The New Life Church At Jacksonville-Youth Praise Dancers Perfect People by The Walls Group

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The New Life Church At Jacksonville; Overseer/Senior Pastor: Bishop Dr. Billy W. White, Sr. 8247 Ramona Blvd. West, Jacksonville, Fl 32221. You will love this church. Lead Servant: Minister Renee Robinson.

Davidic Praise Dancers – MARY DID YOU KNOW – Ralna English

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Dancing to MARY DID YOU KNOW by Ralna English, album My God, My Country, at Home of Hope in Casa Grande Dec. 2014. To purchase Ralna English music go to
The Davidic Praise Dancers is a not-for-profit ministry offering a range of forms and expressions of dance, from carefully choreographed interpretive to Israeli folk dance, with music in English and in Hebrew. Scriptural lyrics are used in all of our
dances. The dance team makes presentations for large and small groups in churches, retirement/nursing homes, clubhouses, etc. Through this unique form of dance we want to help Christians of all denominations to learn about the Jewish roots of their faith, creating an atmosphere of worshipful celebration, and inviting the Lord’s presence into each meeting. It is also our desire to direct
individuals into a saving knowledge of Jesus (Yeshua) the Messiah. You may visit our website at If you are interested in scheduling a presentation please write to [email protected]

Ebenezer Baptist Church – Charlotte – Youth Praise Dancers – Pastor’s Anniversary

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Ebenezer Baptist Church in Charlotte, North Carolina is blessed to have many active ministries. One ministry is our Youth Praise Dance Ministry – one of many in striving for Dynamic Worship.

Join EBC-Charlotte for services every Sunday at 7:45am est and 10:45am est in person or online via live streaming video. You can access the link or get more information at The streaming link can be accessed from the home page in the lower left-hand corner of the page.


AZ Messianic Dancers Practice – MIZERLU – David & the High Spirit

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Dancing to MIZERLU – David & the High Spirit, album All You Need for a Great Jewish Wedding & Party, Vol. 2, at dance practice. David and the High Spirit music see Amazon or iTunes. Good practice for the mizerlu step. Here we start in a line dance and then move to a circle.
The Arizona Messianic Community Dancers is a diverse group of men and women who meet most Thursday evenings (6-9pm) and Sunday afternoons (3-6pm) in the Activity Center at St. Matthew United Methodist Church who enjoy a time of praise, worship, prayer and fellowship through Israeli-style folk dance. The dancing is both traditional, with lyrics rooted in the Tanakh (Old Testament) as well as contemporary Messianic music which lifts up the worship of Yeshua (Jesus) in a distinctive manner with lyrics often times in both Hebrew and English. This style of dance is also referred to as Davidic dance based on King David’s dancing before the LORD (II Samuel 6: 14). We also take delight in following the scripture in Psalm 150:4a ‘Praise Him with timbrel (tambourine) and dance.’ Many of the dancers have been drawn to explore and take interest in the Jewish roots of Christianity and the dance allows for the expression of that desire.
Although dance performance is not the main purpose of our group, none-the-less we have been given many exciting opportunities to share our love for the dance and Yeshua in various settings from Senior Living Facilities, churches, Messianic Congregations as well as special events such as Hanukkah, Seder (Passover) celebrations and other Jewish holidays. Participation in these outside events is entirely optional.
There are no membership fees or commitment for weekly attendance. Although we hope you will enjoy coming often, our motto has always been: “Come when you can, leave when you must!’ Please know that all are welcomed to join us and perhaps discover this is just what you’ve been looking for!
For more information contact Nancy at: [email protected]