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Information on Alaska. THIS IS between you and your Creator what you do. The Most High Provides for the Faithful. Alaska is for Pioneers, not the weak. The Reason Alaska is a good choice is because it is near the North Pole, so if the Earth Magnetic Field Flips, it will be a good place. Second their is a Great Big Pyramid bigger then Egypt underneath to Stabilize Alaska and Store Energy. 3 It is near Asia, or Black Judaisia. while Still Being Part of the Constitution of America purchased Between the 13th and 14th Black Liberation and Nationhood. so this is a Cosmic Clue. This is where The Most High wants his people to Be. This is written in the Constitution as the City of Zion, meaning the City of light. WHILE THERE IS NOTHING SO CALLED FREE, ALASKA IS CONSTITUTIONALLY OWNED BY THE HOLY COVENANT PEOPLE. BUT OF COURSE, Smart Intelligent people have to come and stake their Claims. Meanwhile people are here from all over the World. Yet Blacks are scared to move within their own country without a lot of promises of security. The only security is God Almighty. And if you understand that, you the most secure person in the world. I can send anyone an application, for Housing, and Welfare, if they request it. THERE Are jobs here. More importantly many business opportunities. Fishing Jobs, oil jobs, Restaurant jobs,Service Jobs, OF course it takes time. But say like a Few move within a Family. They can share rent. They can stay in a hotel, until they find a place.The Hotels run 700 per month is winter for a private room with bathroom. They have Hostels, here run about 300 to 500 per month. MANY BLACKS LIVE IN ANCHORAGE, EAGLE RIVER, AND FAIRBANKS, ALASKA, THEY work in various places. WE HAVE 2 OR 3 MAJOR BLACK BIG CHURCHES, IN ANCHORAGE. a Black lady who runs a food Bank, that gives out food everyday. Good food, I hardly have to go shopping, and food is high here. She also has furniture, She also rent rooms, and allow more then one person to stay. There are Shelters here, that is always open to everyone. But it is not the best. But they provide a cot and a roof. Welfare payments is more for women and children here. And people on SSI. The elderly recieve more also. Over 55 find housing easier. called senior housing. IF YOU HAVE SMALL CHILDREN THEY CAN BENEFIT, FROM RECEIVING an oil dividend check. a woman with five children will get a fat oil dividend check every year 1 for herself and each child/ IT IS NOT AS COLD AS PEOPLE THINK. Although the Winters are long, this means less crime takes place in long Winters. I LIVED IN what looks like a middle class neighborhood, full of trees, mountains, and its so good to see young Black mothers, with their children using the resources here. ITS OURS PEOPLE WE HAVE TO FIGHT. THIS IS GOOD PLACE TO FIGHT FOR OUR CONSTIUTTIONALITY IN ALL STATES, AND IN THE WORLD. IT IS OUR CAPITA.L. 4 TEXAS CAN FIT IN ALASKA AND THERE WILL STILL BE SPACE. I hope this helps. If yu want an Info Pkg. Send 5 dollars, and i will send applications for housing info. and Welfare applications. along with other info. OR JUST USE THE INTERNET WHILE YOU CAN AND LOOK UP HOUSING, SHELTERS, REVIEWS, OIL DIVIDENDS, FILMS OF ALASKA, ITS A GREAT PLACE FOR FILM AND MOVIE ENTREPRENUERS. IT IS STILL A LOT OF DEVELOPMENT, OF BLACK CULTURE AND JUDASIAN CULTURE. O YEH, AFRICANS AND MEXICANS ARE HERE GETTING OIL DIVIDEND CHECKS, ALONG WITH A LOT OF OTHER PUBLIC MYSTERY BABYLON.THIS IS BLACK CONSTIUTTIONAL WEALTH THEY ARE STEALING.

Hate Crime Leaves 9 Dead At A Charleston, SC Church #CharlestonShooting

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Breaking News: A white man opened fire during a Bible study class, killing nine people at a historically black church in Charleston, South Carolina. The suspect was still at large early Thursday morning. And the shooting at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, the oldest AME church in the South, is being investigated as a hate crime.

“The only reason someone would walk into a church and shoot people that were praying is hate,” said Charleston Mayor Joe Riley.

Eight churchgoers died at the scene; a ninth at a hospital, police said.

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Please watch: “Kellyanne Conway HBCU Pic And The Hypocrisy of MSNBC’s Joy Reid”


Dallas TX Pastor Found Dead In Motel Room Form An Apparent Drug Overdose

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Dallas TX Pastor Found Dead In Motel Room Form An Apparent Drug Overdose.

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Update on Aurora police shooting that left homeowner dead

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Aurora Police Chief Nick Metz and officials from the 17th and 18th Judicial District Attorney’s Offices addressed the Aurora officer-involved shooting during a news conference.

An Aurora police officer shot and killed an armed homeowner who had just shot a naked intruder and known gang member.

The homeowner, since identified as 73-year-old Army veteran Richard “Gary” Black Jr., was protecting his family, said Qusair Mohamedbhai, an attorney representing them.

Black – who earned a Purple Heart and Bronze Star in Vietnam – owns the home at 10609 E. Montview Blvd. where the shooting occurred with his wife Jeannette.

She was hospitalized Tuesday and went into surgery for unspecified injuries sustained in the incident, Mohamedbhai said.

In a written release, Metz said that “officers arrived to a very chaotic and violent scene” after a series of 911 calls just before 1:30 a.m. Monday.

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Dead Man Miraculously Comes Back to Life! | Bill Wolfson

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In this It’s Supernatural! Classic episode from 1999: Dead man miraculously comes back to life!

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A. A. Allen/Gene Martin “God’s Not Dead”

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Healing and Revival Press “The Miracle Man”

Asa Alonzo Allen was born in Sulphur Rock , Arkansas on March 27, 1911. He had a deeply unhappy childhood. His parents were alcoholic, his mother (a Cherokee native American) was unfaithful and he grew up in dire poverty. His mother would put him to bed, as a baby, with alcohol in his bottle to keep him quiet. As a young boy AA would make some extra money by singing on the street corners. At the age of 14, feeling desperate to leave the misery of home behind, he ran away. He bummed rides, hopped freight trains, and did odd jobs.
In 1934 Allen drove by the Onward Methodist Church in Miller, Missouri and heard the sound of joyous singing. Curious he went into the meeting. A woman evangelist was preaching. He went to the meeting again the next night and committed his life to Christ. He began to turn his life around. There was no work where he was so he moved to Colorado to work on a ranch. He met a young woman named Lexie Scriven, and they were married in 1936. He also came into contact with Pentecostalism through a home meeting and became filled with the Spirit. Allen had a desire to preach the gospel that had changed him. He decided to become a minister and affiliated with the relatively new Assembly of God denomination. Allen would chop wood to make money and then travel to small towns to preach the gospel. This was the depression and offerings came in amounts of pennies at a time.

In 1936 he took a pastorate in Holly, Colorado a small town near the Kansas border. His first child had been born. Allen was officially ordained as an Assembly of God minister during his time there. During this pastorate, Allen fasted and prayed and God met him. He was given a list of thirteen things that would cause him to see the power of God in his ministry. Many of these items focused on total consecration to God and laying down sin. God told him if he did all of these things he would see healings and miracles.

He left the pastorate and began to hold meetings as a singing healing evangelist. In Missouri a coal miner who had been blind for several years was healed. Allen held meetings and was constantly on the road. This was a strain for Lexie and their four children. Income was not stable and the responsibility was wearing on her. In 1947 Allen accepted a call to pastor a church in Corpus Christi, Texas. He wanted to settle down and have a family life. The church blossomed. Allen had a vision for reaching more people. He wanted to start a radio ministry. The church turned him down and he was devastated. He realized, over time, the enemy had taken advantage of his hurt and attacked him

In 1949 the healing revival, notably led by William Branham, was making news. He was incredulous at first, but felt stirred to look into what was happening. He went to an Oral Roberts tent revival meeting. He realized as he watched what was happening that this was the ministry God had called him to. He had been unwilling to pay the price to see it, however. He resigned his pastorate, in 1950, and once again began holding evangelistic meetings. People would be healed in their seats as he preached. He also had his first article in the influential “Voice of Healing” magazine put out by Gordon Lindsay. He bacame regular contributor to the magazine for the next few years.

In 1951 he bought his first tent. By 1953 he was on radio stations across the US, Mexico, Cuba, and Latin America. Allen was pulled over for drunk driving in Knoxville, Tennessee in 1955. Allen always said that someone had put something in his drink at the local restaurant to make him woozy and set him up. Rather than fight it Allen paid the fine so he could continue to his next meeting. The Assembly of God organization asked him to pull out of ministry for awhile to clear up the issue. He felt that it was a play on their part to save their reputation. He resigned and continued the ministry. He also resigned from the “Voice of Healing” association.

PD: 2 people dead after multi-car crash in Phoenix

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The accident happened around 1:36 p.m. Traffic in the area closed.

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Dead Boy Found in Durham, NC – Believed to be Cult Killing

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Pete Lucas Moses, Jr., 27, is believed to be the leader of a cult called the “Black Hebrew Israelites- who’s allegedly blamed for the murders of Antoinetta McKoy, 28, and 5-year-old Jadon Higganbothan.

Apostle Rosa York: “Today’s Church: Looking Alive, But Dead Inside”

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Apostle Rosa York, pastor and “End-Time Prophetess” of Mt. Sinai Deliverance Temple, Winston-Salem, NC, delivers a message entitled “Today’s Church: Looking Alive, But Dead Inside” on Sunday, October 14, 2012. Visit:

“Dead or Alive?” – Ephesians 2:1-7 – Thomas Slager

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A sermon by Thomas Slager titled “Dead or Alive?” from our “Ephesians: Made Worthy. Walk Worthy.” series.

In one of the most famous passages of the New Testament, Paul reminds us that those who were once dead in their sin have been made alive through God’s incredible love and amazing grace. That same grace is available for all who call Jesus Christ their Lord – so the question is: are you dead or alive?

Located in Scottsdale, Arizona…Highlands Church is an ever growing yet intimate community of Christian believers. At Highlands, you’ll experience passionate, dynamic worship and relevant bible-based teaching from our amazing worship team and one of our four gifted speaking pastors.
At Highlands, we’re also passionate about reflecting God’s love and hope out to our local community and the world around us. Our people put feet to God’s Word through a variety of outreach opportunities and ministries. So, please enjoy our web-sermon and, better yet, join us in person on Sunday. You’ll be glad you did! We’re located at 9050 East Pinnacle Peak Rd. 480 348-9191. Our service times are 9:00 am and 10:45 am.

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5 Dead in Texas Shootings, 3 At Nursing Home

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(28 Jul 2018) Texas authorities say five people have been killed following separate shootings that included a nursing home in a Corpus Christi suburb. (July 28)

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