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There is a heaven and there is a hell. We need to GO!
We must be about our Father’s business.

We can’t hesitate or procrastinate. We can’t get too busy or distracted. Jesus is waiting for us, people need us and time is short. It’s time to go and share our faith.

San Diego CA Soul-winning MEGA Marathon (Mar 31, 2018)

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Persian Cultural Center San Diego (PCCSD)

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About the Persian Cultural Center

As a means of facilitating its mission PCC has formed the following affiliated entities: the Iranian School of San Diego (ISSD) (now in its 25th year offering language classes to both children and adults), the Persian Dance Academy (teaching a variety of folkloric dances to children and adults), the PCC Foundation (raising funds for humanitarian causes such as families and individuals in financial crisis in our community), and Peyk (a bilingual, bimonthly magazine, professionally published, and with an approximate circulation of 6000).
PCC’s core activities are multifaceted and include musical concerts, lectures, art exhibitions, dance performances, as well as language, theater, traditional instrument, and art classes. The variety of PCC’s programming draws a diverse patronage extending far beyond San Diego. We seek and welcome all members of the San Diego community and visitors to the City to enjoy and participate in our events and presentations. To this end our programs/events are non-partisan and secular, with artistic and cultural value being the ultimate benchmarks.

Calling Out San Diego Hebrew Israelites

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Looking for DEVOTED and WISE San Diego Hebrew Israelites to teach & lead. This video was originally 45 minutes, but I can’t upload a video longer than 15 minutes so I had to cut out a lot of the points I made. Other things I found wrong with these hebrews:
– they still call the Messiah “Christ” & “lord”
– they don’t believe in baptism
– they slander black women without calling out the men who are supposed to be leading us
– they still dress like regular Americans (despite being in the truth for years)
– they think dreadlocks are unclean
and honestly the list goes on. They give off the impression that they’re just an all boys club that goes around telling other blacks (& mexicans lmao) that they’re hebrew. They don’t address the sins of our forefathers or the need for repentance on the road to salvation. Nothing they portray shows that they heed to the laws of the Most High and while they have many debates on their channel, few (if any) discuss the roles ALL HEBREWS need to play. They’re not bringing the full truth to my people and we need teachers who will.

Some links that can help you if you’re on the path to the truth and/or salvation:

“How ‘Bout Them Cowgirls” and “Run” with George Strait and Miranda Lambert–San Diego

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This was shot during the San Diego concert on January 31, 2014. The story Miranda tells George between songs and both of their reactions are priceless.

Mision San Juan Diego, Arlington Heights IL 60004 2858

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PLEASE GO TO CONFESSION —Phone: (847) 590-9332

Mision San Juan Diego, Arlington Heights IL 60004-2858

2323 N. Wilke Rd.

Arlington Heights IL 60004-2858

Phone: (847) 590-9332

Fax: (847) 590-9333


J. Krishnamurti – San Diego 1974 – Conversation 1 – Knowledge and the transformation of man

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J. Krishnamurti – San Diego 1974 – Conversation 1 – Knowledge and the transformation of man


Q: Is there freedom in knowledge?

It is our business as human beings to realize the enormous suffering, misery, confusion in the world. Do we realize with all seriousness our responsibility to the whole of mankind?

Do we see the basic factor that we are the world, that the world is not separate from us?

What place has knowledge, experience in changing the quality of a mind that has become violent, petty, selfish, greedy, ambitious?

What are the limits of knowledge? Can the mind be free from the known, not verbally but actually?

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An inside look in an orphanage near San Diego California

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This video, shows an orphanage in Tecate mexico it goes inside with live footage of what is like to be in an orphan
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