One Degree. Lincoln Crossroads Church. Sean Swihart

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Crossroads Church
Lincoln, Nebraska
Weekend Services

Join us in this series as we begin our year focusing on prayer.

New Year Devotion By Southside Baptist Church Chesapeake VA

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If you are seeking a baptist church Chesapeake Va we will love for you to find out much more regarding us and our ministries.

First off, thank you for locating our video. We are a Christ centered, family-oriented fellowship found in the historical South Norfolk area of Chesapeake, VA.

This video gives us all some understanding regarding how God is constantly devoted to those that find Him and His favor. As scripture informs us, “ye have not because ye ask not.” We ought to set about our daily lives with the expectations that God takes care of us, not simply in the significant complications of life, however in
all our cares and concerns. His desires us to locate tranquility in His presence. In the words of Pastor Terry:.

Beloved Church Believers,
This morning, as I was having my devotional time, I was reminded of the relevance of asking God for what we desire. Often, we inform our own selves we are being pennypinching and selfish if we ask God wherefore we desire. Yet, we are told in James 4:2 “you have not because you ask not.”.

As we enter the New Year, it is a perfect time to ask God to cleanse our hearts, that we may be vessels of honor to Him. Regardless of the number of disappointments and skipped opportunities we had last year, the good news, is we have a possibility to start up anew today.

So, strongly ask Him to eliminate, cleanse, and recover you of any kind of brokenness in your life. Enable us to start up the New Year with a clean and devoted heart to the Lord.

Second, allow me toencourage you to ask God for His favor, His blessings, upon your life, and the life of His children this coming year. Frequently, we are guilty of making little prayers, when the Lord wishes to give us the wishes of our hearts. The tale is told in Matthew 9:27 of two blind guys that were abiding by Jesus, and crying out for the Lord to have benevolence upon them, that they might get their sight.

Then Jesus asked them, if they thought that He had the ability to do this, and they said “yes”. “Then He touched their eyes claiming, based upon your.
faith be it unto you. And their eyes restored to sight.”

This verse advises us that if we have only a little faith, and we make little prayers, then that is probably what we will obtain. However, it is ok to ask utilizing significant faith, for significant dreams and requesting significant prayers, even| if we can’t see how it might ever| take place. Start the New Year out by asking God for some significant things in your life. Dare to ask Him for your greatest wishes, your most significant necessity, even if you can’t understand|comprehend|recognize|know} how it might come to pass.

Dare to think that God has the ability to do all things. Then, when the Lord answers your prayers, give Him all the kudos for things He has done in your life. Let’s desire, and ask significant in petition, for the wishes of our hearts in the New Year. Let us all give Our Father all the kudos, and glory for the answers that He gives.

Pastor Terry.

Southside Baptist, a baptist church in Chesapeake VA, highly counts on sharing the hope, tranquility, leadership, and life of Jesus Christ. Such is
illustrated via the life history and trainings in the Bible. This is truly our particular role for existing as stated by Jesus Christ Himself in Matthew 28:16 -20.

Possibly you are pondering how will Jesus increase worth to your life? Well, one way is via the hope that He supplies!

“Jesus generates hope – Hope is defined as expecting with esteem, or being optimistic. Many people link hopefulness to safety regarding the
future. Jesus generates hope via offering real safety. Actual safety is not in knowing the future. It comes via placing your life in the hands of Jesus, as He holds the future. He is described in the bible as our “blessed hope”! The hope created by Christ begins in this life
and proceeds for life, “Just what a God we have! And how privileged we are to have Him, this Everlasting Father of our Lord Jesus! Due to the fact that Jesus was brought back from the grave, we have actually been offered a new life and have every little thing to live for, including a future in paradise– and the future beginsnow!” (1 Peter 1:3 -5, The Message).”.

As one of the baptist fellowships in Chesapeake VA we’re also concerned about meeting necessities of hurting people all over, and many of our neighborhood community

activities are made simply for that. We are about assisting others anyhow we could for Christ. It’s an organic expression of God’s great passion for us.

None of this is exclusive to Southside Baptist, obviously. We function hand-in-hand with other evangelical Christians and churches in Chesapeake in our efforts to deliver hope, tranquility, leadership, and life to anyone and everyone.

God Bless.
Southside Baptist Church Chesapeake VA.

More San Diego Church Building Tour Magic Video

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I took a very strange trip to Southern California to look at tons of church buildings and to try to figure out why they look so different from each other and what those differences mean. I came across a TON of fascinating churches and people. It was more than one video could handle so here’s a bunch more interesting stuff from my trip.