Iglesia de Cristo Llamada Final El Paso, TX Pastor Rafael Cortez Parte 1

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Clip de Predicacion de nuestro Pastor Rafael Cortez en la Iglesia de Cristo Ministerios Llamada Final El Paso, TX. Para mas informacion sobre predicaciones o cd’s, visite nuestra pagina en www.llamadafinaleptx.com o email [email protected] Visite nuestra pagina de Facebook Iglesia de Cristo Ministerios Llamada Final El Paso, Tx

COLOMBIA 03/13/12 – Iglesia Rios De Vida / Rivers of Life Church- Cartagena-Bolivar

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Carillon de Westminster

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Played by Tom Trenney, Minister of Music at First Plymouth Church, Lincoln, Nebraska.

Carillon de Westminster, Opus 54 No.6, is a piece written for organ by French composer and organist Louis Vierne. It constitutes the sixth piece in the third suite of Vierne’s four-suite set 24 pieces de fantaisie, first published in 1927. Carillon de Westminster is in the key of D major, and is in compound triple time.

Stu de Haan: Devil’s Advocate: Theocratic Tactics to hinder Religious Liberty

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This lecture was delivered on May 20, 2017 at The Satanic Temple in Salem, MA.

Stu de Haan, The Satanic Temple’s legal advisor, offers an examination of the contemporary issues The Satanic Temple faces against City Councils and Legislatures who aim to turn government positions into pulpits. This lecture provides a look into the current battle for Reproductive Rights in Missouri, Invocation campaigns across the country, After School Satan Club, and the Arkansas Baphomet project. Stu de Haan further offers an attorney’s perspective on the strategy of the religious privileged’s hidden monopoly on “Freedom of Religion,” giving a concise explanation of the pattern of behavior and statements made by politicians to ensure that their own religion is represented above all others.

Stu de Haan operates his own law firm in Tucson, Arizona and specializes in criminal defense.

Rio De Janeiro Brazil Temple (1st draft)

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tamborim – Renato_Oliveira

Street corner in Rio de Janeiro – missionariojose

Cicada in the countryside during the summer (Brazil) – felix.blume

many_fountains – Pooleside

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