Deliverance From Demonic Influences (Masturbation, Articles of Divination, More)

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SESS 16 PARANORMAL 101 10 15 13 … This is session SIXTEEN in a series we expect to go 16-20 weeks. This week we continued looking into what will likely be two or more weeks in which we will deal with the issue specific issue of DELIVERANCE. This week we addressed the need to DESTROY (BURN) ALL ARTICLES OF DIVINATION AND TOOLS OF WICKEDNESS, and create an atmosphere of worship to drive ungodly spirits away. We will be looking into all matters paranormal, from a Biblical, Christian perspective. There is so much interest and curiosity in our world today relative to the paranormal and supernatural. But what exactly does the Word of God tell us concerning these issues? Does it say anything? Each week we will address a new area of this interesting study on spiritual warfare. Join us each week. If you live in the Dallas area, join us weekly (Tuesdays 7:30-9pm) and bring your experiences and questions. This will be a marvelous time of deliverance for many.

Pastor Charles has been engaged in deliverance ministry for more than 30 years. He has gone into many homes and helped to purge the demonic influences people have unwittingly opened the doors to and welcomed into their homes. He has cast demons out of many people and has seen lives transformed and changed dramatically by the power of a living God. This series will cover many, many areas relative to the supernatural and paranormal. He will be helping people to discover the power that God has made available to believers to overcome the works of darkness. you CAN find deliverance for yourself and do not always need outside help. Follow this series and you will learn how this is done. TRUTH is the most important ingredient when fighting a war with demonic powers. Learn the TRUTH and you will find the liberty and freedom that Jesus Christ promised when He said, “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” – John 8:32 KJV

If you have questions or experiences you would like to share, so that the pastor might address these specific matrters during the course of this study, please visit our church website and submit them, or email us directly. We will do all we can to specifically address all matters presented to us.

We have a website which we have created specifically dealing with these issues. It may be found under the name BREAKTHROUGH Deliverance Ministries at

Our church website has a page devoted to deliverance at:

POWERFUL PRAYERS, Deliverance & Curse Breaking, Daily Promise Come Through, Brother Carlos Oliveira

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HOLY SPIRIT CONFERENCE @ or @ Limited Number of Participates. * Pls, DONATE …

Demons cast out, witchcraft curses broken & lady healed from leg infection – John Mellor Deliverance

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Demons cast out & witchcraft curses broken & lady healed from painful leg – John Mellor Healing Ministry. John Mellor, an International Australian Healing Evangelist. John Mellor has a gift of healing and miracles with a ministry of praying for the sick in Jesus’ name. John Mellor sees many miracles and healings of every type of physical illness, emotional disorder and mental illness. John Mellor sees hundreds more testimonies at our YouTube Channel, John Mellor Ministries. If you would like to find out where John Mellor is ministering, see his itinerary at

prayer of deliverance by Apostle John Eckhardt (Orlando, FL)

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Apostle John Eckhardt ministering prayers of deliverance
during the Asaph 2018 meeting in the Orlando, Fl area
held at Majestic Life Church; glory to God !

*this video is captured by cellular phone.

Deliverance Miracle in India, 2017, Ntiab dab tawm – Pastor Salad Vang

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New Video:
Deliverance Miracle in India, 2017 – Pastor Salad Vang
Teaching, preaching, worshipping God, healing the sick, casting out demons in the name of Jesus in India. Glory to God.

Ntiab dab tawm ntawm tus pojniam nyob teb chaws Is Dias. Vajtswv yog tus tau koob meej loj tshaj mus ib txhis.