Driving Copper Basin Rd., Prescott National Forest, AZ

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Driving Copper Basin Road (aka Yavapai County Highway 64) from Prescott to Skull Valley, through Arizona’s Prescott National Forest. The first 3 miles are paved, the next 13 miles car drivable dirt, and the last ½ mile is paved. Did some mine exploring. Blog & Links:

“Gemini Instrumental”, Pipe Choir

477-Visit to Mission San Luis Rey de Francia

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Mission San Luis Rey de Francia is a former Spanish mission in an unincorporated part of San Diego County, surrounded by the present-day city of Oceanside, California.

The mission was founded on June 13, 1798 and was the eighteenth of the Spanish missions established in California.

The current church, built in 1811, is the third church on this location. It is a National Historic Landmark, for its pristine example of a Spanish mission church complex.

Mission lands ran 11 leagues north to south and 15 leagues east to west, approximately 950,400 acres. Today, the Mission is on 56 acres.

When Mexico took over the Missions in California it took away the authority of the padres, eventually disbanding the missions and selling off their lands.

Today the mission complex functions as a parish church of the Diocese of San Diego as well as a museum and retreat center. San Luis Rey De Francis Mission raised about 26,000 cattle as well as goats, geese, and pigs.

How many bells are there in the bell tower of the historic church?
Originally there were eight. Now there are four.

Which Native Americans lived in the area of the Mission?
They were called “Luiseños” by the Spanish because they were associated with San Luis Rey. A branch of the southern Shoshone nation, they were also known as Payomkawichum, or “people of the west,” by other tribes.

Where did they get the timber to build the Mission Church roof and dome?
The logs came down from Mt. Palomar via the river and ox carts.

Why is the Mission named after a French king, Louis IX?
San Luis Rey (Spanish), or Saint Louis the King, was taught by the early Franciscans and is the patron of their 3rd order. He also was of Spanish blood on his mother’s side and died fighting in the Crusades. He was canonized in 1297.

Why wasn’t the Mission built closer to the coast?
The site was chosen for the fertile valley and good source of fresh water for farming and raising livestock.

What does OFM mean?
Order of Friars Minor, the designation of the Franciscan religious community.

Why are there three knots on the cord of the Franciscan habit?
The three knots represent the vows of their religious order – poverty, chastity and obedience.

What is the Pala Mission?
San Antonio de Pala was an assistancia, or sub-station to Mission San Luis Rey, serving the native population at the Pala ranch 24 miles away. It began as a granary in 1810 and soon included a chapel dedicated to St. Anthony. It is open to visitors today.

What was the lavanderia?
The lavanderia, or “laundry” was where Mission residents did their bathing and washed their clothes. Water was channeled from the San Luis Rey River behind the Mission through aqueducts into a series of tile and stone pools.

What was the Oratory Room?
The Oratory Room, off Peyri Court, was the private prayer room of the friars. It overlooks the main altar of the historic Church and is now an exhibit hall.

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Road Trip #239 – US Highway 49 North – Fair Oaks to Jonesboro, Arkansas

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Road Trip #239 – US Highway 49 North – Fair Oaks to Jonesboro, Arkansas

The last leg of our filming on November 23rd from Fair Oaks almost to Jonesboro. It gets quite dark through this video, so we ran it a bit faster than usual, but we pass through a couple of interesting little towns on the way. The next video will be in broad daylight.

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