part of St Pishoy Church At Nashville,Tn Taken By Fady Adib Photography

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St Pishoy Church
Bishoy Fam
Fady Adib Photography

Wichita – Hispanic Church Plant

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Introducing Pastor Reynaldo “Rey” Morales and his wife Sylvia, who will be planting a Hispanic congregation of the Wesleyan Church in Wichita, Kansas next Spring (January 2010).

This version focuses on the work in Wichita and is not specific to a specific congregation (the other two videos are designed for Hall Wesleyan in Delphos and Argonia Wesleyan).

Jeff Davis at Mount Carmel Church in Waco – Site of the 1993 Siege of the Branch Davidians

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Jeff Davis at Mount Carmel Church in Waco – Site of the 1993 Siege of the Branch Davidians

Marked | Pastor Jared Ellis at Invade Conference | FreshStart Church AZ | August 5, 2016

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Pastor Jared preaches a message called Marked, dealing with the story of David. Throughout David’s life, there were many opportunities for him to be “labeled” as anything other than a “man after God’s own heart.” Instead, the Bible gives him a testimony unlike any other man in history. What is it about David’s story that allowed him the ability to overcome each obstacle?

Pastor Jared teaches that it is only an encounter with God than brings us the power to overcome the limitations of life’s labels.

Original video captured by FreshStart Church in Peoria, AZ.

Inside the 1993 shootout between federal agents, Branch Davidians: Part 4

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Former follower Clive Doyle said that on Feb. 28, 1993, “The minute David [Koresh] got shot, that is when people started retaliating.”

Hidden in Christ, Pastor David Rocha, City Church 2:42, Fairfield, CA

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Colossians 3 “For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God” (NIV). Guest speaker, Pastor David Rocha of House of Rest Church in Modesto delivers an encouraging message to City Church 2:42 about being Hidden in Christ!

David Vella rehearsing “Majesty” at Stonehill Church – Austin Texas

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David Vella rehearsing “Majesty” by delirious. Preparing for Austin Ignite Event at Stonehill Church in Austin Texas

The Installation of Bishop DAVID of Sitka and Alaska

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A special video commemorating the installation of Bishop DAVID of Sitka and Alaska with information on the Russian Bishop’s House in Sitka and the important role of the National Park Service.

Get Out Of The Boat message by Pastor David Gomez

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Get Out Of The Boat message by Pastor David Gomez (aka D#1G) from Disciples Worship Center Church in Buckeye Az. Message on Peter walking on water – Mathew 14:22-32. An ordinary man dares to step out and do an extraordinary task!

Introducing the Hispanic church plant in Wichita

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David Swisher, Co-Pastor at Hall Wesleyan Church (Delphos, KS) introduces Pastor Reynaldo “Rey” Morales and his wife Sylvia, who will be planting a Hispanic congregation of the Wesleyan Church in Wichita, Kansas next Spring (January 2010).

I Can Do All Things by David McQueen

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Guest Speaker David McQueen from Beltway Park Church in Abilene, TX, USA hits it dead on with taking an upfront and personal look at what it means when scripture says, ‘I can do all things in Yeshua who gives me strength.’

Recorded on March 12th, 2017

Pastor John Wagner – Turning Point Community Church – Lubbock, Texas

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Pastor John Wagner –

Using a master’s diploma from Honolulu College in faith and theology, Pastor David Wagner retains over 25 25 years of developing churches across America and experience leading. He regularly exhibits his innovative character by initiating fresh out-reach paths and David Wagner now acts as the lead pastor for Turning-Point Community Church and supporting neighborhood and the cathedral develop.

Developing a cathedral might look like it depends more on chance than something the chapel leaders or neighborhood can perform, by emphasizing several places, but in fact, nearly every church may increase in dimension. Out-reach is an important contributor to church increase. Without out-reach attempts, possible people is not going to learn in regards to its own numerous choices and the cathedral. This this is often a an issue for many churches, specifically, but more folks will begin attending providers and a few of these individuals might become life-long associates when both leaders and associates start discussing details about the chapel within their neighborhood.

Forming teams to take care of individuals is just another way churches may enlarge. Because a lot of occasions can be only attended by a parson and assist so a lot of people, by creating teams of churchgoers that are dedicated to assisting other associates with specific issues, the stress is taken off the curate and aids fulfill the requirements community people. They are able to rapidly become burnt-out if pastors need to give attention to taking care of all. Since they may not have the power to completely direct the members, church increase could be positively prevented by this. Without appropriate direction, churches can not develop efficiently plus they might also fight to improve their assignment.

Pastor John Wagner directs Turning-Point Community Church in Tx. He also acts as the the first choice of the Staff for the ministerial team Agreement Ministries Worldwide, whose over 1 1,000 people provide courses, outreach, courses to a world-wide community that is.

Pastor John Wagner

Directed by Pastor Donald T. Demola, the CMI Apostolic Group additionally contains ministerial leaders who represent South-West California, Indianapolis, Maryland, Nj, Central America, and several other components of the globe.

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