F-16 training flights at Des Moines’ 132nd Fighter Wing

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Lt. Col. Travis Acheson and his father, Keith Acheson, have nearly 50 years of flying jets at the Iowa Air National Guard’s 132nd Fighter Wing in Des Moines. F-16 flights will be phased out by this Fall, as the base transitions to a new mission.

Funeral Procession of Des Moines Police Dept. Sgt. Anthony Beminio

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On Wednesday, November 2nd, Sergeant Anthony Beminio of the Des Moines Police Department was murdered in his patrol car, one of two area officers to suffer this fate on that day. His funeral was held on Monday, November 7, with over 1,500 law enforcement officers in attendance. Sgt. Beminio was escorted to his final resting place by hundreds of police and other emergency vehicles from nearly that many different departments. I filmed this video of the procession leaving the church and heading north on Jordan Creek Parkway towards the interstate. What is not visible in this video is the sheer number of people who lined the route taken by the procession to show their support for Sgt. Beminio, his family, and all of our law enforcement officers.

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George Wylie last WOI-TV newscast June 30 1989 Ames Des Moines Iowa

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This is the last TV newscast George Wylie anchored. He left TV news as of the end of this newscast, June 30, 1989, to pursue a variety of other sales and communications interests including:

…hosting radio programs on WOI-AM, news director at Lite 104 FM KEZT, appearing as a spokesperson and model for advertising, hosting special televised events, public relations, printed materials sales and marketing, real estate sales, and Director of Communications for the Iowa Conference of the United Methodist Church. George passed away October 30, 2010, due to a sudden stroke at the age of 70.

Also appearing:

Co-anchor: Bettie Cross
Weather: Don Novak
Sports: Jeff Connor

The sports segment features a few of my high school classmates on the Ames High Baseball Team.

Younkers Fire Des Moines, IA March 29th 2014

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(Video 1 of 2 had to be split) (**Different angles**) Here is the footage we took of the Younkers fire that took place in Des Moines, IA on 3/29/2014 we are roughly 100ft away from the building on the corner of 8th and Walnut. We were literally the first people on the scene and called the police @ 12:53am. This was taken before emergency personal arrived you can hear and see them arriving in the footage. Should be on WHOTV 13 and WOI