How to Use Google Earth to Find Killer Metal Detecting Sites

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This is a very quick tutorial on how to use Google Earth to find awesome metal detecting sites. It focus on the Time Bar and the “roads” section. I am currently using it to study an empty field where an old nursing home used to be.

Metal Detecting with the Garrett ACE 350 – DAY 2

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Metal Detecting with the Garrett ACE 350 – DAY 2

Hours 6-8 towards the 100 hour goal recommended by Mr Garrett.

Filmed in 1080p HD
Filmed by ArizonaAdventuress

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Metal Detecting around Old House Sites!

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“For the wages of sin is death; But the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord” – Romans 6:23

“If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.”
-Romans 10:9-

On this hunt I explored a few new locations and also went back to The School House. It’s always exciting to come across old home sites while exploring in the woods. I thank the Lord for allowing me to find the silver dime and relics on this hunt. Hope yall enjoy the video, I will try to have some more up soon.

Thanks for Watching and God Bless!

“So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” – 1 Corinthians 10:31

Detecting on the Beach, Ohio 2015

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For our second trip out we went to Gilford Lake State Park..Open all year..but yet yellow gates with now sign is locked keeping us from the main

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#39 metal detecting a 1870’s church!!! Equinox 600

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This time i find 100 year old silver and copper coins at a 1870’s church, i hope you enjoyed!

Metal detector: minelab equinox 600

Camera: samsung galaxy A5

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Metal Detecting City Park and Sports Field

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Metal Detecting City Park and Sports Field Video – March 2017.

Live metal detecting hunt at old city park and sport fields.

Started my day at a large sports field park then moved over to one of the older city parks near me. The city park dates back to the establishment of the town in 1871 and was one of two originally planned parks. It has been here for along time and is very popular with our community. I am sure it has been hunted well over the years but no park is ever fully hunted out so I thought I would go see what this park had to offer up to me today.

Clad, jewelry, headstamps, bolts, foil, pull tabs, thingamabobbers, and squirrels. You’ll get it all right here…. enjoy!

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Metal Detecting Old Kansas Ghost Town

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In this video the fellas and I are out exploring another vanished ghost town. All that is left standing is one house and a few outbuildings. Right alongside a railroad, this little town once had a hotel, store, post office, a mill and several residences. It also hosted an old train depot.

This is our first (of hopefully many) trips to this property. This time we were using a Garrett AT Pro, Minelab Safari, Fisher F19, and Scrap Iron was testing out the new XP Deus metal detector.

Since the field was plowed we decided to metal detect it. We spent a few hours but could have spent a few days detecting the field alone.

Supposedly this property has been metal detected before, but I never let that phase me when detecting. There were several items we did found, that if the property were “hunted out”, would not have been there. Including an old ring, an 1890’s Indian Head Penny, several wheaties, and large chunks of lead and iron.

Whoever hunted this property before either had poor metal detectors or did a quick job of it (or both). We found TONS of targets. Another thing to consider is: How experienced were the other detectorists? If they had poor detectors and didn’t know how to use them properly, then you can simply thank them for removing all of the aluminum, clad, and junk so you can come in and find the goodies! Sure, they may pop off some silver every once and a while but harder targets will confuse them and their detectors and after two hours of digging pieces of foil, they will start ignoring them and thus pass over some sweet targets.

Moral of this story: I NEVER let someone tell me that a property has been metal detected before and let it prevent me from hunting it. I know that viewers follow us and hit our sites (sometimes without permission I might add :(. It is likely they find stuff that I missed. That is the name of the game…especially if you are hunting good sites!

Metal Detecting Tennessee Finds Civil War Camp Relics! You’ll Never Believe What Was Found!

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On this episode of Depths of History, we travel to Tennessee and find an unhunted Civil War campsite in the middle of a big field. What we found that day was incredible to say the least. We found multiple bullets, buttons, and time period artifacts from long ago. History was retrieved and you won’t believe what was found!

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Minelab Go-Find 20,40,60
Minelab Pro 25 Pinpointer

Midwest Diggers – Metal Detecting old 1800’s church camp Relics

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Went out and hunted a early 1800’s church camp site, found some awesome relics and a few coins, this location had flooded in the early 1930’s and it has overgrown with brush and trees every since, so its very difficult to Metal Detect but its one of our favorite sites to do because you never know what you are going to find!!

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Midwest Diggers
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Metal Detectors Used:
Garrett AT-Pro with Whites Bullseye TRX Pinpointer

Video Camera Used:
Kodak PixPro SPZ1 – Full HD

Diggers used:
Lesche Hand Digger

Metal Detecting Haunted Woods In The Middle Of Tennessee Finds Something Unexpected.

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On this episode of Depths of History, Britain and his friend Riley travel to a very haunted part of town. Many soldiers during the Civil War were camped and staged here, but an older home was burned by the army in 1862. We ended up finding this homesite, and we ended up metal detecting the site. The finds we made were great, but we still had a weird feeling while out in the woods. Did you see anything in this video that looked weird like a ghost?

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