cheyenne district attorney in March 2018, and Cheyenne police opened an investigation.

The diocese said it reported the allegations of abuse as required by its own policy, the national Catholic Church policy, and Wyoming law.

Now-Archbishop Paul Etienne of Anchorage, Alaska, who was the Bishop of Cheyenne from 2009-2016, had restricted Bishop Hart from celebrating public liturgies in the diocese. Bishop Biegler, who learned of those restrictions in June 2017 when he was ordained the new Bishop of Cheyenne, kept them in place.

The Congregation for Bishops has extended the restrictions on Hart’s ministry to apply everywhere. Biegler has also decided to remove Hart’s name from a building at St. Joseph’s Children’s Home in Torrington, Wyo.

The NOT-SO-PERFECT “perfect” Catholic diocese of Knoxville, Tennessee

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The coverup continues in Tennessee. The cold cases of clergy sexual abuse are ignored by the Catholic diocese and survivors of abuse, their families and the people in the pews are the victims of the coverup. Call the diocese and demand the truth!

Bishop Obanyi of Kakamega Catholic Diocese blesses father’s grave

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Catholic Diocese of Kakamega Bishop Joseph Obanyi blesses the grave of his father, John Sagwe Obanyi, on December 26, 2016, in Nyamira County. The Bishop was celebrating his first Mass at his Nyakemincha village home where he blessed the graves of his father John Sagwe Obanyi, grand father Stephen Obanyi and grand mother Robina Nyankondo Obanyi. Bishop Obanyi spent Boxing Day at the village.

Ordination to the Priesthood – Catholic Diocese of Buffalo 2015

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On June 6, 2015 the 14th Bishop of Buffalo, Richard J. Malone ordained three men to the priesthood, Fr. Łukasz Kopala, Fr. Thomas Michael Mahoney and Fr. Daniel Ehijiator Ogbeifun. Celebration was held at St. Joseph Cathedral.

Anonymous- Message to the Catholic Diocese of Columbus

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Hello Catholic Diocese of Columbus. We are Anonymous.

It is now 2013. In this age of economic struggle jobs mean everything. However, there are sometimes rare gems in our communities. Those whose intentions have never been, that of money and material. Those who teach our children, do their best to prepare them for a changing world and will always be underpaid and under appreciated for their work.

Carla Hale was one of those shining examples.

After working as a teacher for Bishop Watterson High school for 19 years, Carla’s mother sadly passed away. In her obituary, in her moment of grief, she listed her domestic partner in parentheses, as she believed her mother would have wanted.

A parent upon seeing the obituary reported it to the school and Ms. Hale was soon fired. Citing a clause in her contract that employees will respect the moral values advanced by the teachings of Christ, she was let go by the church.

Soon after students and alumni alike became outraged and publicly poured out their support through protests and their own online activism. Even after these events were brought to the attention of local media the Catholic Diocese held firm to their decision as did Principal Marian Hutson.

In her letter of termination Hale was told “Your written spousal relationship violates the moral laws of the Catholic Church.”

We are not here to talk about moral laws, even though it is an argument we will win, for it is the actions of the Catholic Diocese which are so obviously immoral. However there have been laws broken. While the state of Ohio does not have its own legislation on sexual orientation discrimination, the City of Columbus carries it’s own laws with an anti-discrimination ordinance that protects all individuals from discrimination.

And as students protest on their own time, they and all Bishop Watterson staff are forbidden to even speak of the issue at school.

It is time for the Catholic Diocese to catch up with the age we are now in. The age of change. The age of equality, revolution and freedom.

It is time to Occupy the Columbus Catholic Diocese.

Friday May 3rd at 4pm we urge all peoples in the L G B T communities and beyond to stand with us at the Diocese and demand the reinstatement of Carla Hale. Join us at 197 East Gay Street Columbus Ohio and fight for what is right.

Let us band together and show the church that it is in their best interest to do the right thing before our hand is forced to take another direction.

We are Anonymous.

United as one.

Divided by zero.

Expect us.

Catholic Diocese of Boise asks victims to come forward after priest is accused of child sex crimes

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Details of the alleged sex crimes are unclear; the charges could apply to everything from possession of sexually exploitative material to making them. The diocese is now worried there may potentially be victims in the Treasure Valley.

Bishop Gregory’s Ordination into the Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese of America (Part 1)

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Bishop Gregory’s Ordination into the Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese of America (Part 1 of 2)

Introducing the OCA Diocese of the South – 18th All-American Council

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This is an introduction to the church, faithful, and mission of the Orthodox Church in America’s Diocese of the South. It is a presentation for the 18th All-American Council in Atlanta held July 20-23, 2015.