A Context for Historic Texas Dance Halls: The development of the immigrant social halls in Texas

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A Context for Historic Texas Dance Halls: The development of the immigrant social halls in Texas and their place in the history of settlement, music, and culture by Patrick Sparks

Built mostly by central European immigrants during the development of the southwestern frontier, the dance halls of Texas represent a unique lens through which to study Texas history and culture. Most are rural wood framed buildings, without interior decoration, yet possess a simple elegance.
Today we know of over five hundred halls (extant and lost). At one time there may have been as many as one thousand. The earliest halls were built c.1850, followed by appearance of large numbers of halls by the 1870s, with the building of halls declining after the 1930s.
The traditional dance halls of Texas are found in all major ethnic groups: German, Czech, Polish, Tejano, and African-American. They can be see, too, as part of a broader pattern of traditional music and dancing that, perhaps due to isolation, has persisted on the Gulf Coast from Mobile to Brownsville for over 150 years.
This presentation will explore the definition of the Texas dance hall; how the halls are distinct from other venues such as night clubs, honky-tonks, and bars; typical dance hall architectural types; and the social and cultural contribution of the halls to the heritage of the Lone Star State.

Passport to Purity dance (girls)

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P.2.P dance we all sorta put together in my yg/drama at my church group for the youth.
it took about little less than a month to get it like this. and the songs by
Britt Nicole-Set the world on fire.

I’m the one in the bright pink strapless dress w black in the middle
and those r all my amazing friends =)

well i hope ypu all like this! it was VERY fun to do.

Zach Williams Old Church Choir DANCE COVER, Pine Bluff, ARKANSAS

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This video is about Zach Williams Old Church Choir DANCE COVER, Pine Bluff, AR.

I don’t own rights to this song. The video was done for non-commercial purposes.

Disclaimer: the video was done early morning in order not to district the traffic. The cars had a complete right of way as you see two cars passing by in the video. No traffic jam was created during filming of this video.

Hopi Indian Chanters “Chant Of The Eagle Dance” Victor 20043 (Group of M.W. Billingsley) 1926

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Recorded in 1926.

The singers and dancers are from the Hopi villages of Walpi, Mosagavi, Shomokiano, Toreva, and Phoenix (all in Arizona).

In 1921, the Bureau of Indian Affairs Superintendent told the Hopi that some church people had petitioned Congress to make them stop their dancing. The Hopi asked M. W. Billingsley (an adopted non-Indian Hopi) for help.

Billingsley met with Washington politicians to stall the petition. He argued for the conservation of Hopi culture. He also formed a group of dancers and chanters to show the American public the beauty of the dances and singing of the Hopi.

Billingsley took the dancers on a tour of performances across the country. In 1926, the U.S. Congress passed a Resolution giving the Hopi permission to carry on with their traditional dancing.

The Hopi Tribe is a sovereign nation located in northeastern Arizona.

The reservation occupies part of Coconino and Navajo counties, encompasses more than 1.5 million acres, and is made up of 12 villages on three mesas.

The Hopi Reservation is entirely surrounded by the much larger Navajo Reservation. The two nations used to share the Navajo-Hopi Joint Use Area, but this was a source of conflict.

The partition of this area, commonly known as Big Mountain, by Acts of Congress in 1974 and 1996, has also been unsatisfying to the people involved.

Hopi Indian Chanters “Chant Of The Eagle Dance” Victor 20043 (Group of M.W. Billingsley) 1926

Christmas Angels – Joyous Praise Dance Ministries, AV Creche 2018

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We Sing Joy, Daughter of a King, First Noel Medley (Complete Performance).

Christmas Creche Art & Music Festival in Lancaster, California on December 1, 2018.

1. We Sing Joy by Cloverton. Choreographer/dancer: Jennifer Palmer.
2. Daughter of a King by Abby Smith. Choreographer: Jennifer Palmer. Dancers: Jennifer Palmer and Bobbi Michelle.
3. The First Noel/Silent Night, “The Shepherd’s Medley” by Joseph Mohr & Franz Gruber; Arr. by Jennette Jay Booth. Piano Accompanist: Sarah Larson. Vocal Solists: Annika Linde and Travis Melrose. Choreographer: Bobbi Michelle. Dancers: Bobbi Michelle, Emily Amado, Hannah Davis (Soloist), Melissa Sabadin, and our little angel children.

Hideaway by Kiesza (El Paso,TX Remake) | Dance Haus Productions

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A Dance Haus Production remake of the well known Hideaway video by Kiesza. It was a lot of fun putting this thing together, thank you to everyone who helped us out. Its ALL GOOD El Paso, Thank you for watching

Straight No Chaser – Shut Up And Dance [Official Audio]

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Trinity United Church of Christ Dance Ministry and Sanctuary Choir-Midnight Cry

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TUCC Dance Ministry and Sanctuary Choir ministering to Midnight Cry with Choregraphy by Robin Gray-Bishop. The full service can be found at